Commentaries on recent information on fluorides in the environment, political, and legal developments, responses and comments by public figures, new research papers on fluoride and health, overseas news and research are presented here and regularly updated.

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No fluoride information here. – This information is little known or not presented by the media and may be of special interest to environmentalists, farmers, foresters and gardeners. New water sources, and water treatments, recent findings, land and water management, irrigation, book lists, some out of print, and web sites are presented here, plus vital information on fire management and banking..

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Trillions of dollars have been spent during the last 60 years promoting artificial water fluoridation around the world. Yet very few countries adopted the practice and many of these have since discontinued it – with no increase in tooth decay. Less than 5% of the world’s population have their municipal water fluoridated.
Many other polluting chemicals are associated with fluorides and we have included some of them where appropriate.



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