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Medicating a population through the water supply is in breach of
accepted medical and ethical codes, as there is neither informed
consent or a controlled dose, in the case of fluoridation to
refer to it as “corporate manslaughter”
may not be an exaggeration!

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Osaka Japan – Sars – & Covid-19 – cure

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The True Legacy of Donald Trump

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Professor Loc Do has attracted research funding from The NHMRC.
His support for fluoridation will need some rethinking.

Cairns City Council Queensland


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The 4th Annual Conference of International Society for Fluoride Research, The Hague,

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Vaccine compensation history USA

“Compensated” are petitions that have been paid as a result of a 
settlement between parties or a decision made by 
the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

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Association Between Maternal Fluoride Exposure
During Pregnancy and IQ Scores in Offspring in Canada

In this prospective birth cohort study from 6 cities in Canada, higher levels of fluoride exposure during pregnancy were associated with lower IQ scores in children measured at age 3 to 4 years. These findings were observed at fluoride levels typically found in white North American women. This indicates the possible need to reduce fluoride intake during pregnancy.

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Krista Adams BCC

We were hoping you would help!

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  New Link  


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Optimizing nature:
Invoking the “natural” in the struggle over water fluoridation

Water fluoridation’s fraught history is focus of award-winning article

Frank Zelko will receive his award at the 2021
American Society for Environmental History conference.

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 PFAS Chemical Producers Under Criminal Investigation

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50 Tons of Cures for Coronavirus – China – Vitamin C

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Dental Fluorosis in Chilean Children

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Russian Fluoridation Research

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Erin Brockovich sounds alarm over PFAS 
contamination after more Queensland sites revealed.

Special counsel for Shine Lawyers Joshua Aylward said the 
legal firm was also investigating other sites around the country.


Erin Brockovich – PFAS contamination
more Queensland sites

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Mount Crosby Pipeline Painting Project

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Environmental Attorney 


How PFAS Contamination is Affecting Area Property Values 

Kyle P. Konwinski  &  Aaron M. Phelps

Remember – all the F.s are for fluorides.

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  People Are Drinking More Bottled Water -WA Gov.

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TGA Updates – July 2019 + Interpretation

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Melissa Gallico – Fluoridation Exposed

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People Are Drinking More Bottled Water

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Endemic Fluorosis Patiala – India– 1962 

Sorry this news is a ‘few’ years late!

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Labor failed on banks, and failed in the election.

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…Higher levels of aluminium and fluoride
were related to dementia risk in a population of men and
women who consumed relatively low drinking-water levels of both…
Aluminium & Fluoride in Drinking Water in Relation to Later Dementia Risk

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Do Australian Cities Have The Wrong Approach To Storm Water ?

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Fluoride Free Australia – New Post

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Libya’s Great Man Made River

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Radioactive Residues in Aust. Waters – Ross Kieinschmit +

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Fluorides On The Planet Mars

The atmospheres on Mars.

Mars Science Laboratory Rover ‘Curiosity’ provides the
first in situ analyses of fluorine on the surface of Mars.

Titan –  also contains greenhouse gases.


See more pictures of Mars  HERE

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Unholy Water


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  Ask The Dentist  

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– Curiosity, Creativity, Competence, Compassion –




See thesis below  Very detailed diagrams + more photos.




We thank you  for such a mammoth undertaking.


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Rat Research

 American Journal of Public Health

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Environmental Scientist Declan Waugh presentation at Otago 2018

Dr Howard NZ 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0o3kxZNXCw

Dr Connett NZ 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uDvD5UcSwg

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Fluoride (PAFS) dumped by RAAF near creek

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Fluoridation is Mass Medication, New Zealand Supreme Court Rules 

I gather that NZ now has a big conflict between its Ministry of “Health”
and the Hight Court ruling – and there is now an opening for legal 
actions on the “breach of human rights”
and public safety issues –
these are what stopped Fluoridation in 98% of Europe.

So it could mean the end of Fluoridation NZ wide on legal technicalities, and that would ripple across to Australia*, at least in terms of public condemnation of the practice which is growing by the day.

* Some times know jokingly as “NZ’s third island!”


WHO Extracts from – Environmental Health Criteria 227-Fluoride

End line

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TGA POISONS STANDARD 2009 (fluoride)

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Mind-blowing interview with Judy Mikovits, PhD

In 2014, Mikovits co-authored, “Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the  Truth about Human Retroviruses & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”

9 More Vaccine Ingredients

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  “The fight for fluoridation in Oberon continues! ADA NSW Advocacy and Policy Advisor and Specialist Paediatric Dentist Dr. Sarah Raphael was interviewed on Ten’s The Project last night (Tuesday, 5 June 2018) promoting the safety and effectiveness of water fluoridation for oral health and the prevalence of misinformation online. – Were you referring to us?  – We hope so

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Full text →  HERE



Lithium is a health hazard. If it enters the water supply it cannot be filtered out using reverse osmosis.

Lithium Ion Batteries will soon to be superseded.


Aluminum-ion Battery

Leading science journal Nature Communications has published an article on a “low-cost, highly energy-efficient” aluminum battery developed by an international research team led by National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) professor Chen Chia-chun (陳家俊), the university said yesterday.

SAFER: The newly developed battery is unlikely to catch fire even if its casing cracks, as aluminum oxidizes at a slow rate, professor of chemistry Chen Chia-chun said

The world market for fluoride in drinking water is decreasing.

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Some of their→ Famous Last Words 

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In 1999 the US Congress allocated US$6 million to help former Soviet republic Uzbekistan deconstruct and decontaminate a major Soviet chemical weapons testing facility involved in the development of Novichok…



↓   ↓  Full text   ↓   ↓

 Fluoride and Novichok

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Urban Utilities – Legal change of direction?

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Lawsuit Reveals How Paid Expert Helped 3M  “Command the Science” on Dangerous Chemicals

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Third Digital Revolution to Unleash the Power of Anti-Censorship news flash


FAN wins second round in court case and now it is all stations go to fund our lawsuit

On February 7, 2018, the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), together with a coalition of environmental and health groups (see Plaintiffs below), won a second major victory in our legal case to force the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to end the deliberate addition of fluoride to the public water supply (water fluoridation). Our victory was the ruling from Federal Judge Edward M. Chen, of the Northern District Court of California, when he dismissed EPA’s motion to limit discovery:   Full text → HERE

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Hyundai hydrogen car coming to Australia

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Sci Rep. 2018; 8: 3180. 

Published online 2018 Feb 16. doi:  10.1038/s41598-018-21533-4

PMCID: PMC5816638

Published online – 16 Feb. 2018

Chronic treatment with fluoride affects the jejunum: insights from proteomics and enteric innervation analysis


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↓ Toothpaste ↓

Changing Times For Products

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  CleanDrinking Water Out Of Thin Air  

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Mount Crosby Pipeline Painting Project

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Volcanoes Melting Polar Ice – Heat From The Interior Of The Earth


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     See →  seqwater_03-02338t-itt-section-d-specification-002

SEQWATER announces a major shutdown of the fluoride dosing plant, for 4, (now 8) months. TIME TO STOP THIS FORCED FLUORIDATION FARCE? Queensland Health have advised that this “will have little impact on benefits” to our teeth, if we do not receive fluoridated water for about 4 – now 8 months. [ Nov, 2017 to Feb, now July 2018.] After just 9 years of operation a major fluoride dosing plant requires major work. The plant started up in late 2008. This plant would supply water to well over 1 million people. This announcement in October, 2017, seems to have been not reported by the Mainstream Media.

[We hope fear of litigation may mean fluoridation may not return-ever.]

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   As you all know your Moms’ Team is involved in suing the EPA to halt artifcial water fluoridation due to the now known neurotoxic effects on the brain including our children and the developing fetus.

This last week marked a milestone opinion by the Judge and a significant ruling for our coalition. The Federal Judge dismissed the EPA’s Motion to Dismiss, and now we are allowed to move to full Judicial review.

This next phase of our lawsuit is going to be expensive as now we will have mounting expenses AND we’ll need to engage more top talent and world-class experts.

We have been slowly pushing forward for over a year, but now that we’ve won this last major hurdle the pace has quickened. 

Help us to victory!  

Support us so that we can hire the top talent needed to do the work and bring an end to fluoridation all across the USA. 

 Moms, Dads and Citizens are taking on the Goliath of Federal government agencies and your support is needed to help us do this. 

Your 2017 tax deductible donation of $25 or $100 or $2,018 is really needed… every dollar helps! The National Team 

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These are fluoride based ↓phaseout-pfoa-pfos-f

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 Extract from ‘Australian Dental Journal’

Fluorosis in 89% Carnarvon Aborigines +

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Proposed bill would ban fluoride from Ireland’s water.

Sinn Féin TD Brian Stanley has introduced the bill, which would see the act of putting fluoride into water made illegal.


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Fluoride Is The Major Cause Of Cataract Blindness


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October 2017


‘ Plasma Concentrations of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances at Baseline and Associations with Glycemic Indicators and Diabetes Incidence among High-Risk Adults in  the Diabetes Prevention Program Trial ‘ Full text  ⇒  HERE

All the ‘Fs’ are for fluoride


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Notice all the F.s ↓ Fluoride !


Extract from Wikipedia  → HERE

Health and Environmental Concerns

Fluorosurfactants such as perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS), perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), and perfluorononanoic acid (PFNA) have caught the attention of regulatory agencies because of their persistence, toxicity, and widespread occurrence in the blood of general populations[6][7] and wildlife. In 2009 PFASs were listed as persistent organic pollutants under the Stockholm Convention, due to their ubiquitous, persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic nature.[8][9] Their production has been regulated or phased out by manufacturers, such as 3M, DuPont, Daikin, and Miteni in the USA, Japan, and Europe.

Some manufacturers have now [when?] replaced PTFOS and PFOA with short-chain PFASs, such as perfluorohexanoic acid (PFHxA), perfluorobutanesulfonic acid[5] and perfluorobutane sulfonate (PFBS). Shorter fluorosurfactants may be less prone to accumulating in mammalians;[5] there is still concern that they may be harmful to both humans,[10][11][12] and the environment at large.[13]

In 2017, the ABC reported that the use of firefighting foams during training exercises at Australian Defence Force facilities around Australia had contaminated nearby water resources.[14] …


Some say this is the worst pollution in Australia’s history – on 70 sites, but the Australian media, except   ABC TV  ‘Four Corners’   are ignoring it !

The “Protected Pollutant” Fluoride is NOT mentioned by name!

The Federal Government could face compensation claims across New South Wales, Queensland and the Northern Territory, after the Department of Defence admitted it was slow to warn people about groundwater contamination from Army air bases. A lawyer leading the class action in the southern Queensland town of Oakey said he would soon head to the NT town of Katherine to speak to locals about a joint lawsuit there in the wake of this week’s revelations on the ABC’s Four Corners program. On the program, a Defence official admitted they should have issued warnings three years earlier about toxic firefighting foam pollution from Army bases. The department said the cost to taxpayers to clean up the problem nationwide would likely amount to hundreds of millions of dollars. About 500 people are part of a class action in Oakey, where the toxic compounds PFOS and PFOA [ which contain fluoride ] have spread into groundwater and soil on surrounding properties. In NSW, residents near the RAAF Williamtown base launched their own class action last year.


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The Death of Fluoridation

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F. Exposure In Utero Linked to Lower IQ-New Study

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PubMed logo

 Effectiveness Of Fluoride Varnish…


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The Sugar Industry – Its Influence On Dentistry

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A damning critique and analysis of the NHMRC’s 2017 “Sham” review of water fluoridation and appeal for Royal Commission Inquiry:

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German Info

” …As a spokeswoman of the European Commission acknowledged on Tuesday, appropriate permission runs out on 30 September 2017. A request for extension was not placed…”

Aldi pulls eggs from German stores over fipronil – (fluoride) poison fear

Fipronil is sold under a variety of brand names including Frontline, Regent, Termidor, Combat, and Maxforce.3 Companies that sell fipronil-containing insecticide products include Bayer Environmen- tal Science, BASF Corporation, and Merial Limited.3

Honey Bees, Fluoride and  Fipronil 



Fipronil – Fluocyanobenpyrazole

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Fluoridation Finished in Israel – Final


* Yael German served as Minister of Health from March 2013 until December 2014. The Fluoride Action Network paid to have a  professional translation of the Court’s ruling  see it here.

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ABCNews logo residents-seeking-200-million-damages

Oakey residents begin class action against Defence Department over toxic firefighting foam

About 450 residents are seeking up $200 million in damages from the Defence Department over the contamination of soil and water by toxic firefighting foam  [fluoride] used at the Oakey Army Aviation Centre in south-east Queensland.

Notice all the F.s ↓ for Fluoride !


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Authorities are warning of an unfolding public health emergency in Arnhem Land,

with dozens of young people sniffing aviation fuel containing lead.

15 May 2017

Aviation fuel sniffing in Arnhem Land sparks health emergency warning

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#152 The first rule of radiological disasters is that the government LIES to the public:

Click here for details on the nuclear tunnel accident

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This is NOT related to Fluoridation – General interest only

Lyme Disease – One Of The Most Controversial  Illnesses In The History Of Medicine.

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April 2017

 Fluoride Foam Spilled At Brisbane Airport Enters River

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29 Queensland Shires Now F. Free

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Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things. – Winston Churchill

Health Issues Prompt Australian Review


Emeritus Professor Judith Whitworth, Ms Debra Petrys, Professor Sharon Goldfeld, Professor Vicki Anderson, Professor Dallas English, Professor Mathew Gillespie, Professor Alison Jones, Emeritus Professor A. John Spencer, Professor Clive Wright, Associate Professor Frederic Leusch, Professor Wendy Rogers, Doctor Meenakshi Arora,  Associate Professor Stephen Corbett, Professor Mike Morgan, Adjunct Professor Kaye Roberts-Thomson,





  Fluoride-DNA Damage

More Fluoride Damage To DNA




Fluorides, Zinc and Anorexia Nevosa

news flash


10 February 2017

Dear Readers: 

“Fluoride and the Brain” Now Available on DVD

In less than two weeks the US EPA will be ruling on our petition to ban the intentional addition of fluoride chemicals to the drinking water under provisions in the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). This petition was triggered by the ever-increasing number of studies that indicate that fluoride is neurotoxic and has the potential to lower IQ in children.

FAN was joined by other national groups in lodging this petition, including Food and Water Watch; Organic Consumers Association (OCA); International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT); American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM); Moms Against Fluoridation; and individuals.

You can access the petition online.

The petition was written by Michael Connett, JD.  

Michael is also featured in a new video Fluoride and the Brain. In this he explains that fluoride’s ability to lower IQ  in children is just the tip of an iceberg of over  300 animal and human studies that indicate that fluoride is neurotoxic.


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We are facing a truly global environmental crisis from the Fukushima meltdown of 2011. Now, six years later, it turns out that Tepco has no idea where the fuel rods are.

