The K-25 Fluoride Disaster Opinions:
A DOE Watch Exclusive Report
Jim Phelps  copyright 2005

We Thank you Jim 

The serious problems that arose from the Manhattan Project’s
rush to make nuclear weapons.

The real fallout was workers and communities poisoned by fluoride.

DOE has many covered up environmental and health
problems and this was the beginning.

Very few people get an insiders view of the operations and problems connected with running a nuclear weapons plant, but this treatise will take you into this special world of nuclear national security. Nuclear weapons plants ran with huge risks that were never fully reported to the workers or the surrounding communities. This report will fill in the missing details on why so many nuclear workers have become sick and will get into even larger problems that were discovered via operation of these massive facilities. Nuclear national security is really the name for the government’s excuses to conceal risk and harm to US citizens. Some of the cover-ups get into extremes that some find difficult to fathom, but none-the-less all is about to be unveiled here.

Oak Ridge is the home of the largest ongoing chemical accident in the US and the name of the accident is the Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant. This one plant absorbed 25 percent of the Manhattan Project’s wartime funding to try and keep hydrogen fluoride poison gas from getting loose on the workers and the region. This plant was code-named the K-25 plant, after the Kellex Corp’s. diffusion barrier process that used 25 percent of the funds. Kellex was a subsidiary of the Kellogg Construction Company that joined with the Brown-Root Construction to become KBR, which later still became a part of Dallas Halliburton.

This K-25 Kellex constructed plant for the Manhattan Project would become a doomsday device under the management of Union Carbide and later Martin-Marietta / Lockheed-Martin. The very same sloppy methods that caused the Bhopal India accident also contributed to this huge fluoride poisoning disaster in Oak Ridge. Ironically, the lessons learned here have become a central religious theme for the Final Judgment for the End-Times. The operation of this bomb plant contributed toward huge losses of Freon into the atmosphere, which caused the ozone depletion leading to the global warming world disaster. Similar to the bets at the Trinity Test that the bomb would set the atmosphere on fire, the processes that made the bomb’s enriched uranium contributed extensively toward destroying the atmosphere of the Earth. This will be developed later in the text.

The Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion plant was initially designed in New York City as part of the “Manhattan Project” by persons like Leo Waters, who designed the K-25 building and moved to Clinton, Tn. to work in Oak Ridge with the project’s implementation. Other parts of the project, like the fluorine cells, were designed and tested in upper New York State, near Buffalo, by persons like Bob Dyer. Bob Dyer and his friend Joe Dykster also moved to Oak Ridge for the project. In this secretive process, a huge fluorine accident release near Buffalo [Tonawanda] was covered up by the military to keep the Germans from learning about the uranium enrichment project. An entire edition of a newspaper that reported this incident was confiscated. This release accident was so bad that it frosted the window glass on cars and buildings for miles around the plant and evacuated half the city.

Still other early warnings occurred at the Du Pont chemical works in New Jersey whose fluorine production problems devastated Peach crops, raised the blood fluoride levels in humans for two downwind counties, and crippled cattle and horses. Later in April of 1944 Harold C. Hodge a senior toxicologist with the Manhattan Project wrote: “Clinical evidence suggests that uranium hexafluoride may have a rather marked central nervous system effect……. It seems most likely that the F [code for Fluoride] rather than the T [code for Uranium] component is the causative factor.” [The T code was reserved for material headed toward the “Trinity Test.”]

This was only the beginning of the huge cover-ups connected to the Manhattan Project’s fluoride disasters. Other industries like the aluminum and steel industries also sought to cover up huge health effects like the fluoride disaster at Donora, Pa. and the Reynolds works on the St. Lawrence. The book called “When Smoke Runs Like Water” by Dr. Devra Davis gives a good accounting of some of these other fluoride problems, see: ISBN 0-465-01521-1. Another recent book called “The Fluoride Deception” by Christopher Bryson exposes much more of the fluoride health effects, see: ISBN 1-58322-526-9. Both of these books are good, but each falls well short of exposing the main fluoride synergistic effect of upsetting the trace metals and producing immune system problems.

An older book called “Fluoridation The Great Delimma” by George Waldbott, MD does get into the cancer effects seen in the 50s and 60s due to fluoride releases from industry and rodent studies. See: ISBN: 0-87291-097-0. This text shows the data in the 50s and 60s were causing health problems and that various trace metals offset these health effects. One in particular is mentioned, manganese. This one also plays a strong role in AIDS infections. This is the beginning of the F-Al-metal complex effects as linked to fluoride health effects moderation.

