There are two basic forms of halogenated tranquillizer:
major and minor. The minor tranquillizers are
halogenated with either chlorine or bromine
The major tranquillizers, albeit of
variable potency, are are all



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         In research studies, there are a number of reasons why the results may
not be accurate or valid. These are called biases. Bias can come from poorly
designed studies, or from problems in the collection, analysis,
reporting, publishing or review of study data.
Bias can lead to invalid results…  “



 Factors Often Overlooked In Fluoridation Research


A)  Reverse Osmosis water filters are now in many private Australian homes.

B)  Non-fluoridated cities receive food and bottled drinks from fluoridated sources.

C)  Fluoridated cities receive food and bottled drinks from non-fluoridated sources.

D)  Many country homes are not connected to city mains supply

       they use rainwater, well water and or some bottled water.

E)  Movement of populations in and out of fluoridated and non-fluoridaded areas.

F)  Absorption through skin-demal exposure – 

G)  Apoptosis & Fluoride  – A Norwegan study.

H)  Damage to collagen.

I)   Uneven distribution throughout city water mains.

J)  Contaminants in fluorosilicic acid: lead, arsenic, mercury,

     cadmium, chromium, copper, thallium, selenium,
     barium and Polonium 210 .

A)  The legal implications

B)   More legal

C)  more→  HERE

K)  The use of old research data from geographic areas with no industrial

       fluoride emissions, e.g. coal burning power stations, and smelting industries

L)  Other sources of fluoride: fluoridated pharmaceuticals, fluoroquinolones

      toothpaste, crop sprays, (herbicides, fungicides,) household insecticides,
      fluoride in P.F.O.A.s, teflon, food wrappersfoods and drinks e.g. tea.

M)  Because fluorides are highly reactive and are antagonists of zinc,
 iodine , vitamin C, and numerous other essential minerals
 vitamins, the nutritional
 status of communities and individuals needs
to be taken into consideration.
 The report does not mention,
or consider this. It is these complicated reactions with fluorides
that make it responsible for so many human and animal illnesses
that this report omits, denies, fails to mention,
or its authors are unaware of.

N)  Fluoridation Increases Lead Absorption In Children.

O)  Contaminants in the fluoride products are bad enough, See (J) but fluorides

strip lead from water pipes and fittings. We from ‘Fluoridation Queensland’ have
been studying these reactions since 1975. We do not expect you to have a definitive
understanding of all these chemical actions and reactions; we are still learning.
Fluorine is a complicated element, but your failure to deal with many of these responses
may involve you in litigation in the future.

P)   Chlorine should NOT be used in drinking water. It needs to be replaced with

       the more effective and safer Chlorine dioxide  (See ‘The Safe Drinking Water Act’
       signed into law by President Gerald Ford USA, on December 1974).


Q)   Global warming will cause populations to drink more water and 
       correspondingly be exposed to more fluorides.

R)  A few nations that did experiment with fluoridation are abandoning 

       the procedure. Is Australia to be the last one?


S )    Fluorides damage DNA.


T )    Fluorides being antagonists of iodine is sufficient justification
…… cease fluoridation immediately.

This is so well known as to have us all wondering why the medical profession
and NHMRC, did not protest before 
water fluoridation commenced.

1]   Fluorine inhibits iodine needed by the thyroid gland, hence a
deficit of thyroxin and an inability to metabolize sugars.

2]  Iodine is the most important element for kidney function.

3]  The brain can’t develop without iodine. The classic name for such
shortfall is cretinism. A baby without iodine will  be mentally retarded.

4]   The trace element iodine is essential for the metabolism of fats,
it helps with the assimilation of phosphorus and the utilization of calcium.
Iodine must have the mineral selenium to make the thyroid work properly.



This 2016 Draft Report, is a  poor analyses.
It is not acceptable as a serious independent
scientific research paper.

The authors have skilfully assembled this report to reach
their intended rasorial conclusions; it lacks axipoisty.
We suspect its outcome was only possible by knowingly ignoring
research from other global authorities, e.g. India, China,
Iran, and Queensland. and failing to include the above list
of fluoride contaminating sources, and chemical inter-
reactions that impose an unknown total fluoride and
heavy metal load
on the health of the unsuspecting
and trusting Australian population.

The NHMRC 2016 Draft Report is invalid by its own definitions.

Our quoted examples of bias are not comprehensive but sufficient.


“Fluoride is not a therapeutic good …”

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is the
Australian regulator responsible for making sure
that therapeutic goods used to prevent or manage
health conditions in Australia are safe and of
good quality. Fluoridated drinking water
is not considered to be a therapeutic
good or medicine by the TGA. 

(The TGA is funded by ‘Big Pharma’.)

By excluding fluoride you do not have to regulate it.
It is currently added to much of our water supply.
We conclude that the TGA and the NHMRC
do not want the legal responsibility of
fluoridation which is medicine, and
have ‘farmed’ out this problem to
the States and Local Councils
who are bullied by a few
ignorant dentists.

inver com.opening copy TGA LETTERS


” …To allay any more confusion about the regulation of substances for fluoridation of water or fluoridated water, the TGA agrees that the Excluded Goods Order or any other appropriate legislative instrument under the Act should make it clear that these substances and products are not therapeutic goods…”

Full text → HERE

However see list of:

Therapeutic drugs containing fluoride    HERE

More information → HERE

Fluoridation is Mass Medication,
New Zealand Supreme Court Rules 

“There are three kinds of lies:

White lies, damned lies and statistics.”
                                – Mark Twain 

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A damning critique and analysis of the NHMRC’s 2017
“Sham” review of water fluoridation and appeal for Royal Commission Inquiry:

23 Reasons why Australia needs a Royal Commission into the
NHMRC’s fraudulent fluoride review.

By Merilyn Haines
on behalf of  – Fluoride Action Network Australia Inc.

Aug. 2017


Published Research Findings – Why Most Are False


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