Radiation is spiking to “unimaginable” levels… it’s so “hot” that robots are fried in 3-4 hours.

No human can survive the 500+ sieverts per hour, and robots are useless. Fuel rods have now melted through the containment vessel floor and there’s no solution in sight. The fake news media has almost a near-total blackout on all this, yet the world is on the verge of a “criticality event” at Fukushima that could contaminate the entire northern hemisphere for 100,000+ years.

   Original text →  HERE

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news flash #142

⇓  NEW Tideglusib ⇓ Scientists Discover Way To Avoid Teeth Fillings That Proves Teeth Can Be Regrown

news flash  #141

Anti-Biofilm Protocols – Janossy

news flash  #14o

NSW – Legal

The anti-fluoride group in Lismore is hoping to bring down the entire Australian fluoride industry with a Federal Court challenge.

Solicitors working for Fluoride Free Northern Rivers have prepared a brief of evidence for the challenge, which has been sent to a barrister for an opinion.

FFNR legal consultant Al Oshlack said the barrister’s opinion would determine whether a successful challenge could be mounted in the Federal Court of Australia which could force state and local water authorities to shut down fluoride dosing plants.

 news flash #139

Notice all the Fs for fluoride


PFOA foam f

Thirty Australian Defence Bases contaminated with the fluoride chemical (PFOA) PFOS and PFOA are increasingly being phased out of modern foams. Concentrations in human blood appear to be decreasing in the US, although they are still rising in China. Today they remain significant residual contaminants at many sites globally, for example, at many of the world’s 49,000 airports (including 450 civilian and military airports in Australia).  See →  CRC CARE 

See also our Newsflash # 137 below

Editors comment:    The RAAF once used harmless environmentally friendly fermented blood and bone,    and liquorice to make fire fighting foam, – it made garden plants grow fast…

PFO F.Line The Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants has listed PFCs as chemicals of concern to human health.2 The US EPA standard for PFOS levels for both drinking water and wastewater is 0.2 parts per billion (ppb)  PFC-contaminated animal food chains in the US have had PFOS levels as high as 59,500 ppb.

news flash #138 28 Sept 2016

Cr Greg Williamson

Mackay City Council are to be heartily congratulated on becoming the 27th Queensland Council to reject water fluoridation.

news flash


Foam ban Qld.

Ban on Fluoride Containing

Fire Fighting Foam in Queensland

The Queensland Government has banned the chemical fire fighting foams that contaminate land and ground water across the country. Queensland’s Environment Minister Steven Miles says the State Government’s strict new policy will put an end to any future use of perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which was the source of contamination around the Oakey Army Aviation Centre, west of Brisbane.

[ NOTE: The ‘ Fs ’ in PFOS & PFOA are for fluoride ]

PFOA image

Dr Miles says existing stocks of some foams to be withdrawn from service and alternative, sustainable stocks must be acquired. “Queensland is adamant that firefighting foams containing highly persistent organic pollutants [PFOS and PFOA]… implicated in the contamination of the Oakey defence base need to be phased out,” he told reporters.

“The Government will require that any existing stocks of foams containing PFOS and PFOA are withdrawn from service at commercial and industrial premises, and similar products phased out and replaced, as soon as practicable with more sustainable alternatives.”

The Queensland Government does not have the jurisdiction to enforce the ban on Commonwealth defence bases, which are meant to have stopped using the foams after 2008 anyway.

In fact, Dr Miles says there are not that many industry sectors still holding stocks of the chemicals left.

“Remaining stocks of these chemicals are likely to be in emergency response systems, so that’s quite different to what we saw at the defence base,” he said.

“It’s likely that these chemicals exist in canisters that may have never been discharged but were there for large industrial fires.”

On the matter of the Oakey base, locals say they are still waiting for the Federal Government’s buy-back of affected land, after it was recommended by a Senate inquiry into the contamination.

Reports say Defence officials scheduled meetings for this month with locals, but they have now been postponed indefinitely.

There is no word yet on the outcomes of the other recommendations, which included blood tests for affected locals and ongoing mental health support.

 See original  HERE

news flash



gladstone f. public notice Mayor Mat Burnett f

Just in-19 July 2016 The Gladstone Regional Council has decided to take fluoride out of our region’s water. The decision was met by applauds from the crowd in the chamber. It’s expected to take 40 days to phase out.

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Tracking Aluminium Used to Purify Tap Water Kobe, Japan (SPX) 23 June 2016

news flash


A )  Coming Election –  Health Australia Party is OPPOSED to  fluoridation

B )  Whitewash draft NHMRC fluoridation information paper ?? 

Dear Members and Supporters

 Health Australia Party

If you are looking for a party in the coming election that is opposed to water fluoridation, the HEALTH AUSTRALIA PARTY (HAP) has Senate candidates in Qld, NSW, WA and Victoria. Candidates and information about them is shown on their website.


HAP’s policy is water fluoridation is this –

The HAP believes that sodium fluoride, hydrofluorosilic acid and other chemical products called “fluoride” are toxic chemical waste products that are classified as class 6 poisons and should not be placed into public water supplies. Medicating a population through the water supply is in breach of accepted medical ethical codes as there is neither informed consent, nor the ability to opt out. It is noted that 97% of the Western European population and the population of Japan drinks non-fluoridated water.”

 Former Nudgee MP JASON WOODFORTH, who was the driving force who GOT MANDATORY FLUORIDATION LEGISLATION OVERTURNED IN QLD is running as a HAP Senate candidate in Qld.

 All HAP’s policies can be read at https://www.healthaustraliaparty.com.au/index.php/policies/

Please be aware that the media has been attacking HAP lately claiming that they are opposed to vaccination – this not correct – while HAP does not support the Federal Govt’s No Jab No Pay legislation, the party is not anti – vaccination, it supports informed consent. It is believed the No Jab No Pay legislation will be challenged in the High Court in the not far off future.

LABOR, the LIBERAL-NATIONAL coalition and THE GREENS all support fluoridation.

We wish Jason Woodforth and the HEALTH AUSTRALIA PARTY Senate candidates all the very best in the coming election.  Look for them on the Senate Ballot papers in Qld, NSW, WA and Victoria.

 B )

Upcoming NHMRC draft fluoridation information paper – a total whitewash?

The NHMRC is believed to be putting out their new draft information paper on fluoridation soon – possibly early August.  It will be open for public feedback – probably for less than a month. The NHMRC WILL NOT ADVERTISE in the media when the paper is released, or when the public feedback period will be. We will let you know more when we know more.

The new NHMRC fluoridation is likely to be a WHITEWASH as, before he retired, former NHMRC CEO Warwick Anderson appointed 10 known fluoridation supporters and lobbyists to the NHMRCs Fluoride Reference Group (FRG) looking at the safety / health effects of fluoridation. The 10 known fluoridation supporters / lobbyists have a clear conflict of interest and should have not been appointed to the NHMRC FRG. There is not a single person who is opposed to fluoridation on the NHMRC FRG – although medical, dental, scientific and other professionals had applied.

The draft NHMRC review will be released soon (probably August 2016) with the final review not being released until early to mid-2017. Regardless of this, just mere months after this NHMRC review was started, the then CEO Anderson had put out a Press Release on the 25th Feb 2015 (yes Feb 2015!) stating “Based on the work already conducted in the review, NHMRC is expected to maintain its support for fluoridation of water supplies as effective and safe.” https://www.nhmrc.gov.au/media/releases/2015/ceo-statement-water-fluoridation.

To us, that seems like a Judge, at the very BEGINNING of a trial saying to the jury – the defendant is innocent!!  We await with bated breath to see the new NHMRC fluoride review and will let you know when the public can give feedback.

 Again, best wishes to the HEALTH AUSTRALIA PARTY in the election, it would be great to see some Senators who are opposed to fluoridation and who want to protect natural medicine disciplines and the right to informed consent.

Merilyn Haines on behalf of Queenslanders for Safe Water, Air and Food Inc.

Mob 0418 777 112

HAP FACEBOOK   is  https://www.facebook.com/HealthAustraliaParty/



news flash


Southern California’s Aliso Canyon

PORTER RANCH METHANE GAS LEAK DISASTER aerial  video  this week showing the tremendous, continuous release of methane

Los Angeles County will continue to live under a state of emergency


news flash


We lost a Fluoride Fighting giant in 2015. Professor Robert Isaacson (1928-2015) passed away on 10 August. Professor Isaacson was the leader of the research team that produced the animal study by Varner et al, published in Brain Research in 1998, which found that rats fed fluoride in water at 1 ppm for one year developed kidney damage, brain damage, a greater uptake of aluminum into the brain and the formation of beta amyloid deposits which are associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Isaacson was also a member of the National Research Council of the National Academies of Science panel which authored the groundbreaking report of the toxicology of fluoride in 2006 (NRC, 2006). He attended and presented at the FAN conference in Canton, NY in the same year.  His obituary can be found here 

news flash#130 

Credit: Fluoride Action Network – NZ  –  Dec. 2015


The fluoridation issue has continued to heat up in New Zealand over the past year with local councillors, responsible for fluoridation, becoming increasingly concerned that fluoridation is neither safe nor effective.

According to a local Wellington newspaper:

Former Hutt City mayor and fellow board member David Ogden said the anti-fluoridation campaigners needed to be taken seriously. “Having been at a number of public meetings with the anti-fluoridation people there, they have some very strong arguments.”

Hutt City deputy mayor David Bassett said the lobby was winning over more and more councillors.”The whole vote is actually becoming closer and closer,” Bassett said.

And the situation summed up by another councillor:

“They come with their own group of professionals, eminently qualified and respected people in their area and it places local politicians in a very difficult position,” Laban said

Hutt City is one of the cities within the Wellington region, which is New Zealand’s national capital. Hutt City is one of only 23 councils out of 67 that has fluoridation. Presently in New Zealand, local councils are responsible for fluoridation…

news flash


 FISH CONTAMINATION –  Cesium – 134 & 137: 

Credit Natural News – Dec. 2015

In March 2011, a massive earthquake and tsunami triggered multiple meltdowns at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Explosions launched enormous amounts of radioactive material into the air, most of which settled into the Pacific Ocean. Since then, radioactive material has continued to leak into the ocean from the plant.

Much of the radioactive material released is still circulating in the form of radioactive cesium. Cesium-134 has a half-life of two years, and essentially all of it in the Pacific Ocean comes from the Fukushima disaster. Cesium-137 has a half-life of 30 years. Much of the Cesium-137 in the Pacific dates to nuclear tests as far back as the 1950s.


Since radioactive cesium floats, it is easily swallowed by fish, and steadily moves up the aquatic food chainAs top predators, tuna tend to accumulate this and other toxins in their bodies.

In a 2012 study, researchers from Stanford University and Stony Brook University tested the radioactive cesium levels in Pacific bluefin tuna caught off the coast of California. They found the radioactive element in every single fish tested.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/052415_Fukushima_bluefin_tuna_radiation.html#ixzz3vKrGK9qN


F. in Israel

“Hanukkah Miracle”

Ehud Leshem, MSc Strategic Consultant

Water, sewage, wastewater, planning & construction, arbitration and mediation.

1.) At the High Court on 12 Nov 2012, file (8173/12) was submitted against the State of Israel and the Minister of Health, to demand a halt to fluoridation of drinking water in Israel.

The petition was filed by Mr. Jacob Gurman, chairman of the Association of “Balance Returns” for the distribution of Health Education.

Engineer Ehud Leshem provided expert opinion in this case.

The High Court verdict dated 29 July 2013 stated that:

“… Petitioners have pointed out the dangers inherent in this policy and argued that the concept upon which the original regulations were founded, is obsolete and no longer accepted.”

“We have noted the State’s commitment that within a year the practice of adding fluoride to drinking water will be discontinued.

2.) In 2014 after the cancellation of fluoridation by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry published the following statement on its website:

“With the abolition of compulsory fluoridation, Israel will join the absolute majority of countries where there is no mandatory fluoridation.

Moreover, according to the World Health Organization data, there is also a decrease in caries in countries that do not fluoridate their drinking water. At an international level, mandatory fluoridation only exists in Ireland.

There are countries such as the Netherlands, Sweden and the Czech Republic which prohibit to fluoridate the drinking water … “.

3.) In 2015 (after elections in Israel), the Israeli government was replaced and Mr. Yaakov Litzmann strongly pro-fluoridation, replaced Minister of Health Yael German (responsible for ending fluoridation). 
Litzmann decided to overthrow the ban on fluoridation without providing any scientific basis for doing this. Consequently, Engineer Ehud Leshem (formerly the Health Ministry’s district engineer) filed a complaint with the police (12 Aug 2015) in accordance with Article 262 and 221 of the Penal Code, 1977:

“whoever spoils or contaminates a water tank or reservoir or any other place, and makes them less suitable for the purpose they are normally used for shall be liable – to imprisonment for three years “.

‘Section 20 (1-21) of the Water Act 1959’.
’Hazardous Substances Act, 1993′, ‘Israel Standard 5438′.
’Part 4: Water Treatment Chemicals intended for drinking’.
’Public Health Regulations (sanitary quality of drinking water and drinking water installations), 2013′. ‘Renewal of approval for use of Fluorosilicic Acid in drinking water, 6 July 2003’.

Israeli Water Association (IAW~ISRAEL ASSOCIATION of WATER ) Israeli Water Association was established in 2000. Among its primary objectives was:

To present to decision makers informed professional opinions on water and sanitation.

6 Dec 2015, IAW President Avraham Israeli presented to the Minister of Health, Minister of Infrastructure, the chairman of the Water Authority and the director of Israel’s water corporations
 an unequivocal statement about the IAW’s opposition to the fluoridation of drinking water in Israel.

news flash


Dec. 2015

Thanks to your support, the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) has been able to raise public awareness about the serious, permanent risks that fluoride poses to the developing brain. This was once a lonely battle — but, fortunately, that is starting to change. 

In 2012, a team of Harvard scientists published a meta-review of available fluoride/IQ research (including many studies that FAN had translated into English) which concluded that elevated fluoride exposure is consistently associated with reductions in childhood intelligence.

In 2014, a study in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet concluded that fluoride is one of only 11 chemicals that can now be classified as a known developmental neurotoxin in humans. 

And now, in what could be the most significant scientific development of them all, the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) has announced that there is now sufficient evidence linking fluoride to impaired brain development to warrant an NTP investigation into fluoride’s detrimental effects on learning and memory.,,

NTP Holds Hearing on Proposed Fluoride/Brain Study

On December 2, NTP’s Board of Scientific Counselors held a hearing in which it considered the proposed fluoride/brain study. Thankfully, Doug Cragoe videotaped the entire hearing, which you can watch online here←  ← ←

news flash


PFOA is now the subject of about 3,500 personal injury claims against

DuPont, including 37 claims for wrongful death.