The key to AIDS is the rising bone concentration of fluorine and its making essential trace metals like manganese unavailable in cell enzyme processes. The Pineal Gland’s retention of fluoride exceeds the levels in the bone mass and disrupts the glands day-night regulation of thyroid hormone and melatonin. Many of the immune cells are born in the bone marrow and they begin with depleted levels of trace metals needed for enzymes and it stays that way due to the loss of GSH in cells leading to loss of manganese by rendering it unavailable. This effect sets up the infections of HIV in the immune cells that have lost the essential metal that protects the cells from retroviral infections. Fluoride chemistry also renders some essential metals like magnesium, zinc, and selenium lower in concentration due to shedding more rapidly from the body. Rising bone fluoride concentration signal upsets of the beneficial trace metals concentration in the body and via that effect comes illness, rapid aging, and even death.

One can see a basic need for the UF-6 gas diffusion process to run at less than atmospheric pressures to keep in the gas that turned into hydrogen fluoride gas, if released. The inward leaking of moist air via compressor shaft seals caused problems in the huge plant due to criticality issues and the plugging up of the barrier system diffusion holes. Another dangerous chemical called “chlorine-trifluoride,” ClF3, was used to clear these plugs in the systems. This plant was built some 8 miles from the town of Oak Ridge on an immense reservation because of the chemical dangers from this plant. The plutonium effort called X-10 was also built well away from the city. The less dangerous Y-12 plant was built just adjacent the city, because the “calutron” techniques posed less risk.

The big cost of the gas diffusion process was due to trying to run at negative pressures, this to contain the poison gas, and the use of special fluoride resistant materials to keep the process from exploding. The DuPont Company had just invented Teflon or PTFE, which was fluorine resistant and compatible with the UF-6 hot process gas. The DuPont Company also invented fluoride compatible Freon, which was used to remove the process heat from the thousands of compression cycles the process required. The original process for the K-25 building used thousands of 600 HP motors to drive radial compressor blades. The 4,000 plus stages of the processes used more power then the City of New York and this came from coal burning principally, this adding to the area’s pollution load and HF.

The DuPont company and Detroit’s General Motors formed a Freon Company called Kinetic Chemicals and the Manhattan Project would come to use lots of their product. Detroit’s Chrysler Motors made the diffusion tanks for the K-25 building’s uranium separation stages and each diffusion tank or “diffuser” carried a brass Chrysler Motors nametag and serial number. Freon would not cause the system to explode or gunk up the system from a leak. Inclusion of General Motors into the Manhattan Project brought in the Kettering Research Group of Cincinnati and the huge cover up methods on lead and fluorine toxicity. DuPont owns the Ethyl Company that made the lead for leaded gasoline.

The entire diffusion process ran at around 170 degrees F. to keep the UF-6 in a gaseous state. Each compression stage added excess heat of compression to the gas, which was removed by the Freon inter-coolers and the heat dumped via water based heat exchange systems to the atmosphere outside the buildings. When the plant was running at full power it was often in a water vapor cloud due to all the water evaporator’s fog. This fog was often loaded with toxic metals like chromium and arsenic, from the anti-corrosion used in piping and anti-algae chemicals used in the water evaporators.

Kettering was the president of General Motors and he and another of his G-M cohorts are what the New York based Sloan-Kettering Cancer Hospital is named after. These connections started some of the most serious of the chemical injury and cancer cover up rackets in the US. Kettering Research Group of Cincinnati sequesters, for polluting industries, all the highly damaging industry information on fluoride and lead from the public. This huge cover up and the Oak Ridge involvement would come to influence the murder of JFK.

In the 1950’s, the diffusion processes were expanded to much larger systems (000 designs) and the larger design used almost a thousand 3,300 HP motors tied to axial compressors that looked much like jet engine turbines. The diffusion stages were then made of hundreds of 1/4 inch sintered nickel powder tubes housed in tanks larger than gasoline tanker trucks. Typically, in K-33 groups of 8 diffusion stages were housed in house sized heat retention enclosures and the groups called “cells.” The compressor motors were supplied with air from cooling ducts sealed with PCB impregnated gaskets for fire prevention.

The diffusion stages were made from nickel powder sintered with calcium- fluoride. A DOE plant in Huntington, West Virginia made fine nickel powder using the nickel carbonyl process to precipitate uniform sized metal particles from the nickel gas. The 5 micron sized nickel dust was mixed with calcium fluoride powder of similar fineness and cooked, at near 1400 degrees Centigrade, or “sintered” in a mold to make the barrier tubes of about 3/4 inch outside diameter and 3/8 inch inside diameter. The fluorine resistant tube arrays of around a hundred of these tubes were fitted to aluminum plates to fashion “tube bundles” that became the 1 micron diffusion barrier of the diffusion process. These aluminum parts became poisonous AlF3 after being exposed to the process fluoride. The sintered metal diffusion barrier design came from a Kellex process for making paint spray nozzles, and the K-25 plant and K-25 building carried this symbolic letter “K.”

