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Physiologic Conditions Affect Toxicity of

Ingested Industrial Fluoride Used in Public Drinking Water

Richard Sauerheber

9 April 2018

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‘The Safe Drinking Water Act’ provides an exception that allows additives that sanitize drinking
water but otherwise prohibits any national requirement for the intentional incorporation into
water of other substances regardless of perceived benefit. This includes foods, supplements,
nutrients, drugs, therapeutics, poisonous substances, or pollutants. Together with the WPCA,
this also includes ingredients that may be present naturally in one particular water that
are absent or at lower levels in other waters.


…Similarly, Trendley Dean, who found early on that fluoride ingestion
causes mottling of enamel, confessed under oath in court that there
was no reliable scientific proof that fluoride ingestion
reduces dental caries… (Page 30)

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