Found in the Blood of 99.7 Percent of Americans, and It Never Breaks Down

news flash


7  OCTOBER 2015  


The company that gets rid of highly toxic wastes by selling them as a “product” to municipal water departments across the country as cheap fluoridation chemicals has been fined $2 billion for gross violations of the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), reports the Fluoride Action Network (FAN).

Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC, is one of the largest sellers of a toxic fluoride chemical, “fluorosilicic acid”, that cities add to public drinking water. Fluorosilicic acid is described by EPA in the Consent Decrees as a “hazardous waste” produced at Mosaic’s fertilizer plants. More than 200 million Americans drink these wastes every day.

For decades Mosaic has been selling fluoridation chemicals to public drinking water systems across the U.S. This Kafkaesque scheme, approved by EPA, benefits the polluter in the belief that it helps the teeth of the poor, according to FAN.

The fine was levied on October 1st by the EPA and U.S. Department of Justice. These wastes are produced at Mosaic’s six phosphate fertilizer plants in Florida and two in Louisiana.

“It’s outrageous that Mosaic is allowed to sell an EPA ‘hazardous waste’ to dump into the drinking water used in most major U.S. cities,” says FAN scientist Dr. Neil Carman.

Dr. William Hirzy, also with FAN, added, “This loophole needs to be closed by the EPA. It was not addressed in the Consent Decrees which allow Mosaic to continue selling a hazardous waste to the public disguised as a way to boost fluoride in drinking water.”

The RCRA laws govern the storage, treatment and disposal of hazardous waste.  Mosaic’s 60 billion pounds of improperly handled hazardous waste cited by EPA is the largest amount ever covered by a RCRA settlement. Mosaic’s wastes have also caused huge local environmental problems, due largely to their high fluoride levels. The fluoride, not captured in pollution control devices and sold for water fluoridation, ends up in their liquid and solid wastes. Other toxic constituents include arsenic, lead, cadmium, uranium and radium. Enormous quantities of these wastes have been stored for years in so-called gypsum stacks. They will never become non-toxic, and these open hazardous waste piles have regularly leaked into rivers and groundwater causing huge fish kills and other problems.


Water fluoridation for the prevention of dental caries The Cochrane Library DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD010856.pub2

14-21 June is fluoride awareness week


 We are sorry to be 77  81 years late with this news!

 – 1937 Denmark by Kaj Roholm – ↓ ↓ ↓ (large file with photos)

http://cof-cof.ca/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Roholm-Fluorine-Intoxication-A-Clinical-Hygienic-Study-Copenhagen-Denmark-1937.pdf news flash#122


Source: Press Release: Palmerston North City Council | 22nd May 2015

Location: New Zealand  ← more 

Palmerston North City Council is now providing a source of fluoride-free water for those residents who want it.

A centrally located tap has been installed which draws off water from the Papaioea Park bore so that water can be collected by residents who prefer not to drink water with fluoride added. The water from this tap is chlorinated.

“We know there are some residents who would like to drink non-fluoridated water and we hope this will give them an option,” Dora Luo, Council’s water asset engineer said. The installation of the tap was adopted in the 2014/15 Annual Plan Dora says.

“At the moment there are one or two issues around access, but we are working on making the whole area more user friendly,” Dora said…

“They could have had that tap with fluoridated water and then it would be interesting to see how many people actually bothered to go to the tap,” she said. “I doubt it would be many.”


news flash # 121



news flash # 120

 Channel 7 news item on fluoride – Good Friday 2015

news flash # 119

Cristin Kearns f

“Sugar Papers” Reveal Industry Role in 1970s Dental Program

news flash# 118

Recent update on Queensland March 2015 → HERE

news flash  # 117

What is all the fuss about? f

↓  ↓  ↓

See Film Below

Fluoridation Conference Sydney – Geoff Pain (2015)

– NHMRC Reviews: An Exercise In Politics, Not Science 

news flash # 116


Prof. Ian Meyers ABC ff rHERE

Abstract  HERE

Exposure to fluoridated water and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

prevalence among children and adolescents in the United States:

Ecological Association

news flash # 114


Water Fluoridation Promotes Thyroid Impairment, New Study Warns



The info in the above paper is probably a little distorted by population, food and water moving between counties. Also in the fluoridated areas some households may have water filtration equipment. Both of these factors could influence the results, suggesting that the damage from fluoridation is probably more serious that this research would suggest.

N E W S  F L A S H # 113


N E W S  F L A S H # 112

Major Council in Ireland Calls for End to Fluoridation

On January 12th the Wexford County Council passed a motion by a unanimous vote calling on the government to cease and reverse Ireland’s Health Act 1960 that mandates water fluoridation in Ireland.  The motion had the support of every party involved, including Sinn Fein, Fine Gael, Fianna Fail, Labor, and People Before Profit.

N E W S  F L A S H # 111

List voted to ot F. + Warwick

Warwick Daily News – 9 Dec. 2014

public notice S. Downs

70.2% of Stanthorpe residents and

64.7% of Warwick residents voted in favour of discontinuation.

N E W S  F L A S H # 110  URGENT ↓

  Stop Santos’ CSG Threat… 

 Stop Santos

Artesian Water Under Threat

N E W S  F L A S H # 109  

  Monsanto Caused 291,000 Suicides In India  

N E W S  F L A S H # 108  

trouble attnuclear..

  29  October  2014 | By Jeff McMahon

The main threat from uranium hexafluoride, the gas

that leaked at a Honeywell plant in Metropolis IL on Sunday night,

does not derive from its radioactivity,  but from its chemical toxicity …


N E W S  F L A S H # 107

 Roman Head


It wasn’t just British roads that were straighter in Roman times: smiles were, too.

For all Britain’s access to modern dentistry, flossing and mouthwash, a study published yesterday has found that the buffed and brushed mouths of 21st-century Britons are still more likely to harbour gum disease than those of their third-century forebears.

An analysis of the skulls of more than 300 Roman Britons has found a significantly lower rate of periodontitis, a common form of gum disease, than exists in today’s population. Among those examined — who were originally buried in a site in Poundbury, Dorset — between 5 per cent and 10 per cent had the disease, compared with about 15 per cent to 30 per cent today.

However, they also had considerably more evidence of abrasion on their teeth, probably a result of the diet of coarse grains that was common.

The work involved looking at the sockets holding the teeth into the jaw.

“Because gum disease causes disruption of the bone around the teeth, we are able to measure it,” said Francis Hughes, professor of periodontology at King’s College London.

He and his colleagues analysed a large collection of skeletons held at the Natural History Museum from the Poundbury burial site.

“To a lot of people’s surprise they had quite a lot less periodontitis than the modern human population. It was about a third as common as today,” Professor Hughes said.

Some of the explanation for this does not exactly provide cause for envy: the ancient Britons contracted even more serious diseases first, and died of those instead of suffering through old age with bad teeth.

The most common age at death appeared to be in the 40s.

The reason for the modern mouth to be less healthy than it was centuries ago is probably a result of two things — diabetes and smoking. “Those two change the risk enormously,” Professor Hughes said.

Periodontitis starts as gingivitis, a consequence of poor brushing that often manifests as bleeding and inflamed gums. This response is actually a protective mechanism.

“It’s the body trying fight the bacteria off. In smoking and diabetes that protective mechanism is decreased — the body is less able to fight,” Professor Hughes said.

Starting with bleeding, the disease progresses through receding gums, looseness of teeth and eventually tooth loss.

With a life free not just from smoking and diabetes but also from refined sugar, the Poundbury teeth were similarly less affected by cavities. Nevertheless, the research, published in the British Dental Journal, did not find that the oral hygiene of ancient Britons was something to be aspired to.

“Decay was not widespread like it might be today,” Professor Hughes said. “But it was still there, probably a consequence of the starchy cereals they ate. That increased bacterial growth.”

Some decay went unchecked. Some teeth had decayed to the point where they had infected the nerve and others caused holes down to the jaw itself.

“The amount of chronic infection must have caused a lot of misery,” Professor Hughes said. His profession would have been in demand even in that day and age, he said. “It’s still a rather good advert for dentists.”

tower+ ssss

N E W S  F L A S H # 106  

    From FAN logo

16 OCTOBER 2014

Yesterday, we sent out the press release below.

   press release  ←  

gov.failed towarn black

In 1945, Grand Rapids, Michigan, experimentally added fluoride chemicals into the water supply anticipating that children’s tooth decay would decline without causing fluoride’s unwanted toxic effects – dental fluorosis (white spotted, yellow, brown and/or pitted teeth).

Prior to Grand Rapids, government fluorosis studies focused exclusively on white children. But little publicized results from Grand Rapids showed that black children were more susceptible to fluorosis than whites.

A January 10, 1962 internal memorandum, from a U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) official, F.J. Maier, revealed that “negroes in Grand Rapids had twice as much fluorosis than others.”

Based on this, Maier asked, “In a community with a larger number of negroes (say in Dekalb County, Georgia) would this tend to change our optimum fluoride levels?”

No change was made. Worse, government officials have taken no steps to educate the black community about their heightened fluoridation risk.

A FAN team led by attorney Michael Connett uncovered the 1962 memorandum and a trove of other soon-to-be released documents that shed light on how political pressures have stymied open discussion from government and industrial authorities on the hazards of fluoride.

In 2005, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) acknowledged for the first time that the black community has higher rates of dental fluorosis. It took a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, however, to learn the full extent of this disparity. According to recently released FOIA documents, 58% of black children were diagnosed with dental fluorosis in CDC’s 1999-2004 national survey, vertsus 36% of white children.

“The epidemic of fluorosis now seen in the black community,” says Connett, “is the visible legacy of the government’s failure to act on what it knew.”

When the PHS first endorsed fluoridation in the early 1950s, the NRC estimated that the “safe level” of fluoride is exceeded when “more than 10 to 15 percent of children” have “the mildest” type of fluorosis.

Black children now far exceed the NRC’s safety threshold. One study from fluoridated Augusta, Georgia found 17% of black children suffering from advanced forms (moderate and severe) of fluorosis, the kind of fluorosis that was once only seen in high-fluoride communities. (Williams 1990).

Despite being fluoride-overdosed, blacks still suffer from higher rates of tooth decay, with many low-income minority communities suffering from what health officials have called a “silent epidemic” of untreated tooth decay.

Not only are fluorosis and cavity rates higher in the black community, but so too are various health conditions, such as diabetes and kidney disease, that increase susceptibility to fluoride’s harmful effects.

Because of this, a number of civil rights advocates have begun calling for an end to fluoridation, including former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young, the Reverend Dr. Gerald Durley, the Reverend Bernice King (daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King), and LULAC (the largest Hispanic civil rights organization).

“Dental fluorosis is only the most obvious effect of fluoride, because you can see it,” says Connett. Fluoride is an “endocrine disrupter” that can affect thyroid function according to a 2006 report from the National Research Council, and a neurotoxin that can damage the developing brain, according to a 2014 paper in The Lancet.

More about Racial Disparities in Dental Fluorosis

Abo. bar invert m

The above information also is applicable

to Australian indigenous peoples

 Abo. bar invert m

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N E W S  F L A S H # 105

   28 September 2014 

F. problems in Shi Lanka → →  HERE

The Nation Sri Lanka F.

New research published in The Lancet by researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (ISMMS) found that various chemicals that many children are exposed to are having a direct effect on the creation of disorders labeled under the name ADHD as well as other mental disorders. One of the chemicals said to be having an effect is fluoride, or variations of fluoride. Governments have been performing artificial fluoridation for a number of years regardless of the lack of effectiveness it has in preventing tooth decay.

The research began in a study published in 2006 which initially looked at the effects of various industrial chemicals on neuro-development. The research continued with an analysis of more industrial chemicals including fluoride. Twenty-seven additional studies, including one that linked fluoride to the lowering of IQ in children, clearly illustrated the fact that fluoride is detrimental to brain development, and can lead to autism spectrum disorders and other mental issues. The issue is being coined “a silent epidemic” and most health authorities continue to turn a blind eye to the issue.

The two main researchers involved in the study, Philippe Grandjean from HSPH and Philip Landrigan, both agree that the reason for the increase in incidences of chemical-related neuro-developmental disorders is due to the increasing number of untested chemicals that are being approved without proper testing. The public is also not fully being told of the dangers, which is causing many to perform independent research to find out the true effects. The issue is not just in water fluoridation, but also in the vaccination of children.

“Since 2006, the number of chemicals known to damage the human brain more generally, but that are not regulated to protect children’s health, had increased from 202 to 214,” writes Julia Medew for The Sydney Morning Herald. “The pair said this could be the tip of the iceberg because the vast majority of the more than 80,000 industrial chemicals widely used in the United States have never been tested for their toxic effects on the developing fetus or child.” The fact is, fluoride is a known developmental neurotoxin and practices of water fluoridation have long been proven to be ineffective. If individuals choose to use fluoridated tooth paste or choose fluoride treatments at their dental office, that is acceptable but two things should happen:

1. People should be taught about the harmful effects of fluoride and the damage it can cause to your teeth and your body.

2. Water fluoridation should be stopped everywhere immediately as it is nothing more than a legal way for chemical companies to get rid of toxic waste while profiting.

Fluoride accumulates in the body over time, so even though the amounts being ingested might be small each time, it builds up over years and can cause serious health issues. Research has found that fluoride affects normal endocrine function, causes kidney disease, bone weakness, dental fluorosis, cancer, lowering of IQ, calcification of the pineal gland, arthritis, immune deficiencies, skeletal fluorosis and much more.

“The problem is international in scope, and the solution must therefore also be international,” stated Grandjean in a press release, calling for improved regulatory standards for common chemicals. “We have the methods in place to test industrial chemicals for harmful effects on children’s brain development — now is the time to make that testing mandatory.” Source: Collective Evolution

– See Original → HERE

… Argues that excessive fluorides in groundwater are a serious water quality problem in some parts of Sri Lanka. The incidence of dental fluorosis shows a high correlation with the presence of groundwater in certain areas. Tube wells constructed in various rock types have shown different fluoride concentrations, possibly due to the different mineral constituents in these rocks and their relative capability of releasing fluoride ions into groundwater. It has been observed that the tube wells located in the dry zone have higher fluoride concentrations than those in the wet zone. The fluoride contents of groundwater show an inverse relationship with average yields of the tube wells, indicating the inverse relationship of aquifer permeability to the fluoride content in groundwater.

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N E W S  F L A S H # 104

Vitamin C & Ebola

Ebola is probably the best known of a class of viruses known as hemorrhagic fever viruses. In fact, Ebola virus was initially recognized in 1976. Other less known but related viral syndromes include yellow fever, dengue hemorrhagic fever, Rift Valley fever, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, Kyasanur Forest disease, Omsk hemorrhagic fever, hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever, Brazilian hemorrhagic fever, Argentine hemorrhagic fever, Bolivian hemorrhagic fever, and Lassa fever. The Ebola virus infection, also known as African hemorrhagic fever, has the distinction of having the highest case-fatality rate of the viral infections noted above, ranging from 53% to 88%. 