Persons that worked in making the barrier or removing it from stages with electric chain saws were exposed to calcium fluoride dusts that break down in stomach acid and leads to a cumulative fluoride type poisoning of the pineal gland and thyroid hormone processes. The nickel dust that they are exposed to simultaneously causes additional toxic metals health problems. The calcium-fluoride exposure damage the glutathione enzyme clearance of toxic metals, like nickel, and causes increased free radiation damage to the cells leading to higher risk for illness. Most of the illness for K-25 workers are rooted in exposures to fluorides and toxic metals, which leads to debilitating CFS type health problems for many.

The fact that the chemical process system had thousands of seals that all had leak rates means there were serious problems. The biggest problem was the air leaking into the system and the need to remove these gases. This means that operation of the plant, by design, resulted in continuous releases of the dangerous and cumulative poison called HF into the plant and region air. Entire huge buildings called “Purge Cascades” were dedicated to remove these gases, which damaged the system production efficiency. The Purge Cascade systems had to release the gases they trapped from the system into the atmosphere, and the most dangerous gas release was HF. The Cascade Coordinators, to keep high production, ran the release rates of HF as high as possible and often well over acceptable rates for ground air concentrations. As these release rates became extreme attempts to collect some of the HF were made by using “bubbler” trapping systems in the poison gas flow.

The main problems with the process came from leaks into or out of the process from around the shaft seals for the motor-compressors. All the valves in the system were bellows designs and some were often motorized so as to be remotely controlled from the control room. In the K-25 building the forth floor was the control level and sat over the 3rd floor pipe gallery which interconnected the diffuser stages on the 2nd floor. This helped to shut down accidents and leaks and keep down chemical exposures. The buildings were also flushed with large amounts of airflow to keep the temperature and HF concentrations down. The compressor shaft seals were made of teflon and later special shaft seal enclosures for axial flow compressors ran the gas leaks from these areas into special traps filled with alumina or fine aluminum oxide dust. The aluminum oxide would react with the very dangerous hydrogen fluoride gas escaping from the process. This aluminum fluoride was like a pesticide called cryolite and caused slow poisoning of worker’s thyroid functions and increasing problems with hyperthyroid type health conditions.

It was this effect that lead to the invention of aluminum dust dumped into the air or added to jet fuels or the process called “chemtrails.” Aluminum compounds added to jet fuels made colloid particles of aluminum oxide that would react with the HF in the air from coal emissions and also the sulfuric acid in the air from jet fuel and coal plants to make alum, which made for cloud seeding and cooling the Earth. The aluminum based rocket fuels also supported the formation of cloud seeding using this idea. In these times Oak Ridge was managed by aircraft giant Lockheed-Martin (Martin-Marietta) and they were interested in jet plants sooty black exhausts causing a positive global warming potential, GWP. I had found ways to change jet planes to negative GWP, and stall off any regulations on jet activity being limited due to causing worse global warming effects.

My idea on alumina methods using jet planes as spray cans become the most efficient and successful techniques for cloud seeding ever imagined. The technique used an aluminum-based alcohol mixed with jet fuels or a mixing technique in the fuel line much like how fluoride is mixed with the public water. Each Aluminum atom can combine with SO4 radicals and then go on to attract 18 H2O molecules and this was the basic seeding technique for clouds. There are several techniques that change jet emissions into negative GWP values and even water mist injections help. These ideas lead to the DOE’s “Global Shield” Project using jet planes to attempt to slow down the global warming effects from DOE’s huge rates of Freon loss.

The cloud seeding technique for rain helped to remove acids from the air and cut airframe erosion. The same basic equations applied to the use of titanium and barium. Titanium made an inert fluoride-metal complex and the barium made a photo emission effect to change the potential gradient and lessen storm energies. These were three of my most impressive and successful ideas. This idea started an entire new classified series of projects, run by the DOE and often hidden using DOD Star Wars type classification. New satellites were made to sense the UV-b levels in real time, sense HF in the upper atmosphere, and image the growth of phytoplankton in the oceans. The phytoplankton made DMS and DMSO, which seeded clouds naturally over oceans and kept them cool. The jet chemtrail techniques sought to replace this natural cloud system.

I had discovered that the fluoride-aluminum complexes were a big problem in the K-25 plant and from coal HF emissions. The HF gas in the plant’s equipment coated the aluminum parts in the machinery with AlF3, which mimics the pituitary TSH and trigger thyroid hormone overproduction. I found that fluoride increases the retention of toxic trace metals and decreases the retention of the beneficial trace metals, and via this effect induces severe immune system related illnesses. It was a momentous discovery, and one so devastating to the uranium weapons programs that the managers insisted that it not be reported. This discovery closed the Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion plant permanently.

