Are we to be hung out to dry – again ?

The TGA have tried to outlaw the growing of some medicinal wild
roadside weeds and garden plants previously – without success.

[ Water Fluoridation: Risky Business for Council-Michael Lusk ]

  • No dietary supplements sold as food can exceed potency dosages set down by the Codex Commission. Dietary supplements of higher potency are to be sold as “drugs” by pharmaceutical or phyto-pharmaceutical companies. Supplements without a recommended daily allowance (RDA), such as co-enzyme Q10, will be illegal to sell because they will be considered as “drugs”. ($ V health)

  • All new dietary supplements will be banned unless they have undergone extensive Codex testing (via scientific risk assessment) and final approval. (Too costly for small producers.)

  • Only supplements made from a list of 15 minerals and 13 vitamins will be allowed – in ultra-low potencies mirroring levels that were originally set during World War II to stave off malnutrition.

  • The Codex preamble expressly forbids the use of nutrients to “prevent, treat or cure any condition”.

  • Herbs to be put under a closed committee of the WHO where they are now held to be “untested drugs”.  There is only a short list of “approved herbs” that may be used for specific conditions. While some complex oriental herbal formulas may be permitted, most will not. Ayurvedic, Tibetan, tribal, Aust. indigenous and other traditional medicines that use herbs and natural substances to be forbidden in WTO Member Countries (Aust.). Herbal, shamanic and energy-based medicines are to be forbidden forms of treatment. 

    [Her majesty Queen Elizabeth II uses some of these.]

  • Genetically Modified organisms (GMO’s) to be legal in foods [unlabeled?]

  • Codex is to set permissible upper levels for pesticide residues, toxic chemicals, hormones in food and other environmental contaminants that may be many times greater  than those advocated by chemical and pesticide industry lobby groups.

  • Codex mandates that animal feed can be treated with antibiotics, hormones and growth stimulants. 

  • Codex Further mandates that the irradiation of food go ahead, despite the arguments of food safety experts.

Although the above list may seem extreme, it is difficult to have confidence

in the TGA based on their past performance, e.g. continuing support for fluoridation.



Do your web searches; complain to your Federal politician in writing, write to the newspapers; get on the radio; and most of all, tell ALL of your friends, and then remind them again and again !

The TGA has done little protect the Australian public in the past.

It is working to restrict the $4 billion Australian supplements industry that is rapidly gaining markets over Big Pharma’s control of the medical industry.

Any of the above proposals if approved would cause:

  • More unemployment therefore more people on the dole

  • A loss of tax revenue to the Australian Government

  • The importation of more foreign goods

The Australian public would loose access to health maintaining supplements which;
would also disadvantage sports people, body builders (and pets).

These products and services are consumer funded.

To change the system would put an extra load on the existing over used and

under financed government health system.

Most medical doctors have little knowledge of traditional medicines and nutrition.

Many of these plants and minerals have supplied health to millions people around the world for centuries.


The TGA have tried to outlaw the growing of some medicinal wild roadside weeds and garden plants previously without success.

Some of these new proposals would force the Australian population to grow, import and produce these health-promoting products ‘illegally’ and or go underground. The government does not have the resources to fully enforce these proposals; which would extend the dole queues, disadvantage the health of Australians, reduce revenue to the Australian Tax Office and restrict the choices of you the reader. 

Green strip

As President Kennedy said:
“If you cannot enforce a law, you do not have a law.

The TGA’s income is based on fees and charges paid by users of
its services, namely the pharmaceutical industry in Australia.

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