Distributing fluoride evenly, via thousands of  kilometres of trunk mains,
water pipes, and control valves is, a hydraulic impossibility.
Some of Brisbane’s old water mains contain lead,
which the fluorides release into the water.
The few links below testify to the damage
fluorides can do to various metals.

corrosion & rust Rust strip a

Rust strip c

David Cunningham (Patton)


Dentists F. corrosion



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    Distributing fluoride EVENLY, via many thousands of  kilometres of  the complex system of trunk mains, water pipes, and control valves is a hydraulic impossibility. Readings [Fluoride concentrations] taken at various locations in the water supply system will vary. Dead-ends will often read very high. Because fluorides are corrosive, fibro mains will release asbestos, concrete lined pipes will absorb some fluoride, erode, and reset the concrete down-line during low use times (slow flow), forming partial blockages at bends and junctions. Corrosion of domestic pipes, water meters, hot water systems, washing machines, car radiators, fire mains, valves, soldered fittings and back-flow prevention equipment, will be accelerated. The concentration of fluorides in cooling towers (air conditioning.) will increase due to evaporation, therefor increasing corrosion rates with GREATER risk of  biofilm and  legionnaire’s disease which often breeds under the corrosion.

Accelerated corrosion/rust can also result in staining of water (laundry). Fluoride will leach various heavy metals into the water, from lead solder joints, copper, brass and plastic fittings. The risk of leaks, spills, burst water mains, and-over feeds, and subsequent political cover-ups, is historic and to be expected as occurred in Brisbane, May 2009.  – Fluoride is tasteless but can release ‘tastes’ from pipes etc.  Some of Brisbane’s old water mains contain lead, which the fluorides will release into the water.

     ( See also →  Chlorine dioxide )


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Asbestos water pipes will release more fibres as fluoride eats into the walls of these pipes.

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SAN FRANCISCO – on 29 November 1960 a 200-foot portion of a 50-foot wide street collapsed after an almost-new water main burst. After an analysis of the pipe by Griffin-Hasson laboratories in Los Angeles, it was discovered that fluoridation chemicals had corroded the pipe, which showed a fluoride concentration of 22,000 ppm on the pipe.

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Professor J. B. Polya, University of Tasmania, said:
Since all but the most expensive materials for the reticulation of fluoridated water (rubberised pipes or Monel metal ) react with fluorides, the concentration of fluoride at delivery points may differ greatly from concentrations ot the mixing point. MORE by POLYA
            ♥ Monel metal – an alloy of nickel and copper and other metals (such as iron and /or manganese and/or aluminium.

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Heading-F. induced corr. steel rebars..


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Rust strip c


Rust strip c

Alum. – Aluminium sulphate was removed from Sydney
water supply 1994 suspected of causing Alzheimer’s disease.


 Corrosion Control Engineer Explains Fluoride Action


Fluoridation Equipment Failures (some)




Water Hardness in Australia   


Fluoride increases the electrical conductivity of water.
In general, the higher the electrical conductivity of water, the higher its ability to allow corrosion to occur to metals it contacts. Where steel pipes or fittings are connected to brass, bronze or copper fittings, pipes or tanks, an electrogenic (corrosive) action takes place in the presence of fluoridated water, between the steel and the other metals. The steel becomes anodic while the brass, bronze or copper is cathodic, and the steel corrodes. This is called bi-metallic corrosion, and it occurs whenever two different metals are electrically (mechanically) connected in the presence of an electrolyte like fluoridated water


Not a good idea to wash your valuable

‘Tucker car’ in fluoridated water!



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