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The other obvious exception was samples of House Sparrows – Passer domesticus,
including those from the immediate Tiwai Point Smelter environs collected in 1982.


No previous samples of this species had been collected before smelting operations started at this site.
The 1982 sample had a range of 2430 – 7777 ppm (n=9, mean=4130) compared with other samples of this species from around New Zealand which had a range of 349 – 2500 ppm (n=9, mean =1301).


This suggests a significant increase (p = <.001) in fluoride levels for birds living and feeding close to the Tiwai Point smelter.


A study in Czechoslovakia (Macuch et al. 1969) of ‘sparrows’ showed a range of 1013 – 3527 ppm close to a smelter compared to 84 – 565 ppm elsewhere…




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