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A Queensland water company took more than two weeks to tell the government about a treatment plant malfunction that saw too much fluoride added to water supplies.

The then State Premier Anna Bligh on Thursday said the malfunction occurred on May 1 but water service provider Seqwater only advised her government and affected councils on Wednesday night.

The premier said she’d been advised there was an “extremely minimal health risk” from the malfunction, which came during a shutdown for scheduled maintenance.

The malfunction affected water supplies from North Pine Dam.

Ms Bligh said higher than usual levels of fluoride had passed through a pipeline servicing the Warner and Brendale areas north of Brisbane.

The flow lasted for three hours on the morning of May 1. [2009]

Ms Bligh has ordered an immediate investigation to determine how fail-safe devices designed to prevent such an incident had malfunctioned.

“I want immediate results from this investigation to ensure it does not happen again,” she said.


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