The managers knew their only hope of concealing the problem was to cut the TVA power loading and coal burn rate in this area to keep from making the problems much worse. I am very pleased to have closed down the fluoride poison gas disaster plant of the Manhattan Project. I am additionally pleased to have killed the K-25 electrical load of around 4 TVA stream plants that added pollution to this region. I will be even more pleased to put the plant’s obstruction of justice racketeers into prison for concealing this health harm.

When the K-25 plant was run by Union Carbide and Lockheed-Martin the process buildings ran with high rates of emissions of HF into the air. Workers, like Plant Shift Superintendent named Sam Vest, coming to work at the entrance portals could smell the HF with their nose and the slight burn on their eyes. This made for huge problems over time, as HF is a cumulative poison. Soon all the plant’s workers would have extreme upsets in their thyroid regulation, GSH, trace metals balance, and their immune system health.

Naturally occurring aluminum-fluorides, like “cryolite,” has long been used as a crop pesticide and the method of action was to disrupt the cellular trace metal metabolism. This same effect was occurring in the K-25 plant’s workers from HF exposures day after day. Fluorides in the blood make beneficial trace metals less retained and harmful trace metals more retained. This process destroys the immune resistance and turns on a free radical process that harms human health.

The K-25 plant suffered many accidents that released hot UF-6 that formed HF releases. One release involved the K-27 building and malfunctions of hundreds of stages where the pressure releases vented UF-6 into the buildings piling up one-foot thick layers of yellow UO2F2 dust all through the building. Another accident dumped a dump truck load of UO2F2 onto a process building rooftop and HF into the air before it was caught and the material removed with wheelbarrows.

Another release happened when a welder cut into a building crossover pipeline that ran above atmospheric pressure and dumped a jet of UF-6 into the air and caused a high temperature HF plume that rose to 100,000 ft. in the atmosphere. Another accident happened in a positive pressure cell and filled the house sized cells with cave formations of the yellow powder and the HF was vented into the atmosphere. Most of the process buildings are filled with the yellow uranium dust contamination from years of releases. Some areas of the process purged gas to the atmosphere continuously.

HF is lighter than air and very hygroscopic and when released will combine with water vapor and float in the atmosphere. If there is a heavy fog the air, concentrations of the vapors can build to dangerous levels and cause problems like heart attacks. This effect happened in Donora, Pa. and killed many people. Oak Ridge was at risk for this same problem developing. The fog that encircled the K-25 plant when it operated allowed the HF concentrations to build to dangerous levels and increased the retention of fluorides in the plant’s workers and regional inhabitants.

A large leak of HF at the Y-12 plant threatened to kill a large number at the plant if there had been a heavy fog during the releases times that would have allowed the HF to rise in concentration in the plant’s valley. This effect makes the HF and water vapor heavier than air and builds to dangerous levels that can cause heart attacks and long term heath problems. The K-25 plants many water cooling towers provided for this effect on many days as the entire plant would be engulfed in a water vapor haze that allowed the HF and toxic metals concentrations to build and to affect the workers and area residents.

The DOE is also the world’s largest user of Freon to cool the equipment stages. One huge explosive accident in the K-33 building blew a hole in the roof that a crane could set a school bus into.
The loss of Freon from the diffusion plants made DOE one of the largest contributors to the Ozone Hole issue. DOE sought to ban Freon from normal uses, but keep it approved for their uses in gas diffusion. Freon is one of the only cooling gases that are compatible with UF-6, if it leaked into the system. Freon loss provides both chlorine and fluorine into the upper atmosphere.

The chlorine competes with the ozone and has a short lifetime in the upper atmosphere due to its mass. Fluoride is rising in concentration in the upper atmosphere due to its mass being less than that of air. Fluoride tends to sequester hydrogen atoms in the upper atmosphere that increase the levels of UV-b due to radiolysis ionization effects of this hydrogen from the Sun’s radiation. Chlorine and Fluoride atoms tend to ionize and be swept toward the Earth’s South Pole, where the ozone depletion and hydrogen sequestration and UV-b effect is worst. These effects set up a NFx injection vector into the upper atmosphere that introduces higher levels of IR absorbing hydrocarbons causing GW problems.

In the 1990s, as the Oak Ridge diffusion plant’s stages were cut open and left standing and an incinerator called “Toxic Substance Control Act,” TSCA, incinerator burned record amounts of uranium oxy-fluoride, many of these worker health effects came to a head. The affected workers who noted they were becoming sick formed a group called “The Exposed.” They later changed their named to “CHE,” and they are 90 percent gas diffusion plant workers with fluoride poisoning health effects. The DOE never told the “Exposed” group about the problems of AlF3 in causing their CFS like health problems via the TSH mimicry affecting their cellular glutathione levels.

Oak Ridge and DOE were prepared for this happening and had put into place some fake environmental groups to sell the blame onto radiation and toxic metals, when the real huge problem was this long known fluoride poisoning effect. In the 1980’s, ORNL had seen the large rates of thyroid problems in the plant workers and the town of Oak Ridge and the problem was the toxic effects of fluoride. It was a huge liability, and the DOE and its corrupted managers would do anything to hide the damage. They became the ultimate in obstruction of justice racketeers in hiding this from the workers and the public.