 Ebola & Vitamin C →  HERE

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N E W S  F L A S H # 103

Dr. warns 137 Tokyo

credit: NaturalNews

Monday, 21 July 2014 by: David Gutierrez, staff writer

Tags: radiationFukushimaTokyo

In an essay addressed to his colleagues, Japanese doctor Shigeru Mita has explained why he recently moved away from Tokyo to restart his practice in western Japan: He believes that Tokyo is no longer safe to inhabit due to radioactive contamination caused by the 11 March 2011, meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. 

The essay, titled “Why did I leave Tokyo?” was published in the newsletter of the Association of Doctors in Kodaira, metropolitan Tokyo.
”Within the 23 districts of Metropolitan Tokyo, contamination in the east part is 1000-4000 Bq/kg [soil] and the west part is 300-1000 Bq/kg,” Dr. Mita wrote…

Full article  HERE 

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   N E W S  F L A S H # 102


12 July 2014   [post fluoridation]

final top half

final lower half tower+ ssss

  N E W S  F L A S H  # 101

Prof.Con.. WA Feb.2013

World fluoridation expert, Professor Paul Connett, founder of Fluoride Action Network [3], met with a number of leading MP’s at Parliament this morning to present the case to end water fluoridation.

“We can expect an end to fluoridation in Western Australia within two years” Professor Connett predicted as he left Parliament House. .

Professor Connett pointed out that Israel and many communities in Queensland, Canada and the USA had both decided to end mandatory fluoridation within the last year alone.

Only a handful of countries still fluoridate and within those countries, the number of cities fluoridating is shrinking rapidly as a growing number of local, state and national governments recognize that fluoridation is neither safe nor effective and abandon the practice.

Dr. Connett referred to Harvard University review of 2012 [2] that found significant reductions in I.Q. in children drinking water with only slightly higher levels of fluoride in Western Australia. He said that due to our often high temperatures and outdoor lifestyles there are many children in WA who drink more than average, who would be exposed to the same dose.

The European Union’s leading health body has warned that fluoridated water at WA levels is unsafe for formula-fed babies.[6]

Dr. Connett said there is evidence linking fluoride to increased hip fractures in the elderly, bone cancer in teenage boys, and iodine deficiency, causing hypothyroidism, a condition which can cause depression, obesity and heart disease.

Additionally fluoride could cause symptoms that mimic arthritis but no-one has ever looked to see whether water fluoridation increases arthritis, a disease that affects nearly 4 million Australians [5].

Dr. Connett said that large studies have shown that water fluoridation causes at most a tiny reduction in tooth decay, not enough to justify the risks. Safer methods of reducing tooth decay such as education for better nutrition, reduced sugar consumption and increased tooth brushing are far more effective.

Fluorosilicic acid, a by-product of the superphosphate fertiliser manufacturing industry [1] has been added to WA’s water at a dose of around 1 part per million since 1966. Currently around 92% of Western Australians receive fluoridated drinking water. Proponents claim that it is a safe and effective form of mass medication aimed at fighting tooth decay in children.

Dr Connett’s will be giving a public presentation at Murdoch University at 2pm on Sunday 23rd February.

**ENDS –  389 WORDS**


 [1] CSBP Industrial Chemicals http://www.csbp.com.au/Home-Corporate/Products/Industrial-chemicals.aspx 

[2] Harvard University 2012 study 


[3] Fluoride Action Network http://fluoridealert.org/

[4] Countries that artificially fluoridate drinking water 


[5] Arthritis Australia, number of Australians suffering


[6] European Food Safety Authority, Tolerable upper intake level of fluoride  http://www.efsa.europa.eu/en/efsajournal/doc/192.pdf

tower+ ssss N E W S  F L A S H  # 100

Media release-no F. 4 Weipa

tower+ ssss

N E W S  F L A S H  # 99


 As from today, water fluoridation must be prohibited in all Member States of the EC 

Doug Cross

20th January 2014

(For the PDF version of this comment CLICK HERE

The last legal loophole through which the British and Irish governments have been

able to wriggle in their continued imposition of fluoridated water supplies finally closed today.

The addition of fluorosilicic acid to any food is now completely banned throughout the entire European Community.

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 N E W S  F L A S H  # 98  

State LNP MP Jason Woodforth has made

headlines over his opposition to fluoride in drinking water.

BRISBANE’S fluoride plant was shut down at the weekend after levels at the

Mt Crosby water treatment jumped to almost double their usual concentration.

An Seqwater spokeswoman said there was never any threat to public health, but the fluoride levels did reach 1.7mg/L in one of two service reservoirs for about ten minutes Friday night.

Seqwater is required to notify the Queensland Water Supply Regulator (QWSR) if fluoride levels exceed 1.5mg/L.

The spokeswoman said the elevated level of fluoride never actually made it into drinking supplies.    

 NOTE  – ( SEQWater spokesman said it was less than 1.5 mg /L – spokesman said it was 1.42 mg/L )

“While dosing levels varied, the multiple layers of control and monitoring in place ensured no water was supplied into the drinking system above 1.5mg/L,” she said.

“The QWSR was notified as required and they advised that the disruption did not pose a health risk. Queensland Urban Utilities was also advised.”

Under the Water Fluoridation Regulation 2008, Seqwater is required to produce fluoridated water of between 0.7mg/L and 0.9mg/L averaged over a quarter.

The spokeswoman said Seqwater was still confident the target rate would be achieved over the July-September quarter.

Last year, LNP MP Jason Woodforth made headlines when he revealed more than a third of his colleagues wanted fluoride to be removed from Queensland’s water supplies.

It followed the Newman Government’s decision to hand back the power to local authorities to decide if water supplies should be fluoridated.

Mr Woodforth has described fluoride as a brain-altering poison but has come up against strong opposition from Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek – a former dentist.

Although some councils have opted to go without fluoride in their drinking water, Brisbane City Council continues to allow fluoridated water – which has been shown to make a significant difference to consumers’ dental health.

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 N E W S  F L A S H  # 97


tower+ ssss   N E W S  F L A S H  # 96

There was a major fluoride-free victory this month in New Zealand, and today is the deadline for fluoridation to be shut off for the 150,000 residents in the city of Hamilton. On June 5, the Hamilton city council vote 7-1 to make the city the second largest unfluoridated community in the country.

tower+ ssss

 N E W S  F L A S H  # 95

This is not a recent event but seems to have been missed by the main media.

7  October 2012

Fluoride Accident South Korea

↓ This Video runs for 65 seconds ↓

Hydrogen Fluoride kills 5

↑ Warning, disturbing short video ↑

An estimated 8 tons of HF was released.

5 people including the 2 workers perished,

18 responders, workers, reporter wound-up in the hospital,

 almost 3000 villagers from 2 villages downwind of the

facility were treated for irritation, exposure.

Five workers were killed and 18 others were injured in the blast at chemical maker Hube Global at the Gumi National Industrial Complex in the industrial city, about 200 kilometers southeast of Seoul.

 The gas leak has cost factories in the industrial complex about 17.7 billion won (US$15.9 million) in lost production, officials said. Hundreds of angry villagers in Gumi who suffered after the massive gas leak moved to a safer region with some residents reporting blood in their saliva. About 110 elderly people in Bongsan-ri village evacuated to a facility about 10 kilometers away.

tower+ ssss

N E W S  F L A S H  # 94

Portland, Ore., rejecting water fluoridation

By STEVEN DUBOIS Associated Press

Posted:   22/May/2013 12:29:12 AM MDT

PORTLAND, Ore.—The mayor of Portland, Ore., has conceded defeat in an effort to add fluoride to the city’s drinking water.

With more than 80 percent of the expected ballots counted late Tuesday night, the Multnomah County election website showed the fluoride proposal failing, 60 percent to 40 percent.

Mayor Charlie Hales supported fluoridation and said “the measure lost despite my own ‘yes’ vote.

“That’s sure disappointing, but I accept the will of the voters,” he said in a statement.

Fluoridation foes were delighted.

More news Later

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 N E W S  F L A S H  # 93

16 MAY 2013

 Industrial-grade Fluoridation Chemicals

Cost Society $Billions in Arsenic-induced Cancers

NEW YORK– Industrial-grade fluoride chemicals added to

US public water supplies contain arsenic that the EPA

classifies as a human carcinogen.

Switching to low-arsenic pharmaceutical-grade fluoride will save society $1 billion to $14 billion annually, according to research published inEnvironmental Science & Policy, led by former EPA senior scientists who are experts in chemical risk assessment, reports the Fluoride Action Network (FAN). Although never studied for safety or efficacy, hydrofluorosilicic acid (HFSA) is added to public water supplies as a purported cavity preventive.  The industry-funded group that regulates water additives, NSF International, allows several toxins in HFSA, including arsenic.The Safe Drinking Water Act requires EPA to determine the level of certain contaminants in drinking water at which no adverse health effects are likely to occur.  These health goals, based solely on possible health risks and exposure over a lifetime with an adequate margin of safety, are called maximum contaminant level goals (MCLG).  The MCLG for arsenic is zero.  The EPA also sets an enforceable maximum contaminant level (MCL), but concedes this level will not prevent cancers.Senior researchers, Drs. William Hirzy and Robert Carton , write, “Arsenic levels in this HFSA product vary substantially but are typically about 30-35 mg/kg.”  These levels would qualify it as toxic hazardous waste if not for a legal loophole because it is sold to fluoridate water.  The study found HFSA raised the arsenic level of finished or tap water by anywhere from 0.078 to 0.43 parts per billion (ppb).Ninety percent of arsenic showing up in tap water comes from fluoridation chemicals, according to a study in the American Water Works Association publication, Opflow, led by Dr. Cheng-nan Weng.Hirzy and Carton found that industrial-grade HFSA contains from 100 to 500 times more arsenic than pharmaceutical grade sodium fluoride (NaF).Using EPA’s calculation methods, HFSA would cause from 320 to 1800 arsenic-induced cancers per year.  They calculated these cancers would cost society $1 billion to $6 billion per year.The researchers conclude: “Our analysis shows that, if local governments that currently add HFSA to their drinking water wish to continue delivering fluoride to their citizens and at the same time reduce the number of lung and bladder cancers among their citizens, they could do so with a significant net benefit to society by switching to USP NaF [pharmaceutical grade Sodium Fluoride] for fluoridation.”Paul Connett , PhD, FAN Director says, “This study provides additional scientific evidence that fluoridation should be stopped, as the purported benefits no longer outweigh the risks.”Reference: Hirzy JW, Carton RJ, Bonanni CD, Montanero CM, Michael F. Nagle MF. 2013. Comparison of hydrofluorosilicic acid and pharmaceutical sodium fluoride as fluoridating agents—A cost–benefit analysis. Environmental Science & Policy 29: 81-86 (May). 

Learn more by visiting FAN’s website


Stuart Cooper 

Campaign Manager

tower+ ssss

   N E W S  F L A S H  # 92

Rockhampton is the State’s 14th council

to get rid of fluoride.

ROCKHAMPTON Regional Council has today become the fourteenth

council to make the decision to remove fluoride from its

region’s water supply since the Queensland Government

gave councils the option to take it out.

Council sought advice from Queensland Health and the Australian Dental Association before making the decision.

Both health bodies encouraged the fluoridation of water.

But Councillor Glenda Mather argued forcefully against the “mass medication” of public water supplies.

She spoke about concerns with fluoride causing dementia, fluorosis and other bad side affects.

The only councillors who voted against the motion to remove the fluoride were Greg Belz and Bill Ludwig.

6am: COUNCILLORS will today sink their teeth into the fluoride debate that has caused much division in the community.

Since the Queensland Government gave councils the power to keep or remove fluoride in the regions’ potable water supplies last year, 13 councils have chosen to remove it.

But Rockhampton Regional Council has sought further advice from Queensland Health and the Australian Dental Association.

Cr Glenda Mather will oppose the health bodies support for fluoride,

saying there is no scientific evidence to prove it.

[Well said]

tower+ ssss

 N E W S  F L A S H  # 91


Commonwealth asked to intervene on fluoride

Rockhampton Morning Bulletin
19th Apr 2013 12:14 PM

SIX national health bodies have come together to promote the benefits of water fluoridation and to oppose the recent decision of the Queensland Government to permit Local Councils to decide whether or not to add fluoride to their water supplies.

Tomorrow’s Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting is an opportunity for the Commonwealth to make its view and intentions on the matter clear, and for Governments to call for a consistent national approach.

The six peak bodies are concerned both for the health of individuals and also that broader public health activities are being undermined.

World Health Authorities, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the Australian Dental Association and the Australian Medical Association recognise the benefits to dental health from fluoridation of water supplies.

The six peak organisations joining their voices on this issue are the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA), the Australian Dental Association Inc (ADA), the Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA), the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS), the National Rural Health Alliance (NRHA) and the Australian Health Care Reform Alliance (AHCRA).

They see the decision of some Local Councils to discontinue water fluoridation as a failure to protect the public’s oral health, and the cost will be paid by the individual and the taxpayer

3 May 2013

Demands for the Federal Government to overrule a number of

Queensland councils refusing to add fluoride to water supplies

have been rejected by Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek.

 Thank you Tanya !

  • Tasmania longest fluoridated/polluted State of Australia – first fluoride polluted in 1953 worst dental health and in crisis high saturation rate of fluoridation (hazardous waste pollutants) – 27th February, 2013 – Tasmania will receive an extra $12 million from the Federal Government to reduce public dental waiting lists. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-02-27…

    Australia wide is in dental crisis despite this widespread high percentage fluoridation saturation Australia wide for decades and USA also in dental crisis after 67 years of water fluoridation/pollution.

    DENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM IN DECAY Dr Deborah Cole is chief executive officer of Dental Health Services Victoria. http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/a-sy…

    REPORT WARNS $10B NEEDED TO FIX DENTAL HEALTH SYSTEM February 28, 2012 http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-02-28…

    Note Tasmania first fluoridated in 1953 POOR ORAL HEALTH PUTTING HOSPITALS UNDER PRESSURE – TASMANIA 26 Feb, 2012 http://www.examiner.com.au/story/4311… Reply

  •  from Australia a day ago

    The ADA asked for $200,000 and received $220,000 from Bligh’s Health Minister, Stephen Robertson to promote ‘fluoridation’ and their colleagues at the AMA sent a letter to Dr. Jeannette young, Chief Health Officer Queensland Health extract from FOI :-

    “The AMA believes the ‘strategic approach’ referred to in your letter must be for Government to mandate water fluoridation throughout the State. The approach to encourage individual councils to adopt fluoridation of their own volition has failed.”

    Some view this allegedly, as tantamount to ‘conspiring’ to ‘mandate’ ‘water fluoridation’ and you must take no other action but to ban ‘water fluoridation/pollution’ urgently, irrevocably and for all time.

