50 Tons of Cures for Coronavirus – China – Vitamin C



↓  ↓  ↓  China Using Vitamin C Against COVID-19  ↓  ↓  ↓


Yesterday, 50 tons of immunity boosting Vitamin C were
shipped from our DSM *Jiangshan plant to the Province
of Hubei, of which Wuhan is the capital city.
The banner text on the truck reads: “In
the fight against N-CoV the people
DSM* Jiangshan and Wuhan
are heart to heart”





Relative Reading!

Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe spent over 20 years investigating the nature and
composition of interstellar dust.

Many scientists have believed that the seeds of life might have ridden to Earth on meteors.
This theory is called panspermia, 
and it answers a lot of questions about our origins,
and the origins of diseases.

See: ‘Diseases from Space ‘ by Sir Fred Hoyle &
N.C. Wickramasinghe


See also: ‘Evolution from Space’  by Sir Fred Hoyle &
N.C. Wickramasinghe




It would seem that most of these epidemics last for about one year.

412 BC – Major epidemic of disease (which, although not called influenza, probably was influenza) recorded by Hippocrates.

1357 AD – The term, “influenza,” from the Italian word meaning “influence,” was coined. Popular belief at the time blamed the development of flu on the influence of the stars.

1485 – ‘Sweating sickness” a flu-like malady, sickens hundred of thousands of people in Britain. The Lord Mayor of London, his successor and six aldermen die. The Royal Navy cannot leave port due to the sickness of sailors. Doctors prescribe tobacco juice, emetics, cathartics and bleeding as treatment for the disease.

1580 – First recorded influenza pandemic begins in Europe and spreads to Asia and Africa.

1700s – Influenza pandemics in 1729-1730, 1732-1733, 1781-1782.

1830 – Major epidemic causing high mortality among the elderly spreads across Russia from Asia.

1831, – 1833-1834 Influenza pandemics hit.

1847-1848 – Influenza sweeps through the Mediterranean to southern France and then continues across in Western Europe.

1878 –  A disease causing high mortality in poultry becomes know as the ‘Fowl plague’. Fowl plague in now called HPAL avian influenza.

1889 – 1890 – The “Russian flu” spreads through Europe and reaches North America in 1890.

1900 – Major epidemic.

1918 – 1919 – The “Spanish Flu” circles the globe (though some experts think it may have started in the U.S.) Caused by HINI flu virus, it is the worst influenza pandemic (and subsequently, epidemic) to date. There were more than half a million U.S. deaths; worldwide death estimates range from 20 million to 100 million, according to WebMD. “The pandemic comes before the era of antibiotics — which are now essential in treating the secondary bacterial infections that often kill flu-weakened patients — so it’s difficult to say whether this flu would have the same dreadful impact on the modern world. but it is a very frightening disease, with very high death rates among young, previously healthy adults.”

[ For more info on epidemics see the book – ‘Diseases  From Space’ ]

See also   HERE



“…To address this question, scientists at the German Aerospace Centre in Cologne designed experiments using the Russian FOTON satellite. They mixed bacterial spores with particles of clay, red sandstone, Martian meteorite or simulated Martian soil to make small lumps a centimeter across. The lumps were then exposed via the satellite to outer space. After two weeks of exposure, researchers found that nearly all of the bacterial spores mixed with red sandstone were able to survive. Another study showed that bacterial spores could survive the extreme conditions of outer space for six years if they were protected from extraterrestrial solar UV radiation. This would be possible if the spores traveled within comets or meteorites…”






See also: FLUORIDATION AND VITAMIN C  - [Fluoride destroys Vitamin C.]


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