A new local doctor caused serious problems with K-25 being exposed in the massive fluoride cover up in Oak Ridge. A doctor William Reid came to run varied tests on local persons in Oak Ridge and found that nearly the entire town was abnormal. He noticed something was very wrong and began looking for the reasons. He encountered such a wave of resistance from those in the know about the real health problem in Oak Ridge that he was retaliated against. Soon, his wife Sandra Reid would enter the picture as a public activist looking for the problem also.

I told Sandra Reid of the huge problem with the fluorides and HF releases affecting the entire town and I too was retaliated against in 1995. The corrupt town of Oak Ridge did not want national exposure of the truth of what was going on with their cover-ups. The truth would put their corrupted managers in jail for racketeering. Dr. Reid discovered that the Oak Ridge Methodist Medical Center was sending their medical data to a hospital where ALCOA is headquartered in Pennsylvania. The Reid’s were eventually ruined by the corrupted Oak Ridge crime syndicate and forced out of town.

Dr. Bill Reid made a huge mistake in calling one of the Oak Ridge plant’s medical directors and asking about the problems he had noted in Oak Ridge and its workers. The Oak Ridge system had already set up deals with the only hospital in Oak Ridge, the Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge, to not ever look too deeply into problems associated with the plant’s activities. They had used national security classification to cover up health problems for decades in Oak Ridge. Oak Ridge’s corrupted managers went one step further in Oak Ridge, they were using the entire town as a guinea pig project to look at the best drug alternatives for the many illnesses caused by chronic low level HF exposures.

The largest medical cover up in Oak Ridge is about how hydrogen fluoride deposits in the Pineal Gland and forms AlF3 compounds that damage the day-night thyroid hormone regulation. The effect causes problems that don’t allow the cells to power down at night, replenish glutathione enzymes, and cell repair. This leads to the build up of toxic metals in the body and the rise of mitochondria induced free radical damage to cells. Ignoring these factors in Oak Ridge involves wide spread malpractice and harm to many workers and area residents. The medical practices of Oak Ridge are corrupt and don’t represent the patient, but defends the polluters.

The ethically and morally corrupt medical system of Oak Ridge has become the center for the DOE cover ups of fluoride toxic effects, and this has become the GOP model for how to cover up similar problems on a national basis. Rising fluoride levels in the food and water chain dominate the aging and illness equation for human health in the general population, and this one effect determines the profits for the GOP oriented medical system. Should this effect become public, the GOP oriented AMA and pharmacy business would become exposed in aiding the cover up of this predominate health effect.

The Oak Ridge DOE plant managers all well know that the HF and fluorine health problem is one that may well put them all in jail for having covered up. They all know the bulk of the illness factors in Oak Ridge come from the fluorine effects on the beneficial trace metals in the human body that set the stage for illnesses, rapid aging factors, and even early death. The DOE plant managers and the local AMA medical system both know their entire livelihood depends on keeping that concealed from the workers and the city of Oak Ridge.

The chiropractors have been very close to finding this dominate health effect for years in Oak Ridge and the plant managers and local AMA doctors have been attempting to ruin the Chiropractors for getting way to close to the big secret that would not only cause an uproar about the fluorine risks from Oak Ridge, but would literally put the AMA pharmacy and big medicine types out of business.

The predominately Jewish owned pharmacy companies and the doctors of Oak Ridge were able to make a killing in profits from this cover up. In ten years, the Methodist Medical Center quadrupled its land footprint on Oak Ridge. Persons like Bush-41 have long-standing connections to drug companies, like Ely Lilly [Dan Quail owns a huge interest], and others that make huge profits from the high drug [SSRI’s] use in Oak Ridge. Bush is a Jewish connected surname and he is from the same Jewish system in Texas where LBJ gained his power via Zionism. Oak Ridge would become the model for the rest of the country due to similar rising levels of fluorides nationally and this process would fill the coffers of Jewish drug industries.

Interesting enough, other connections appear in this conspiracy. Bush-43 is from Dallas, Texas and gained power to be elected Governor of Texas via the Jewish industry power system there, Zionism, the Dallas Mafia and rich oil cabal connected to killing JFK. Bush-43 is a member of the Highland Park United Methodist Church in Dallas, on the campus of Southern Methodist University. Bush-43 uses these religion connections to his advantage in the White House and for support toward Israel dealings. Bush-43 is also one of the Yale “Bonesmen” types and has real close ties with Bonesman Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe.