    These letters from ADA and AMA form part of this Report and can be accessed on the link hereunder – referred to page 88/89. Download Full Report > http://fluorideinformationaustralia.w…


  • jayalewis from Gold Coast & Hinterland a day ago

    The government have not done anything to assist the people by fluoridating the water… just dumping an industrial waste product in the water does not qualify them as scientists, healers, doctors or, ‘good’ people…. why, they have not even done the hypersensitivity testing recommended by their own reports 22 years ago (NHMRC 1991). Watch www.firewaterfilm.com – original full length documentary FireWater; then brand new, ‘Don’t Look. Won’t Find’ – http://youtu.be/Qy9MmM4b7cI If the government wish to forcibly push an industrial grade chemical on all it’s people, it shouid damn well be made to be accountable for the damage it causes! But ‘no’, the Australian government have stitched up every bit of legislation to protect itself – not, the people. Doesn’t that sound very suss to everyone, if ‘fluoride’ (aka, sodium fluoride (NaF); sodium fluorosilicate (Na2SiF6); and fluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6)) is so ‘safe and effective’ – why the legislation to protect the government from being sued for harm? WAKE UP PEOPLE. Europe does not fluoridate; nor China or Japan… but, both Belgium and China dump their waste phosphates into our clean drinking water, by legal permission of the Australian government in the guise of, ‘it’s good for your teeth’. Come off it! Wake up people. This is a con-job of the highest reckoning. And Australians are so gullible and trusting and, SO APATHETIC – they don’t give a rats as to what is happening right under their expensive fluorosis capped teeth.


  • jayalewis from Gold Coast & Hinterland a day ago

    Take your pick of these names, for those promoting fluoridation:

    – The Pro-Fluoridation Cartel – The Pro-Fluoridation Criminal Network – The Pro-Fluoridation Lobby – The Church of Fluoridation – The Fluoridation Spin Alliance


  • somesundays from Maryvale a day ago

    It makes me wonder when, with these sort of issues, you find oranisations such as -“Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA), the Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS), the National Rural Health Alliance (NRHA) and the Australian Health Care Reform Alliance” – appear out of nowhere to the ordinary person . What and who do they stand for? Doesn’t appear they stand for the ordinary people, who, one suspects, don’t want this substance added to driking water. I always thought that tooth decay was much more prevelent in teenage youth & once you get to your 30’s, it’s not such a big issue at all – so why are we adding fluride to drinking water where the people most affected are in the minority & have available other, inexpensive means of obtaining treatment?

tower+ ssss  

N E W S  F L A S H  # 90                  

Health Minister Yael German has decided to end the mandatory

fluoridation of Israel’s drinking water within a year. (9 April 2014)

(NaturalNews) Israel’s Ministry of Health has made a bold ruling against artificial water fluoridation, reversing more than 15 years of forced poisoning via public water supplies in the Middle Eastern country. A recent announcement by Israel’s Supreme Court has declared that a 1974 law permitting — and a later 1998 law requiring — all public water supplies in Israel to be fluoridated are both outdated and invalid, and that all current fluoridation programs in the country will have to end by April 9, 2014, in order to comply with new public safety requirements.

The welcomed ruling came after a petition filed last year by two dedicated individuals, including a representative of Israel’s Association for Dissemination of Health Education, brought to light numerous dangers associated with water fluoridation. These include lowered IQ, brittle bones and teeth and damage to the thyroid gland, serious side effects that are hardly justified by the flimsy and antiquated arguments claiming that ingested fluoride somehow helps prevent tooth decay.

The three Israeli Supreme Court justices who heard the case, along with Israeli Health Minister Yael German, took all this information to task and ultimately concluded that fluoride is, indeed, a public health threat and provides minimal, if any, health benefit to society. In his ruling, Justice D. Barak-Erez ordered the cessation of all water fluoridation programs throughout Israel by 2014, emphasizing the fact that water fluoridation is dangerous, and the science defending it is outdated and “no longer widely accepted.

Health Minister German signs controversial regulations not requiring local fluoridation for drinking water;dentists say harmful.

Health Minister Yael German Photo: Courtesy Knesset

As pediatricians and dentists charged that it would harm children’s dental well-being,

Health Minister Yael German said Thursday that municipalities and local authorities would in a year no longer have to fluoridate their drinking water.

German, who previously as mayor of Herzliya opposed “forcing” residents to take the mineral with every drop they drink, said there were more effective and safer ways to protect children’s teeth – such as fluoride pills, toothpastes and education.

She said she signed new regulations for stricter supervision of water supplies that included canceling mandatory fluoridation. German then even appealed to the High Court of Justice against the Health Ministry’s requirement – since 2002 – that water be fluoridated in every authority with at least 5,000 residents.

But the Israel Pediatrics Society said that bringing the national fluoridation project to a halt in another year “is liable to harm children’s dental health. Adding fluoride is the safest, most efficient and egalitarian way of reducing the prevalence of dental caries. It also provides clear economic and social benefits.”

Even if parents don’t ensure their children’s health by brushing with toothpaste and avoiding sweets, even poor children will be protected, the society argued.

Society head Prof. Eli Somech and director-general Dr. Tzahi Grossman said they were “convinced that the procedure is safe and that 400 million people in 60 countries – especially the youngsters – benefit from an optimal level of fluoride in their drinking water.”

Many decades of research and public statements by governmental and nongovernmental organizations have “already announced publicly that they support the continuation of fluoridation. Among them are the World Health Organization, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Medical Association and the American Pediatrics Academy. The WHO has even come out with a statement supporting the Israel Pediatrics Society in its position.

But German said that the regulations that require fluoridation have expired and that “professional views are in dispute.” She said that opponents of fluoridation claim it could cause osteoporosis, reduction of insulin efficacy in dealing with sugar, the accumulation of aluminum in the body, IQ reduction and fluorosis (spotting of teeth).

As the Health Ministry has responsibility for monitoring water quality, it is also responsible for monitoring on fluoridation.

Ministry director-general Prof. Ronni Gamzu said that during the coming year, the ministry will invest funds to help the socioeconomically disadvantaged protect their teeth in other ways, if local authorities decide not to continue fluoridating their drinking water.

The voluntary organization Adam, Teva Ve’Din – which has for the last decade tried to change regulations regarding water standards, including better monitoring of contaminants – congratulated German on her decision, because water quality standards are “outdated.”

It said that during the coming year, there will be time for a public debate to decide if fluoridation is harmful or beneficial…

Tower + s  N E W S  F L A S H  # 89


Israel’s Health Minister has just announced that Israel will be

ENDING its mandatory fluoridation program

at the end of the year.Health Minister Yael German signed new water regulations into law on Thursday that will give local governments the authority to end fluoridation for the first time since the mandate was created in 2002.  Minister German has also appealed to Israel’s High Court of Justice to look into the legality of mandatory fluoridation, in hopes that they will deem the practice illegal. Coming on the heels of the lifting of mandatory fluoridation in Queensland, Australia this news will have a major impact on the efforts of citizens trying to end mandatory fluoridation in Ireland and the United States, where 13 states currently have mandatory fluoridation (including AR, CA, CT, DE, GA, IL, KY, LA, MN, NE, NV, OH, and SD).

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N E W S  F L A S H  # 88

April 2013

↓  From Greenpeace International ↓

The truth behind chemical fertilisers in China

N E W S  F L A S H  # 87

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Government spending of

public money on information campaign on Children’s Referendum

was not fair,impartial or equal.

The court held that the information in leaflets and on a website did not conform to the required principles laid down by a landmark judgment, known as the McKenna Judgment.

The principles prohibit the use of public funds to promote a particular outcome in a referendum.The court ruled that extensive passages in the booklet and on the website did not conform to these principles. The material also included a misstatement.It granted a declaration that the State acted wrongfully in spending public money on the website, information booklets and advertisements in relation to the referendum.However, it did not grant an injunction as the court assumed the State will stop distributing and publishing the material.
The case was taken by Mark McCrystal of Kilbarrack Road in Dublin who claimed the Government was wrongly using €1.1m of public funds to promote a Yes vote, something which was not allowed under the McKenna Judgement.The Government had denied the information campaign was biased towards a Yes vote.The case was given priority by the Supreme Court as the referendum takes place on Saturday.The full reasons for the decision will be given next month.Following the decision the Government website was taken down, however it has since been republished with the wording of the proposed amendment.Speaking in the Seanad earlier, Minister for Children Frances Fitzgerald said her Department “acted in good faith and with the best intentions to ensure compliance with the McKenna principles” in preparing material for the Government’s information campaign.She said the provision of public information by the Government had at all times been undertaken in good faith based upon the prevailing view as to what was permitted by the McKenna Judgement.Independent TDs want referendum deferredA group of Independent TDs have called on the Government to introduce emergency legislation to postpone Saturday’s referendum in the light of the Supreme Court judgment.The TDs said the result of the referendum would be “tainted” as a result of the Government’s “bungling”.Accepting that existing legislation did by allow for a postponement, the TDs said the Dáil is sitting tomorrow, and emergency legislation could be introduced.The five are Mattie McGrath, Shane Ross, Thomas Pringle, Finian McGrath and Tom Fleming.Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar has said the Yes campaign has not been damaged by the Supreme Court decision.Mr Varadkar, who is Fine Gael’s Referendum campaign director, said this is an issue for the people and it stands on its merits.He said the courts considered the question of postponement and decided the referendum should go ahead.

Government to review ruling

Minister for Justice Alan Shatter said the Government has to view the detailed reasoning of the Supreme Court, which will be available on 11 December.Speaking on RTÉ’s News at One, Mr Shatter said “it seems there is a very narrow dividing line between government being entitled to give information, to have a right and duty, and being constrained in the manner in which it does this”.However, he said the substance of the referendum proposal is not affected by today’s ruling.Meanwhile, journalist and No campaigner John Waters has said that the Children’s Referendum would be a “breach of natural justice” following the ruling.Speaking on the same programme, Mr Waters said the Government had misappropriated public money in breach of the McKenna Judgment, and if there was a Yes vote, it would be “contaminated”.He added that in seeking to change the Constitution, the Government had behaved unconstitutionally.

Credit: rte news

     N E W S  F L A S H  # 86



From the President of:

Queenslanders for Safe Water, Air and Food Inc


     N E W S  F L A S H  #85

     The  Fraser Coast Regional Council

       voted to remove fluoride from the water supply.

The Fraser Coast Regional Council has voted 8-3

to stop adding fluoride to its water supply at its ordinary meeting in

Maryborough on Wednesday morning. [20 Feb.2013]

On 15 March 2008, under the Local Government (Reform Implementation) Act 2007 passed by the Parliament of Queensland on 10 August 2007, the City of Hervey Bay merged withthe City of MaryboroughShire of Woocoo and part of Tiaro to form the Fraser Coast Region.

Population over 200,0oo

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Councils in Queensland Which Have Removed Fluoride:

  • Tablelands 20 Dec. 2012

  • South Burnett 16 Jan. 2013

  • North Burnett Jan. 2013

    Cairns 30 Jan. 2013

    Cloncurry Shire Council 25 Feb. 2013

    Doomadgee Aboriginal Council Feb. 2013

  • Burdekin 12 Feb. 2013

  • Bundaberg 16 Feb. 2013

  • Fraser Coast 20 Feb. 2013 

    Queensland Towns that will be fluoride free – either  decided not to start, or decided to end    – decisions   commencing 1  Dec  2013 to 27 Feb  2013    
    Tablelands Regional Council  Dec 2012 Atherton, Mareeba, Kuranda , Malanda
    North Burnett Regional Council  Jan 2013 Biggenden, Eidsvold, Gayndah, Monto , Mt Perry Mundubbera
    South Burnett Regional Council  Jan 2013 Blackbutt, Kingaroy, Murgon, Nananago ,Wondai
    Doomadgee Aboriginal Council  Jan 2013 Doomadgee
    Cairns Regional Council              Jan 2013 Cairns , Mossman, Pt Douglas
    Bundaberg Regional Council      Feb 2013 Bundaberg , Bargara, Childers, Gin Gin
    Burdekin  Shire Council          12 Feb 2013 Ayr , Home Hill , Brandon
    Fraser Coast Regional Council   20 Feb 2013 Hervey Bay, Maryborough , Tiaro
    Cloncurry  Shire Council            25 Feb Cloncurry

    Fluoridation of the Gold Coast commenced on 5 November 1968,

  • and finished on 14 July 1979.

Read more:


  N E W S  F L A S H  # 84

Credit: Bite Magazine And Website

Tiny teeth in tatters  

Half of all six year olds have decayed teeth  

27  October 2011

    A new study at the University of Sydney

will try to find out what’s going wrong with their teeth.

The tiny teeth of Australian toddlers are rotting and dental researchers

at the University of Sydney are poised to start a long-term study to find out why.

            Our comment:  It looks like artificial water fluoridation is still not working.

  N E W S  F L A S H  # 83


            USA admits adding fluoride to water is

              damaging teeth and has been

                a big experiment


   Very Old – N E W S  F L A S H  # 82


Brisbane Courier Mail – 25/11/1996

LONDON: Secret research, hidden for 50 years, 

suggested fluoride could damage teeth and the 

central nervous system, the Sunday Telegraph  

reported.  It said research, declassified by the 

United States Government, showed that in 1945,

scientists had evidence that fluoride could cause 

confusion, drowsiness and listlessness.

Further research was ordered, but later cancelled,

the paper said.

   N E W S  F L A S H  # 81

Cairns to Halt Water Fluoridation

  • From: AAP 

  •  30 January  2013 12:51PM

THE Cairns council will remove fluoride from its drinking water,

saying it amounts to the “involuntary medication” of residents.

But Cairns Regional Council says it won’t be doing anything to

determine if there’s broad community support for fluoridation

to continue.

“If people want to have access to fluoride, they need to take that

up with their dentists,” a council spokeswoman told AAP on

Wednesday. “The decision has been made …

it shouldn’t be forced on people without consent.”

The Queensland government last year changed laws that had

required bigger communities to add fluoride to their water supplies.

That was despite warnings from the Australian Dental Association

that would cause major dental health problems.

The Cairns council said it based its decision on the policy of the

Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ).

It joins Tablelands Regional Council as one of the only

local government sin Queensland to exercise its new power

over fluoridation of drinking water.

The LGAQ said it supported the right of councils to decide if fluoride should be added to water and that the express consent of communities should be sought for processes such as fluoridation.

Asked about the Cairns council’s refusal to determine if community consent existed, LGAQ executive director Greg Hallam said: “That’s a matter for them. We’re not judge and jury.

“We’re not anti-fluoride and we don’t subscribe to a view that there’s any harm based on all the scientific studies around the world. Ours is a political and legal stance.”

Premier Campbell Newman said he personally supports fluoridation, but the issue was about restoring councils’ right to decide.

LNP MP Jason Woodforth last year said there was broad backbench support for the fluoride to be outlawed completely, telling the ABC it was a proven neurotoxin.

