Professor Martin’s Fluoridation Influence – Successful But Misguided


Ailsa Boyden

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AUTHOR: Ailsa BDATE SENT: Sun, Jan 20, 2013 at 5:29 PM

TITLE: Professor Martin’s fluoridation influence successful but misguided

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The Editor

Daily Mercury


Dear Editor

The 68th anniversary of the birth of artificial fluoridation is being marked in the US; while there, and in Queensland, fluoridation’s death throes have begun.

Following his death, the dental Professor Noel Martin was referred to as “the father of fluoridation in Australia”, owing to the impact of his promotion.

But Martin marched to his own tune.

His claims for fluoride tablet intake ran counter to the NHMRC advice which condemned the use of fluoride tablets as a means of self-medication (Varney 1986).

Martin’s claims also ran counter to those of the Food and Drug Administration which ordered the removal from the market of fluoride-containing drugs “promoted for use by expectant mothers …”

His claims for fluoride supplementation during pregnancy were also contrary to an article published in the British Dental Journal 1981. 

Martin argued that breast-fed infants should be given fluoride supplements because they are “deprived” of the fluoride they would imbibe if their formula was mixed with fluoridated water.

However, the low levels of fluoride in breast milk are due to a natural barrier which almost completely prevents poisonous fluoride passing from mother to baby.

Ekstrand (1984) reported infants fed formula mixed with fluoridated water receive 150 times as much fluoride as a breast-fed infant.

Some of Professor Martin’s positions from which he could dramatically influence the propagation of fluoridation were:  Dean of Faculty of Dentistry, University of Sydney; member of the Dental Board, NSW; member, Australian Dental Advisory Council; Deputy Chairperson, Australian Dental Examining Committee; Member of the NSW Health Commission’s Professional Services Advisory Committee: Member of NHMRC’s Dental Health Committee; editor, Dental Journal Australia; dental consultant, World Health Organization; and member of WHO’s Expert Committee on Dental Health (Varney 1986).

The latter committee is comprised of high-profile fluoridators.

Hence WHO’s considerable influence in marketing fluoridation.

Well might “they” gloat, now, about 68 years of fluoridation:  the practice is terminal.

Over 80 communities have rejected fluoridation since 2010 (a few recently in Q’ld) and more than 320 have rejected it since 1990.

Long may the Member for Nudgee prosper, [Jason Woodforth] as his anti-fluoride campaign builds momentum in Q’ld.

 Yours truly

Ailsa BFARLEIGH  4741 Share this

Doctors and dentists repeat what they were taught 30 or 40 years ago. They are busy people and apparently have not taken the time to read the research in the last 20 years.
Many of us are influenced by over 60 years of use, when we all thought that fluoridation was a very helpful drug to add to the drinking water and force everyone to consume it. Currernt medical research now shows it is ineffective for teeth and dangerous to health. See Dr. Paul Connett’s book, “The Case Against Fluoride,” for 1200 studies (over 80 pages), including 24 to show a reduction of IQ in children and a 2006 study by Dr. Elise Bassin, DDS, Harvard University published in a cancer journal to show a fivefold increase in bone cancer in young people who have consumed fluoride in their drinking water.
Interestingly, A recent report from Harvard University confirms the other 24 studies (now 36 studies) that shows drinking fluoridated water lowers children’s IQ.

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