Victor Ashe and Bush grew up together due to the same Florida Island vacation homes of each family. Ashe is the mayor of the city where polluting TVA resides and hides its massive devastation of pine trees and human health from HF loaded coal emissions. The Methodist Church was actually started in Dallas in 1968 when Reuben Mueller and Lloyd Wicke joined hands at a General Conference. Mueller is another Jewish surname connection. It gets even more interesting in that the Bishop of the Holston Conference that supports the Oak Ridge Methodist Medical charity is Ray Chamberlain. Another Jewish surname connection. Oak Ridge played a large role in giving Zionism the Bomb in the 1960s and via this effort played a large role in the death of JFK.

The Holston Conference also advertises for the OREPA activist organization that helps hide the Oak Ridge fluoride disaster. A minister, originally from Texas, runs the OREPA organization, his name is Ralph Hutchinson. Chamberlain was all for the invasion of Iraq and Bush support. The Methodist Church also dodges anything to do with telling the religion connections of volcanoes and Moses and the issues of the End-Times connected to pollution. This truth would end all the miracle connections in the Bible narratives that make the church money from false claims. The Methodists are trying not to harm their Jewish benefactors, and both their cash cows.

US Religion has become a multi-billion dollar business without any Govt. regulation. Religion sustains by using human fear, weaknesses, and catching many when they are in distress or alone. They supply pretty stories interpreted for little real truth, which doesn’t represent God. Their version of God was created for Humans to manipulate others. Religions use this effect to avoid issues like how less toxic material can lead to near infinite longevity, especially as it applies to fluoride-metals effects.

Many polluting industries, mining / smelting / chemical, are Jewish in origin and like the biblical text interpretations avoiding the real messages on eternal life. This avoidance of reality in the bible narratives is directly linked to the end-times predictions. Religions have the ethics of used car salesmen, often wrapped in spirituality. Faith is largely about mass mind control, than anything pertaining to truth seeking or God.

The K-25 plant had a simple incinerator that released HF, uranium oxide, and dioxin from burning plant wastes. The 1982 TSCA law enacted by Congress stopped this practice and forced the design of a new incinerator called the K-25 TSCA Incinerator. This incinerator used a rotary kiln design with controlled burn time and temperature to reduce the emissions of dioxin. The K-25 plant also had to begin storing their contaminated sump water that was contaminated with enriched uranium oxy-fluoride and this has problems with nuclear criticality.

The K-25 plant lost massive amounts of UF-6 [and thus UO2F2 and HF] to the atmosphere and it rained out on building roofs, grounds, and parking lots and ended up in the ground water. I had the idea to take these contaminated waters and de-water them using the TSCA incinerator to reduce their volume, and then send the uranium wastes to standard burial repositories. The division that I worked for at ORNL designed the TSCA incinerator. I also suggested the use of a three-stage wet washing electrostatic precipitation system to pull down more of the uranium particles and absorb the hydrogen fluoride generated from burning UO2F2.

The mere existence of the liquid enriched UO2F2 storage problem showed that these plants leaked massive amounts of enriched UF-6 into the air. The claims that these plants were sealed and did not leak are bogus. The enriched UO2F2 got into the surface and ground waters, and the HF blew into the lungs and regional landscape around the K-25 plant.

The loss of HF from the K-25 plant is exemplified also in the testimonies of persons like Sam Vest, who was the Plant Shift Superintendent of the K-25 plant for many years. He and many others recall smelling the daily releases of HF in the plant parking lots and entrance portals. DOE has suppressed the mass balance studies that would tell the true story of the amounts of HF released from this K-25 poison gas plant.

Sam Vest and others like Bob Dyer would tell stories of how the plants workers and often themselves were affected by the aphrodisiac effects from being exposed to HF. After large exposures to HF, Bob Dyer would come home to his wife with pressing sexual matters on his mind. Other workers would come to make time for sex on the job and the problem was so extreme the plants changed the office glass to clear from frosted. Today, we know what causes this effect is the fluorine antagonistic effects on melatonin and serotonin via its effects on the pineal gland and the HPA axis regulation. Fluorine rise in the body sets up the melatonin decline in the body that leads to early sexual puberty. The rise in fluorine in the environment contributes to the lowering of the age of sexual puberty in children.

The TSCA incinerator was ready for testing in the early 1990’s and the waste stream was upped until the incinerator was burning some 5 million pounds of liquid uranium wastes in 1994-1995 time frame. The TSCA emissions of HF together with decades of emissions of HF from the gas diffusion leaks and accidents finally took their toll on the area pine trees. All the DOE reservations Pine trees downwind of the incinerator died from the toxic effects of HF. Almost all became infected with pine beetles, due to the trees lack of ability to make pine sap to kill them due to the HF toxic loading.