Cairns Mayor Bob Manning said the change would save the council a significant amount of money.

Mr Manning said the council also supported the LGAQ’s position that oral health was a state government responsibility and “as such any financial burden should remain with the state”.

Fluoridation currently cost the council about $300,000 in chemicals, staffing, testing, electricity and infrastructure, he said.

Fluoride will stop being added to the Cairns water

supply from the middle of next month.


 N E W S  F L A S H  # 80

Fluoride-free water could cost $100m

Matthew Killoran  12:01 am 24 January 2013

GOLD Coast Water director Paul Heaton has revealed making the city’s

water supply completely fluoride free would cost up to $100 million,

a figure which has “terrified” city officials.

Mr Heaton said building the necessary infrastructure to remove

the chemical would be the like putting another Tugun desalination plant at Beenleigh.

The daunting cost has swayed some councillors from considering

taking fluoride out of the water.

Fluoride was added to much of the state’s water supply four years ago,

but the Newman Government last month announced councils could determine

the future of fluoridation within their regions.

Some Gold Coast councillors backed removing fluoride from the water,

against advise of some of Australia’s top medical experts.

A Gold Coast City Council memo revealed in yesterday’s Bulletin showed it

would cost at least $10 million to cease fluoridating the city’s water.

But Mr Heaton said to keep the city completely fluoride free it would actually

cost ten times more.

The city’s water supply is part of the southeast Queensland water grid,

which pumps water between different cities depending on need.

Mr Heaton said it would cost about $10 million for the Gold Coast to cease

fluoridating its water, while keeping water pumped out of the city’s borders

injected with the substance.

But he said to build a system to take fluoride out of the water coming

to the Coast from other cities would cost up to $100 million.

 Your Say

“Michael of Sydney and the Gold Coast, read “The Case Against Fluoride” in which Drs Connett, Beck and Micklem debunk the so called science supporting fluoridation, citing all the evidence. It is you who have been gullible. Where is the proof that fluoride is safe and effective? Whenever we ask Qld Health to provide such studies they fail to do so.” Sonja Hardy

“If Gold Coast decided to cease the fluoridation the water we send north … we would have to build a fluoridation plant on the border to inject it in the water as it goes north,” Mr Heaton said.

“Most of the time the water goes north, but some times it comes south.

“We would have to treat the water as it comes back to take the fluoride out.

“Rather than $10 million, it would be between $50 million and $100 million.

“That would be like the Tugun desalination plant. It would have to be there

all the time and only work when water was coming back.”

The $1 billion Tugun desalination plant has been criticised for costing the

state $16 million a year, while only being used sporadically.

The council’s water committee boss Cr Paul Taylor said he had been undecided

on opting out of fluoride but the astronomical cost flagged by Mr Heaton

had helped him make up his mind.

“As far as I’m concerned it’s miles too much money,” he said.

“It’s a terrifying figure.

“I imagine when we start talking that sort of money (councillors against fluoride)

would have to reconsider.”

Burleigh councillor Greg Betts, one of the councillors opposed to fluoride

in the water, said he was not prepared to have it removed at “any cost”.

Editors Comment: It would not cost a cent if Brisbane stopped fluoridation.

Just refuse to pay for non-potable water… easy as saying no.

Fluoridated water is contaminated water, send them an invoice, or take them to court…Could costs seats at the next council elections!

N E W S  F L A S H  # 79

18 JANUARY  2013

Breaking News: Credit FAN [USA]

Eight more communities are fluoride-free!

On January 15th, the North Burnett Regional Council voted to end fluoridation for the Australian communities of Monto, Gayndah, and Mundubberra. This was followed by the South Burnett Regional Council also voting unanimously to end fluoridation on 16th January  for the towns of Blackbutt, Nanango, Kingaroy, Wondai, and Murgon. The decision will protect the health of residents and save approximately $200,000 annually. Hopefully more communities in the state of Queensland will follow suit since the fluoridation mandate has been repealed, giving municipalities and regional councils authority over the practice.

Fluoridation proponents in Queensland are not giving up though.  Just this week Queensland’s Chief Health Officer, Dr Jeanette Young, went before the Australian media to urge municipalities to remain fluoridated.  While doing so Dr. Young made some outrageous statements, calling fluoridation opponents “scare mongerers” and claiming that “there is no evidence to suggest that the amount of fluoride used has any detrimental health effects.”  Clearly neither Dr. Young nor her staff can read because the book The Case Against Fluoride has been available since 2010 and has over 80 pages of scientific references that offer an abundance of evidence of detrimental health effects.

 →  (Watch Dr. Young’s 30 second statement) ←  

The Quad Cities

This week Paul Connett (FAN’s director and the co-author of The Case Against Flouride) started his 2013 fluoridation tour in the Quad Cities of Iowa and Illinois. The Quad Cities consist of four cities that straddle the Mississippi river, two being located in Iowa (Davenport and Bettendorf) and two in Illinois (Rock Island and Moline).On January 14 Paul gave his first presentation at the public library in Bettendorf on the science underpinning both the ineffectiveness of fluoridation and its health dangers.

You can watch Paul’s full presentation on video here

The following day, on January 15, Paul gave a presentation at the public library in Moline on the “spin” that attempts to keep this outdated practice going. This presentation was intended to be a debate with any local pro-fluoride professional, but once again no promoters of fluoridation were willing to defend their position in public and on the record.In total, about 150 local residents attended the two Quad City presentations, which were organized by the local fluoride-free organization, Have the Debate. This well organized group is led by Todd McGreevy, the publisher of the local newspaper River Cities Reader (now on its 20th year of publication). It was one of the writers for this newspaper – Jeff Ignatius – who wrote one of the earliest (Dec 2010) and most enthusiastic reviews of The Case Against Fluoridation, authored by Connett, Beck and Micklem (Chelsea Green, 2010).Todd McGreevy also wrote a nice preview about fluoridation and Connett’s appearances in the Quad Cities that appeared in the same newspaper Jan 10-23.In Iowa the decision to fluoridate is made by individual cities but in Illinois there is a longstanding state mandate to fluoridate. Citizens are currently organizing to get this law rescinded, see their website Fluoride Free Illinois.Having whole states mandate fluoridation is even more anachronistic than the practice itself. When a community fluoridates it is doing to everyone what an individual doctor can do to no one – i.e. force an individual to take a medicine against their will. Very few states or countries in the world have taken on this arrogant power of forcing all its citizens to take a medicine without their informed consent. Those that do include Singapore, Ireland, several states in Australia, and 12 states in the US.Several weeks ago the new premier of Queensland lifted the state’s mandatory requirement much to the relief of many communities there that have fought fluoridation over many decades, including Bundaberg, North & South Burnett, and Rockhampton.  All of us at FAN are hoping that Queensland’s lifting the mandate will be the first of several others in 2013. Meanwhile, we have to continue ending fluoridation one open mind and one community at a time.Meanwhile, the leaders of the pro-fluoridation lobby continue to prefer mandatory fluoridation at the state level, and seek to avoid public votes and public debates.The following comments were taken from the notes accompanying a power point presentation to dentists in Japan in 2011 given by Dr. Michael Foley a dentist from Brisbane, Australia and vice-president of the Australian Dental Association.Ideally, a high level decision involving the whole country or prefecture is preferable to numerous debates in smaller towns and cities…In Australia, fluoridation is taught in all dental schools, and almost all dentists support its introduction…The anti-fluoride lobby prefers public referendums to decisions by governments, since scare tactics can be used to influence undecided and uninformed people. Try to avoid a referendum if possible, even if polls show a majority of people in favour of water fluoridation. A majority often disappears once the referendum starts. There’s also usually an obligation to fund both sides of a referendum argument equally. In Australia, most referendums fail because people tend to maintain the existing situation and vote against change. Referendums in Australia are only passed if all major political parties are in favour. Most major public health initiatives e.g. smoking legislation, speed limits, alcohol restrictions, vaccinations etc are made by governments and are not subject to referendums. Why should fluoridation be.Try to avoid debates in public or on radio or TV in which anti-fluoridationists also appear. Taking part in a debate with anti-fluoridationists gives them a respectability that they don’t deserve. Anti-fluoridationists are always keen to have a public debate since they rely on emotive language rather than science. Their arguments are usually simple, because they’re trying to convince the general public, not scientists. Most of their arguments are wrong, taken out of context, or out of date, but disproving anti-fluoridation claims takes considerably longer than making the claims in the first place, and some degree of doubt from the original claim will often still be left. Since these notes were taken, access to Foley’s power point has been restricted. This restriction may have been placed because an Australian citizen has called for an enquiry by the University of Queensland as to whether they support Foley’s views, since the logo and the name of the University of Queensland appears on every one of Foley’s slides, some of which contain some very derogatory comments on fluoridation opponents.We expect the pro-fluoride lobby to focus more of their time and strategy on state mandates since they have been losing battles at the local level (Wichita, Portland, and another 80 communities since 2010). At the state-level, fluoridationists can hire lobbyists, hold meetings with elected officials behind-closed-doors, stifle public debate, and gain support from elected officials with campaign contributions. We’ve seen this occur in a number of states, including California, Arkansas, and most recently New Jersey. So keep an eye on fluoride activity at your State House, and please report any suspicious legislation to FAN. We too will be spending more time at state capitols protecting the safety of our drinking water. Together we can keep new fluoridation mandates from being enacted (as we did in New Jersey last year), and work to repeal existing mandates (as we are doing in Illinois).

Dr. Connett Continues his Speaking Tour

Paul will be travelling to New Zealand and San Francisco in the coming months. Don’t miss out on these great opportunities to hear the foremost critic on fluoridation speak about this unsafe and outdated practice:

February 17–March 9: New Zealand

  • Paul will be speaking extensively throughout New Zealand. Particularly, he will be speaking in Whakatane and Hastings where they are having referenda later in the year, and Hamilton and Thames which are holding a community review of fluoridation with a view to stopping it.  Hastings is the first area in New Zealand to be fluoridated and Hamilton is the fourth largest city in the country, the 3rd largest fluoridated one. If both of these places stop, or even if one of these places stop, the practice of fluoridation will be in serious jeopardy. Paul’s last tour to NZ in 2011 was very successful.  Since then 2 towns and 1 city have stopped bringing the total number of councils that fluoridate down from 26 to 23 out of 67.”

  • Contact: Mary Byrne, FAN-NZ, <mbyrne64@yahoo.co.nz>

March 22-24: San Francisco, California

Sincerely,Stuart CooperFAN, Campaign Manager [USA]

   N E W S  F L A S H  # 78

Credit: wikipedia


On 29 November 2012 the Queensland Parliament

reversed the previous government’s mandate

requiring all public potable water supplies

serving more than 1000 people to add

fluoride to the water.

As a consequence of these changes local councils

in Queensland [now] have the choice to add fluoride to

drinking water supplies.

The previous government, under Queensland Premier Anna Bligh, announced on 5 December 2007 that the fluoridation of most of Queensland’s water supplies will begin in 2008.[27] When it was enacted the Water Fluoridation Act 2008 required the addition of fluoride to any water supply supplying potable water to at least 1000 members of the public, unless an exemption is granted based on safety or naturally occurring levels that meet the required levels.[28] Prior to this legislation Queensland was the only Australian state without a formal statewide program for the addition of fluoride to drinking water.The Water Fluoridation Regulation 2008 listed 134 drinking water supplies that were to be fluoridated by 31 December 2012.[29] Of the drinking water supplies listed in the Regulation, 32 comprised the SEQ Water Grid located in Southeast Queensland. The fluoridation of these supplies by the end of 2009 accounted for the largest increase in people currently receiving fluoridated water in Queensland (approximately 2.6 million people in 2006 or 68% of the Queensland population). Prior to the requirement to add fluoride in 2008 the towns of BiloelaDalbyGattonMareebaMoranbah, and Townsville/Thuringowa had been adding fluoride to their drinking water – some since 1972, though some of these towns stopped adding fluoride prior to the Water Fluoridation Act.[30] Before the current legislation the addition of fluoride to water supplies was regulated by the Fluoridation of Water Supplies Act 1963.[31]The fluoridation of drinking water supplies is regulated by Queensland Health,[32] with implementation supported by the former Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation[33]Several areas of Queensland, such as Julia CreekQuilpieThargomindah and Adavale are known to have naturally occurring fluoride present in their drinking water, a characteristic that has been studied since the late 1920s.[34][35]In 2009 an accident occurred at the North Pine treatment plant, and some homes received water having many times the recommened level of fluoride…

   N E W S  F L A S H  # 77

16 NOVEMBER 2012

Dear ‘Fluoridation Skeptics’,

On Thursday night a Durham, North Carolina ABC news affiliate, WTVD-11, aired a powerful and honest investigative news story on water fluoridation that correctly questioned the safety of the unnecessary chemical additive. Reporter Steve Daniels covered the story of local resident Corey Sturmer who has dental fluorosis and is now leading a campaign to remove fluoride from the Durham water supply. The report features interviews with Sturmer, local dentists, and Dr. Kathleen Thiessen (a member of the committee on Fluoride in Drinking Water for the National Research Council).

Watch “How Safe is Fluoride in Your Water?

Mr. Sturmer has already taken his fluoride education campaign to the streets, placing flyers around town and creating an informative website for his group, Durham Against Fluoride. He has also testified before the Durham County Board of Health, which has stated that they will now look into his concerns regarding fluoridation.

Please take a few minutes to watch and share this important news story. Share it with friends, family, colleagues, and especially local decision-makers (city councilors and state legislators). Also, if you live near Durham, NC please contact Durham Against Fluoride and join the campaign to end fluoridation while the momentum and media attention is building.

Please also take a moment to visit reporter Steve Daniels’ Facebook page to thank him for his great reporting, as he requested viewers to do at the end of the report. If he see’s that there is a large amount of interest in his story, the likelihood of follow-up stories will be greater.


Stuart Cooper

Campaign Manager

Fluoride Action Network

   N E W S  F L A S H  # 76  

Dear Members and Supporters


Queenslanders For Safe Water , Air and Food Inc.

1)   Wonderful news from USA –

Wichita and Portland

2)   Qld state govt MP Jason Woodforth

speaking out against water fluoridation  –

please vote on forced fluoridation poll

on his website

3)   Facebook – Fluoride Action Network

Australia  – please “ LIKE “

4)  Talkback radio a opportunity to voice

your opinion on fluoridation

5)   Fluoridation High Court challenge

filed in Israel

1)  Wonderful news from America – Wichita and Portland

If you haven’t signed up  to receive email  bulletins from FAN ( Fluoride Action Network  –  www fluoridealert.org  )  you may not know that there has been two recent lots of wonderful news from the USA .

