Muammar Gaddafi orchestrated the biggest
irrigation project in world history by 
tapping into ‘Primary Water’ cycle 
all throughout Libya.


The project was designed in five stages and the optimum target of  the
project once its all five stages completed was to covey a large amount
of water estimated to be 6 million cubic meter in a daily basis from
their sources in the South to the North where there is an
increase urgent need for clean and safe water




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     Keep in mind the water “control” boards will NOT tell you about Primary Water.
[ In Australia most of them would have never heard of  ‘Primary Water’. ]
We are told water comes from rain, hail and snow-melt which is the ‘Secondary Water Cycle’.
We are NEVER told about the ‘Primary Water Cycle’.  ALL water comes from down below the mantel of the earths crust where hydrogen and oxygen merge creating vapour that is forced under pressure to the surface becoming the pure fresh water. We are being told water is running out and we have severe water shortages. – This is NOT true.



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