The initial damage to the pine trees made a large dead pine tree finger pointing right at the incinerator. As time progressed, pine trees over large areas began to die, as the TVA Kingston Steam plant added to the HF stress on the Southern Pine trees. Later in the 90’s, vast areas of Pines died in the Southeast due to HF poisoning from coal burning compounded with Pine Beetles. The Oak Ridge Plant’s management sought to deceive everyone from the toxic effects of HF causing the problems with pine beetles.

The DOE plants often used the banned pesticide, called chlordane, to modify the pine tree death footprint inside the plants and the city of Oak Ridge. This would have brought lawsuits had the fluoride connected bug effects in town not been concealed using this technique. The IR absorbing high acid emissions in the area from these operations also brought much atmospheric heating to the area and extreme storms. The storms were so severe as to be expected only once a century. These huge storm fronts ripped up major TVA transmission lines into the Y-12 plant. Another ripped the roof off ORNL buildings. And others did extreme levels of property damage to the region. The plant’s emissions highly affected the weather and storm energies.

The TSCA was designed in some human experiments to change the retention of metal oxides in the lungs and lymph nodes of the plant’s workers. This experiment used the burning of cyanide compound called acetyl nitrile, AKA methyl cyanide, to put the CN- radical into the air. The idea here was much as how in-situ uranium mining works with cyanide compounds injected into underground uranium deposits. The TSCA burned train tanker loads of acetyl nitrile to accomplish this effect. They also hired a medical doctor with expertise in cyanide poisoning. Soon the K-25 plant’s Dr. Ashe would find the workers called “The Exposed” coming to him and finding odd blood effects from cyanide, particularly in the ones that smoked cigarettes.

The plant workers had been exposed to decades of toxic metals from the air heat exchangers, the old incinerator, and the nickel dust used in the barrier design. The cyanide experiment was designed to remove these metals oxides from their lungs, lymph system, and body by making them soluble using cyanide techniques. The idea is basically the one from the laetrile cancer treatment method, which is cyanide or B-17 based. A large number of workers soon began to expose part of the problems from K-25 and this soon set off the huge network designed to hide the toxic effects of hydrogen fluoride. This cover up network would extend right to persons like Bush-43, Bill Clinton’s ORNL science advisor John Gobbons, and Tennessee’s Al Gore.

The chemical poisoning of thousands of people is Oak Ridge’s biggest secret and they have invested huge amounts of time and energy for the evasion of the simple truth about what really happened in Oak Ridge. Oak Ridge has a large number of Jewish surnamed persons that lived in New York and moved to Oak Ridge with the Manhattan Project. This Strong New York based Jewish connection has long-standing connections with the Mafia and the Texas Zionist Jews (Jack Rubenstein–Ruby) that were tied to the JFK assassination. In Oak Ridge, these Jewish folks were generally in charge of many of the nuclear operations, and the ones that will be held at fault if these truths come out. Even the DuPont Corporation that did so much of the fluorine chemistry for the Manhattan Project is a Jewish surname. Hence, this is why we see so many of these cover-ups involve the Jewish surnamed persons and how Zionist Israel obtained the bomb.

The syndicate racket used to hide the fluoride effect in Oak Ridge infected and dominated all the public processes from the ORHASP Health Study to the End-Use Meetings. Oak Ridge used its OREPA stooges to play up the public perception that radiation was most involved in the health problems of Oak Ridge. OREPA had a position on this panel and went into the K-25 plant and played up radiation. All this helped to conceal the fluoride health effects that dominate the worker health issues. Oak Ridge is infected with Obstruction of Justice on the fluoride cover-ups.

Some of the ORHASP contractors were directly from Oak Ridge and the DOE system and went right along with the total White Wash of the fluoride connected health effects and the massive releases of HF from the plant. One example is Owen Hoffman [another Jewish Surname] and the SENES Company. Hoffman played up ORNL’s I-131 releases and these effects on the thyroid and this helped to draw attention from the fluoride induced thyroid damage that highly affects Oak Ridge workers and local communities. Hoffman long worked for ORNL’s Environmental Sciences and did studies on Tc-99 releases into communities from the Gas Diffusion plant. The Environmental Sciences director named Bob VanHook would become the manager of the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant.

Oak Ridge methods also used the retired Manhattan Project types to control public meetings and shout down persons that tend to tell the truth on the magnitude of the Fluoride Disaster in Oak Ridge. Many of these old retired persons have the Jewish associated surnames, and there is a reason. One prime example of these persons “shouting down” those exposing the fluoride truth can be seen from a person named Al Brooks in the “End-Use” Meetings on Oak Ridge.

Al Brooks can even be seen in collusion at End-Use meetings with ORNL’s Richard Mathis, who was highly involved with the cover up of HF releases and health harm to workers at the ORNL MSRE. Al Brooks is a chemist that worked for the K-25 plant in flow research. He comes to all the public meetings and can be seen consulting with all the plant’s upper management. He is one of the prime threats to truth in Oak Ridge and a menace to society.