On USA election day  a Referendum was held in Wichita on fluoridation after cashed up fluoridation advocates  forced  Wichita Council into either fluoridating, or having a public vote on fluoridation. Wichita is the 2nd largest non- fluoridated city in the US. Fortunately the council chose a public vote and on the 6th Nov  Wichita people voted fluoridation down by nearly 60%. This was tremendous victory considering the assets and media assistance that the pro – fluoridation side had at their disposal. It truly was a  David and Goliath battle and shows what can happen if people are given a voice.

In Portland, Oregon,  Portland City Commissioners decided that they were going to fluoridate Portland and the public would not have a say. Wonderful Portland folk were not going to take this lying down and within a month had collected 40,000 signatures to force a Public vote – this vote will occur in 2014 . Portland commissioners had  tried to speed up fluoridation commencement before a vote could occur, but were  not able to do this, particularly after it was revealed that they had secretly met with pro fluoridation advocates.  We wish Portland  safe water activists all the best for the 2104 referendum.

2)  Qld. State Govt. MP Jason Woodforth

Speaking out against water fluoridation—

Please vote on forced fluoridation poll on his website.

With great delight we recently learned that new Qld LNP MP Jason Woodforth – Member for Nudgee  has recently spoken out against water fluoridation, both in the Qld Parliament and on Greg Carey’s morning show on 4BC (7th Nov). We believe that MP Jason Woodforth may be speaking again in Parliament against fluoridation in the near future at greater length.  On the 1st November in Parliament Mr Woodforth concluded with The science on fluoride has been disregarded for opinion. I will not rest until this toxic chemical is taken out of our water. I stand for the health of Queenslanders. It is my  background. It is what I do. It is what I love. Yes, I am passionate about it. I am passionate about delivering good health to all Queenslanders”.

Mr Woodforth has invited people to participate in a one – click poll on his website www.jasonwoodforth.com.au   about forced fluoridation. You can also hear Jason on 4BC there too. We applaud Mr Woodforth for his integrity and hope to hear a lot more from him in the near future.

3)  Facebook: 

Fluoride Action Network Australia  –please “ LIKE “ 

If you are a FACEBOOK fan we invite you visit  Fluoride Action Network Australia   www.facebook.com/fanaustralia  and “ LIKE ”   We really all need to reach out and contact and connect as many people who are opposed to forced fluoridation as we can. In the USA and New Zealand public pressure is ending fluoridation in some communities, but only after enough public pressure. In Australia forced  fluoridation still rolls on relentlessly – we don’t have enough public pressure. Forced fluoridation will continue until 1) we have enough people to put pressure on MPs 2) there is enough media and MPs with enough integrity and intestinal fortitude to say that forced fluoridation is wrong

4)  Talkback radio:

An opportunity to voice your opinion on fluoridation.

Fluoridation has been the subject of discussion a few times lately on 4BC’s Morning Show (  Greg Cary -9am to midday ) If you can, we encourage you to phone in to the 4BC  talkback line on  13 13 32   (if calling from outside of Brisbane – 07 3908 8800)  or email  greg@4bc.com.au    or text  to  0427 13 13 32   Any time fluoridation is mentioned in the media – Media Monitors picks up and reports this back to the Qld Health Minister and other key MPs.

5)  Fluoridation High Court challenge filed  in Israel

On the 13th Nov a lawsuit against fluoridation was filed in Israel’s High Court. The main claims are:  the health ministry has no right to force fluoridation, only to determine the water quality but not to add more substances. They are doing a paternalist action with no authority. Fluoridation is done with toxic waste. Nobody checks what actually goes into the water,  trusting that everything ‘stands in the standard’, while the standard has no meaning. The lawsuit to stop fluoridation was filed by a new public health association and  claims relate to  the USA   2006 National Research Council  report “ Fluoride in Drinking Water ” . The lawsuit is based on the expert opinion of  a  former  Health Ministry worker for 30 years, Ehud Leshem, who was a district manager, responsible for building fluoridation installations trusting that the information received about fluoridation  was correct. Leshem says there is evidence for damage in the body and the Health Ministry must act according to the precautionary principle.   This is welcome news and we hope that it will be good news in the  coming year.

In Australia two fluoridation legal actions, one against Rous Water, Ballina and Lismore Councils , the other against Eurobodalla Council are continuing. We wish them all the very, very best for the next stages.

Best wishes from

Queenslanders For Safe Water, Air and Food Inc

Mob 0418 777 112     www.qawf.org

N E W S  F L A S H  # 75  ↓  29 Oct. 2012

Victories against fluoride becoming more frequent

as citizens get informed, empowered

Roughly 85,000 fewer people living in North America will be forced to drink and bathe in fluoridated water, thanks to four recent community victories preventing or overturning water fluoridation mandates…

 N E W S  F L A S H  # 74

2 Nov.2012

State Government Moves To Force

Fluoridation On Kuranda And Malanda

KURANDA and Malanda water supplies will be fluoridated

with the State Government moving to slam the door shut

on any other option,

Tablelands Regional Council Mayor Rosa Lee Long said yesterday.

The Mayor was speaking after council’s regular meeting today (Thursday, 1 November), at which it considered a report from officers on the impact of legislation introduced to Parliament on Wednesday night by the Newman LNP Government.“The existing legislation, the Water Fluoridation Act 2008, had created the situation where legally, council had no choice but to fluoridate,” Councillor Lee Long said.“There has been strong community opposition to this especially in Kuranda and Malanda and council has done everything in its power to honour that position.“There was, I believe, a clear expectation from Premier Newman and the Local Government Minister that community wishes would be respected. “In August the Premier was reported in the press as saying: ‘Certainly, we would not be removing it from any location where it exists already, but the idea of forcing certain communities right now to put it in and incur the cost, that is something I am more than happy to have a look at’. ;”However the new legislation will trample all over that. Instead of allowing these communities a choice, the State Government has tabled laws that, when adopted, will mean there is no option at all.”The new legislation, contained in the South East Queensland Water (Restructuring) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012, has been introduced to State Parliament and is expected to be debated within the next few weeks.“If passed, and Premier Newman has a massive majority in Parliament, Council will be left with absolutely no option and there will be very severe penalties if we do not obey,” Cr Lee Long said.“It is a shocking blow to two communities that have campaigned with passion and integrity on an issue important to them. I do not believe, on this issue, that the State Government has acted with equal integrity at all.“Kuranda and Malanda have the sympathy and understanding of council and I hope they understand that council will be left with no other choice.”Cr Lee Long said a report on the situation which council originally considered as confidential has been made public because of the importance of the issue.

   It is available →  here   (4.11MB)

“At this stage, I would urge anyone concerned about the issue to get in touch with their State Member of Parliament, the Premier and the Health Minister,” she said.“For Kuranda, that is Michael Trout, a member of the LNP government. His office can be emailed on Barron.River@parliament.qld.gov.au or by calling 4038 2800.“For Malanda, that is Shane Knuth of the KAP. His office can be emailed on Dalrymple@parliament.qld.gov.au or by calling 4091 5861.“Premier Newman can be emailed at thepremier@premiers.qld.gov.au or by calling 3224 4500.“Health Minister Lawrence Springborg can be emailed at Health@ministerial.qld.gov.au or called on 3229 0444.”The committee now considering the legislation can be emailed at: SDIIC@parliament.qld.gov.au or visited at www.parliament.qld.gov.au/SDIIC

Editors Comment:

Bottled water is delivered to Queensland Parliament!

More names for our  ‘Rogues Gallery’


 N E W S  F L A S H  # 73

Royal Society’s Chief Called to

Resign over Fluoridation Debacle

Tuesday, 16 October 2012, 4:59 pm

Press Release: NZ Fluoridation Information Service


Wellington 11 October 2012

Contrary to the claims that the Royal Society’s call for scientific information on fluoridation “did not elicit any new information indicating that a further review would be of value at present” the Society received almost 1000 pages of fully referenced scientific information showing fluoridation to be a significant health risk, as well as being ineffective at reducing tooth decay.

This information included many of the IQ studies recently reviewed under the umbrella of the Harvard School of Public Health, by world-leading scientists in the field of developmental neurotoxicology. The review was published in the leading journal Environmental Health Perspectives, and its findings directly contradict the recent statement by Professor Skegg.

Professor Skegg’s statement is simply a “complete fabrication”, according to Mark Atkin, CE of the NZ Fluoridation Information Service, who continues “It suggests the real reason the plug was pulled on the Royal Society’s review. The Society could not have maintained scientific integrity unless it recommended fluoridation be stopped, given the extensive scientific information we supplied. This would have directly conflicted with Professor Skegg’s blind support of public health’s entrenched fluoridation policy. Professor Skegg’s statement is simply propaganda – a betrayal of science and the statutory role of the Royal Society. Having put propaganda and personal beliefs above scientific integrity, he should resign immediately before he further damages the credibility of the Royal Society.”

The claim of “extensive research over many decades indicating fluoridation is [safe and effective]” has been fully discredited by the York Review 2000 and the US National Research Council Review 2006. “Any scientist with any knowledge of the fluoridation issue would know this. There is a saying: ‘when a scientist abuses his position in society of trust and authority to mislead the public, he does not become a dishonest scientist – he simply ceases to be a scientist. This blind repetition of propaganda shows that Professor Skegg has ceased to be a scientist”, concludes Mr Atkin.


The NZ Fluoridation Information Service was established in early 2011 to provide accurate and reliable information on fluoridation, in the face of the creation by the Ministry of Health of its lobby group the National Water Fluoridation Support and Co-ordination Service, misrepresenting itself as an objective information service, and the increasing levels of misinformation and propaganda issuing from the Ministry of Health, District Health boards, and the NZ Dental Association.

 N E W S  F L A S H  # 72

23 OCTOBER 2012

We have a lot of good news in this FAN bulletin, including four new

community victories to report, updates from Portland and New York

City, along with news of more communities that have upcoming

votes on fluoridation.

4 More Victories

There are several more communities to add to our list of over 70 that have voted to end fluoridation since 2010:

  •  O’Fallon, Missouri—Missouri’s 7th largest town (pop. 80,000) recently ended fluoridation after a citizen activist informed city employees about the dangers of water fluoridation. The City Administrator did his own research and signed off on the discontinuation of the practice. In the town’s 2012 Budget, the city administrators speak highly of the change, saying “one such improvement is the elimination of the addition of fluoride to the potable water supplied by the Water Treatment Plant (WTP), this change in treatment    has saved the City $18,000 annually and reduced the hazard for the operators in that they do not have to handle the dangerous chemical on a regular basis.” 

  • Rosetown, Saskatchewan—The Canadian community of 2,300 has ended their fluoridation program after the fluoride feed-pump broke, likely due to corrosion. The community doesn’t plan on continuing fluoridation in the  future.    

  •  Lake view, Iowa—The town of 1,300 people will no longer have the additive in their drinking water after the city council voted to discontinue fluoridation due to the practice’s high cost and lack of positive economic benefit. You can hear the City Administrator interviewed about the decision here

  •  Cassadaga, NY—Citizen opposition to a plan by Village Board members to fluoridate the drinking water was raised at weekly village board meetings after the village built a fluoridation feed shed. The opposition led to board  members polling the town’s citizens on whether to fluoridate or reject the practice. 78% of water customers opposed fluoridation and 18% supported it. The Board members then voted 4-1 to officially reject the practice for the town’s approximately 600 residents. The neighboring community of Lily Dale, NY is on the same drinking water system, so the decision will also impact its 275 citizens and the town’s approximately 22,000 registered annual visitors.

Portland Update

The Portland city staff are still counting and verifying petition signatures for a fluoridation referendum, but it’s very likely that Clean Water Portland and their campaigners will get the question on the ballot after they submitted more than 43,000 signatures (19,858 were required) a day before the deadline. Campaigners put together this incredibly inspiring video of the submission of their petitions to the City.

Once the signatures are verified, the city will determine when the vote will take place. Most have said that the earliest it could occur is March of 2014, but this is still before fluoridation would begin. Between now and the vote, Clean Water Portland will be using their amazing organizing skills to educate the city’s population about the risks and hazards associated with fluoridation. If you want to participate in this historic campaign, please contact FAN’s Oregon Point Person, Kim Kaminski.

In case the successful referendum campaign to overturn their fluoridation vote wasn’t enough embarrassment for the City Council to deal with, local media outlets are reporting that the councilors who met with pro-fluoride lobbyists didn’t disclose that these meetings occurred, which is necessary by law. Are Portland officials trying to hide this information, or did they just conveniently forget?

NYC Council member Vallone Introduces Infant Warning

New York City Council member Peter Vallone, Jr. has introduced a resolution calling for infant fluoride warnings on the city’s water bills. This comes on the heels of the city of Milwaukee and the State of New Hampshire both passing laws requiring infant fluoride warnings for water customers.

While Vallone is still pursuing a full prohibition on fluoride in NYC drinking water, he believes that an infant warning will gain more support initially and will help protect infants until fluoridation comes to an end. If you would like to get involved in NYC, please contact FAN’s NY Point Person.

Two More Communities Voting in Florida

The fight for fluoride-free water is heating up in the State of Florida. Two more communities will be putting the continuation of existing fluoridation programs to a vote, and County Commissioner candidates in Pinellas County are taking sides on the issue. 

The Board of Directors of the Greater Pine Island Water Association decided to hold a vote on fluoridation after citizens continued to raise concerns about the additive. The fluoride-free effort was led by members of Citizens for Safe Water, who spoke at regular board meetings and organized a letter to the editor campaign in local paper. Ballots will be mailed to all of the Water Association’s members.

The Ormond Beach City Commission has voted to approve a fluoridation referendum to voters can decide for the first time since 1957 whether the water should continue to be fluoridated. Concerns over the safety of fluoridation were brought to the council’s attention after a citizen wrote to the city’s fluoridation-chemical provider seeking information showing compliance with state drinking water laws. When the chemical manufacturer did not reply back, the citizen alerted the City Commission, which responded with the referendum approval. 


Stuart Cooper

Campaign Manager

Fluoride Action Network

 N E W S  F L A S H  # 71

N E W S  F L A S H  # 70

SEPTEMBER 24, 2012

Three more communities have voted to end fluoridation this year, increasing the number of fluoride-free citizens by another 5,000 people. All three towns are in Indiana–the Hoosier State—including the towns of Walkerton, North Liberty, and Lakeville. Walkerton was the first to vote the toxic chemical out of their water, and they did so because of the health concerns associated with overexposure to fluoride; a problem that now affects more than 41% of America’s adolescents. North Liberty ended fluoridation also due to concerns over health issues, but primarily because they border Walkerton and had purchased fluoridation chemicals in bulk along with Walkerton. When Walkerton ended fluoridation, the cost of chemicals was too high for North Liberty to purchase on their own.   Separately, Lakeville councilors voted to end the practice solely due to the increasing cost of fluoridation chemicals.


