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Because fluorides are so reactive, many of these papers are multidisciplinary.

A) Animals, Accidents, Air pollution, Atom bomb, Antibiotics, asbestos & fluoride.

B) Bones, Brains, Books, Babies/children, Breast health

C) Chemicals, Cancer, Coal burning, Corrosion, Climate change

D) Deaths/human, Deaths/animal

E) Eyes, Emissions, Ethics

F) Fish, Fluorosis (see also Bones)   The Ten Major Fluorides 

G) Greenhouse gasses

H) Hearing, Historical papers

I) Industrial applications, Insecticides, Iodine

J)  Jason Burton fluoride death 

K) Kidneys

L) Legislation, Lead, Lungs, Legal, Letters, letter

M) Minerals, Mercury, Military,  More Research Papers  – 

N) Nations, The Hoax of Eco-Friendly Nuclear Energy,

O) Other Chemicals/interactions, Organisations

P) Pharmacological, Pollution, Plants, Politics, Professional  associations, Pipes/plumbing

Q) Queensland

R) Rogues gallery, Researchers, Religions

S) State Of The Nations

T) Thyroid, Toothpaste,  The Ten Major Fluorides  

U) Universal

V) Vitamins, Volcanos

W) Water pipes, War gases, Weapons



Z) Zebra fish, Ziebelbecker