The extent of Oak Ridge’s conspiracy to protect exposing the truth goes so far as the creation of the classified “Chemtrail” projects that use aluminum oxide particles released from jet planes to pull the HF out of the air and correct for global warming with cloud seeding. Later designs use modified jet engines and jet fuels to seed massive amounts of cloud forming particles. The classification here allows Oak Ridge to hide many of the hydrogen fluoride health effects from the gas diffusion process. It shows the magnitude to which the corrupted society of Oak Ridge will go to hide health effects that harm the population.

Their conspiracy to suppress the harm to human health is no different than a plot to poison someone with arsenic, as in the stories from the “Arsenic and Old Lace” short story. Oak Ridge poisoned persons with HF and upset their trace metals balance and immune health. They have gotten together a large force of conspirators to help cover up the disaster that their Manhattan Project’s many Jewish associated managers caused, and how this was connected to Israel getting the bomb and killing JFK to get there. It is a highly Zionist Jewish organized crime syndicate that seeks to hide the liabilities for their massive mistakes that runs Oak Ridge. They also seek to help the DOE and TVA hide the fact that they failed to warn the public about the massive dangers to human and animal health from the HF emissions from coal burning.

The Jewish Manhattan Project managers of Oak Ridge also know all these hot items relate directly to the problems in their religion misrepresenting issues of the biblical narratives. The truth here will dissolve any rights of Israel to their land grab from their Arab brothers in the Middle East. The truth on how these fluoride factors related to Moses and the Mt. Sinai volcano effects are the major components of the End-Times of Revelations. These Revelations of Jesus will force the conversions of the Jews toward the better knowledge from these times. JFK threatened this same Jewish Zionist Mafia connected to the Manhattan Project and they had him killed.

From the JFK era, the largest of the secrets in Oak Ridge involves the fact that the polio vaccines infected large portions of the US population with a virus called SV-40, which is carcinogenic. Radiation, HF / fluorides, and toxic metals activate this carcinogenic virus and many others. JFK shut down atmospheric testing due to rising Sr-90 and I-131 radiation inducing these effects in children. The HF releases and toxic metals releases cause extensive health effects in Oak Ridge via like venue. The Hiroshima data on which exposure risk data is formulated does not reflect these effects that raise those risks.

The Oak Ridge syndicate operation is the worst crime family the world has ever known and they pose a danger to everyone in the world. Their crimes are so serious that they all need to be sent to prison for life. It is racketeering and treason expressed at its highest levels, and so dangerous that it can destroy the Constitution and the country. JFK spoke about those that sought to take away American’s Freedom and those he was speaking about were the Zionist Oak Ridge types that had JFK murdered to get Israel the A-bomb, and keep the Zionist money system in control of the US.

The 40s wartime Manhattan Project was first implemented in highly Jewish New York city by many Jews wanting to defeat Hitler’s Germany. The Jews have been accused by many down through time as sucking the life blood and milk from any society they have become involved. The Manhattan Project’s Jewish pull involved the highly Jewish controlled building, mining, metals, chemical, and medical industries; now this has again become the case. The Manhattan Project has been used by the Jews to entrench themselves into the American economy and control it. It shows up very clearly in the study of the Manhattan Project and its associations.

The Jews have not been honest in their religion and god designed by man, and neither have they been honest in business dealings involving pollution and harm dealt to working Americans. The Jewish methods have always not fully informed the public or workers of risks, nor of the deceits on God. These methods show Jewish industries reaping huge profits at the expense of workers health and lives, while at the same time profiting from Jewish medicines or pharmacy designed to mediate these toxic effects on health. Indeed, the observations of the Jews collecting the milk from societies and sucking the lifeblood from nations has again become a reality.

It is the time for all of America to take on this corrupted system where pollution liabilities from Jewish predominated industries have been concealed to the net harm of the American public. It is time to see that the Manhattan Project’s concealment of the dangers of fluorides are just more “deceit and treachery” type “business as usual” methods from these type industry shysters. It is time that Americans put these industry lies into perspective and see how they are directly interrelated to the issues of religion hucksters. It is time for freedom and truth to be allowed all Americans and this happens with them being empowered with the full truth.

Modern man should not be lead to address his fears by clinging to an ill-born faith as a child to a Teddy Bear, else this inborn fear shall steal his health and longevity. Modern man should bear witness to the simple fact that there is no fear, but fear itself. And no evil, but that composed of greed for money and power over man by man. Fear is and always has been the product of untruths and modern man should be closer to the simple givens of science, the natural order of nature, and the derivations of God thereof. This is the pathway for all men being delivered from evil. The ultimate symbolism of divinity is a child not corrupted by these trappings.

In closing, each of you that have read this piece and others from this web page
will be receiving a very large dose of empowerment via truth.
The bottom line is the old CIA motto:
“The truth will set you free.”


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