Earlier this summer we reported the story that the pro-fluoride lobbyhad forced the Wichita City Council to take up the fluoridation issue. Wichita is one of the largest cities in the U.S. that has remained fluoride-free, primarily because the citizens have voted to keep it that way on several occasions. However, with the pro-fluoride lobby (ADA, PEW, Delta Dental) having hundreds of millions of dollars to burn through and absolutely no care or concern for the public will, they were able to bring the issue before the city council after having collected the 11,000 petition signatures necessary to get the issue before the council and on the ballot. Rather than vote to approve fluoridation unilaterally, the council placed the question on the November ballot.

There are now several organized groups in Kansas working to educate the public prior to this November fluoridation vote. There isFluoride Free KansasPure Water Wichita (Facebook), and Wichitans Opposed to Fluoridation. Kansas residents can also contact FAN’s local point person: DeAnna Havens. We urge you to get involved no matter where you live in Kansas, because if Wichita falls to the pro-fluoride lobby, there is no telling how many other communities may follow their lead.

The group Pure Water Wichita has invited the pro-fluoride lobby to a televised debate prior to the November election. It appears that the pro-fluoride folks have yet to officially respond with a challenger, so fluoride-free advocates have asked for members of the public to join in on the debate.

We will keep you informed on what is going on in Wichita, and will share video of the debate as soon as it is made public. Stay tuned and get involved if you live nearby!


Dr. Paul Connett went to Portland last week to support the movement to keep the city fluoride-free.  Jim Lockhart of the Comcast cable access show “A Growing Concern” filmed Dr. Connett’s presentation,which included a full PowerPoint breakdown of the issue.  The evening opened with words by Clean Water Portland Executive Director and FAN Point Person Kim Kaminski. Please watch and share this presentation with fluoride-free advocates around the world, as it’s a powerful and compelling argument against this unhealthy and unethical practice.

Portland residents are continuing their efforts to collect the nearly 20,000 signatures necessary to overturn the Portland Council’s vote for fluoridation. If you live in or near Portland, Oregon and would like to help this unprecedented campaign, please contact Clean Water Portland, attend their signature education meetings, or visit their website and download the official petition forms. Remember, you must use an official petition form, the signers must be registered voters and Portland residents.

We can only succeed with lots of help from as many of you as possible, so even if you don’t live in Portland, please spread the word about the campaign, and please urge anyone you know living near Portland to get involved immediately.


Earlier this summer–only weeks after Albuquerque ended fluoridation–the city council in Santa Fe, New Mexico (population 70,000) voted almost unanimously to end the fluoridation of their drinking water. Unfortunately, councilors didn’t use the appropriate legislative process, or hold a public hearing with the appropriate amount of public notification prior to their vote, resulting in the continuation of their fluoridation program. Over the past two months, councilors have beentrying to decide whether to bring the fluoridation issue to a public vote or to pass a resolution ending fluoridation after several years of oral health education.

Now it appears like the council will simply go ahead with another resolution to quickly end fluoridation once and for all with a council vote. With almost all councilors opposed to fluoridation due to the health risks, overexposure, and costs, they decided to reintroduce asecond prohibition resolution which they plan on voting on in late October.

If you are a New Mexico resident, or a medical or scientific professional, please contact the city council and urge them to continue their support for clean, fluoride-free water.



The Huffington Post held an online fluoridation debate featuring FAN’s own Michael Connett. You can watch the discussion in its entirety here.

-Dr. William Hirzy was interviewed by CBS regarding his testimony in Phoenix, Arizona. Unfortunately, the City Council subcommittee voted to keep fluoride in the water, but efforts are being made to bring the issue to the full committee and even to the State House.

-FAN now has a Linkedin account. Please connect with us on this great social media tool.


Stuart Cooper, Campaign Manager


N E W S  F L A S H  # 69

   Beginning of the end? We can only hope.

N E W S  F L A S H  # 68

 Does Fluoride In Drinking Water Hurt Your Brain?


Published 22 August 2012


  • faucet_water_AP.jpg

Back in 2011, the EPA reversed course and lowered the recommended maximum amount of fluoride in drinking water due to data that the levels then being allowed put kids at risk of dental fluorosis–streaking and pitting of teeth due to excessive fluoride, which also puts tooth enamel at risk.

This conclusion was a discordant note amidst all the accolades fluoride had won, starting with the discovery during the 1940s that people who lived near water supplies containing naturally occurring fluoride had fewer cavities in their teeth.   A massive push ensued, with government and industry encouraging cities and towns to add fluoride to water supplies.  

Related: Dental health linked to dementia risk

Now, questions about the impact of fluoride on mental health are growing and can no longer be ignored.

A recently published Harvard study showed that children living in areas with highly fluoridated water have “significantly lower” IQ scores than those living in areas where the water has low fluoride levels.  In fact, the study analyzed the results of 27 prior investigations and found the following, among other conclusions:

 Fluoride may be a developmental neurotoxicant that affects brain development (in children) at exposures much below those that cause toxicity in adults.

 Rats exposed to (relatively low) fluoride concentrations in water showed cellular changes in the brain and increased levels of aluminum in brain tissue.

Other research studies in animals link fluoride intake to the development of beta-amyloid plaques (the classic finding in the brains of patients with Alzheimer’s dementia).

And research on fluoride also has implicated it in changing the structure of the brains of fetuses, negatively impacting the behavioral/neurological assessment scores of newborns and, in animal studies, impairing memory.

This information is very important, from a psychiatric standpoint, because we have witnessed rising rates of attention deficit disorder, major depression, dementia and many other psychiatric illnesses since the 1940s, and because the United States (which fluoridates a much higher percentage of its drinking water than most countries, including European nations) has some of the highest rates of mental disorders in the world–by a wide margin.

It is not clear, of course, that fluoride is responsible wholly, or even in small measure, for these facts, but the connection is an intriguing one, especially in light of the new Harvard study.

Given the available data, I would recommend that children with learning disorders, attention deficit disorder, depression, attention-deficit disorder or other psychiatric illnesses refrain from drinking fluoridated water, and consult a dentist about the most effective way of delivering sufficient fluoride to the teeth directly, while minimizing absorption by the body as a whole–and the brain, specifically.

Dr. Keith Ablow is a psychiatrist and member of the Fox News Medical A-Team.

Dr. Ablow can be reached at info@keithablow.com.

N E W S  F L A S H  # 67 

TEFLON:  today 

US researchers have identified a link between chemicals

found in non-stick cookware and heart disease.


N E W S  F L A S H  # 66

Photo: QLD Premier Campbell Newman (Chris Ison)

FLUORIDE will not be forced on the region’s outlying communities in a move that could prevent millions of dollars being wasted on water no one drinks.

Two years ago, Toowoomba Regional Council started adding fluoride to Toowoomba’s water supply under a compulsory State Government scheme.

Council was in the process of planning how it would do the same to water supplies in Clifton, Wyreema, Crows Nest, Highfields, Pittsworth and Brookstead.

That was expected to cost $3.1 million upfront and millions of dollars over its lifetime in terms of ongoing operational costs.

But Premier Campbell Newman has scrapped the compulsory scheme, announcing communities could now decide for themselves whether they wanted their water fluoridated.

“Certainly, we would not be removing it from any location where it exists already, but the idea of forcing certain communities right now to put it in and incur the cost, that is something I am more than happy to have a look at,” Mr Newman said.

“What the former premier Anna Bligh did was, as usual, impose costs on ratepayers through local communities.

“It is very expensive infrastructure and there are ongoing operating costs, and particularly if the communities were against it.”

Clifton and District Progress Association president Maryann Bifdee said it would not have made sense to fluoridate the town’s water as most residents did not drink it.

“The majority of town drink tank water because the town water is bore water,” Mrs Bifdee said.

“It would have been a waste.”

Water and Waste Projects spokeswoman Cr Nancy Sommerfield said council had been preparing to take the project to the market.

“This can now go on hold,” she said.

Cr Sommerfield said council would now go to district communities to ask residents if they wanted fluoride in their drinking supplies.

“Council can now confidently engage our communities and hear their voices in this discussion, so that we can arrive at an outcome that is the best fit for residents,” she said.

N E W S  F L A S H  #65



 N E W S  F L A S H  #64

Bone Cancer Fluoride Study

Opens the Door to Lawsuits

Five years after being promised to disprove the link between fluoride and

osteosarcoma bone cancer, the promised study has finally been published,

failing in its promise, as predicted by international fluoride experts.

The study only looked at bone-fluoride level at the time of osteosarcoma, which is irrelevant to age-related exposure effect shown in the earlier research it was supposed to disprove. It just shows total lifetime exposure to fluoride; not whether it occurred during the critical 6-8 year old period, shown by the earlier research.

“Fluoridation promoters have been relying on this failed promise ever since 2006, to defend continued fluoridation in spite of the risk. What will they rely on now?” asks Mary Byrne, National Coordinator of Fluoride Action Network. “Why, spinning Douglass’ study as if it were valid of course. They have already started – what else can they do? If they admit Douglass failed, they must admit that fluoridation should end immediately” answers Ms Byrne.

Osteosarcoma kills between 3 and 4 NZ male youths each year. Legal action against councils and fluoridation promoters began being prepared in the USA as soon as Bassin’s 2001 study was discovered in 2006, having been suppressed for four years. “Publication of Douglass’ failed study now opens the doorway for such action” suggests Mark Atkin, FANNZ’ legal adviser.

“Now that Douglass’ study is finally published, it is clearly incapable of refuting Bassin’s work” according to FAN director, Dr Paul Connett, Ph.D. “Bassin’s study was a high quality product; Douglass’ study was not” he concludes. “And it was only published in a dental journal, published by fluoridation promoters The International Association of Dental Research – why not in Cancer Causes and Control like his original promise, and Bassin’s study? Would it not have passed objective peer-review?” adds Ms Byrne.

N E W S  F L A S H  #63 

Credit: NaturalNews

The next time somebody tries to tell you that there is no

scientific evidence proving that fluoride chemicals are

harmful to human health, simply point them to a

new study review recently published in the

Institute of Environmental Health Sciences journal

Environmental Health Perspectives that shows,

for something like the 25th time now, that

fluoride damages brain development and leads to

significantly lower IQ levels in humans.

Researchers from both Harvard University‘s School of Public health and China Medical University in Shenyang jointly studied the effects of fluoride on children by evaluating 27 different fluoride studies. Upon review, the team found “strong indications” that fluoride exposure, particularly among developing children, is highly problematic for proper cognitive development and brain formation.

Children living in areas where public water supplies are artificially fluoridated had far lower IQ levels overall, based on the figures, compared to children living in non-fluoridated areas. And after accounting for other outside factors that may have influenced cognitive health and development, the team essentially determined that there is no denying a link between fluoride exposure and damaged IQ.

“[O]ur results support the possibility of adverse effects of fluoride exposures on children’s neurodevelopment,” wrote Anna Choi, a research scientist at Harvard, and her colleagues in their report. “Fluoride readily crosses the placenta. Fluoride exposure to the developing brain, which is much more susceptible to injury caused by toxicants than is the mature brain, may possibly lead to damage of a permanent nature.”

Another study published in the same journal back in 2010 found a similar correlation between fluoride exposure and cognitive development. A comparison of children between the ages of eight and 13 living in two Chinese villages, one fluoridated [natural] and one not fluoridated, revealed a 350 percent higher IQ level overall in the non-fluoridated village compared to the fluoridated village. (http://www.naturalnews.com/030819_fluoride_brain_damage.html)

And again in India, researchers observed that fluoride chemicals cross the blood-brain barrier in children and “alter the structure and function of neural tissue.” Published in the Journal of Medical and Allied Sciences, that particular study laid bare how pervasive fluoride actually is, in that the chemical deposits itself throughout the body and builds up over time, including in the brain. (http://www.naturalnews.com)

“It’s senseless to keep subjecting our children to this ongoing fluoridation experiment to satisfy the political agenda of special interest groups,” says Paul Beeber, an attorney and president of the New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation (NYSCOF). “Even if fluoridation reduced cavities, is tooth health more important than brain health? It’s time to put politics aside and stop artificial fluoridation everywhere.”

Sources for this article include:



Learn more:


N E W S  F L A S H  #62

Media Release: 

The Obscene Costs of Fluoridating

Queensland Towns Revealed

Premier Newman,  Qld MPs, Councillors, Media reps, Members and Supporters

the obscene costs of fluoridating Qld towns is brought to your attention.

Documents, newly released under Right to Information legislation shows

 the costs of fluoridation to be extreme ( see the table and attached RTI docs )

Whether paying over half a million dollars  to put fluoride in  a water 

treatment plant that serves 1000 people, or over  

$29 million dollars to  fluoridate the drinking water of  612,000 people, 

the costs are ridiculous.

Water Treatment PlantCouncil administering Qld govt approved funding(rounded nearest $10,000) Population served(rounded nearest 10)
Yarwun ( near Gladstone ) $530,000 1,000 people
Frenchman’s Ck ( near Cairns ) $630,000 1,500 people
Annan River ( Cooktown ) $520,000 2,000 people
Whyanbeel ( near Cairns ) $630,000 2,270 people
Mt Morgan $530,000 3,000 people
Marwood Bore Northern Beaches Sarina $640,000 3,700 people
Mt Blarney ( Sarina ) $680,000 3,960 people
Northern WTP ( Townsville ) $420,000 12,200 people
Mossman $800,000 16,100 people
Woodbury ( Rockhampton Regional Council ) $800,000 23,430 people
Gladstone $1,000,000 42,000 people
Nebo Rd ( Mackay ) $1,330,000 81,660 people
Glenmore ( Rockhampton Reg Council ) $1,340,000 96,730 people
Mt Kynoch ( Towoomba )Only part of ToowoombaIs to be fluoridated $1,245,000 110,000  people ( up to )(part of Toowoombawill not be fluoridated)
Tunnel Hill ( Cairns ) $1,350,000 150,000 people
SEQ WaterSTAGE 2  (Parcels 1 and 2 ) $29.5 million 612,000 people

Anna Bligh’s grand idea to fluoridate the  drinking water

of 4 million people was breathtaking in its arrogance

and it’s financial folly. 

No wonder Queensland is broke!

What is still  to come are the costs for the remaining councils

and water authorities that are required to fluoridate under

Bligh’s legislation by end Dec 2012.

The CEO of Mount Isa Water Board has confirmed the

Board  asked Qld Treasury to set aside up to $ 1.7 million to

fluoridate Mt  Isa (approx  22,000 residents )

Bundaberg Council had estimated between

7 and 10 million dollars to fluoridate by end  2012.

The significant fluoridation costs yet to come and to be counted  are the ongoing recurrent costs that all councils and their  ratepayers will be burdened with every year.

Bundaberg has estimated their annual recurrent costs at

a million dollars.

Fluoridation is not only extremely expensive to implement, it is extremely wasteful.

Less than 1% of fluoridated water is drunk, 99% goes down the drain.

Water fluoridation is in-effective at reducing tooth decay.

Americas largest ever  children’s dental  survey (1) although used to promote fluoridation, found  for children (aged 5 – 17 years) who lived all their lives in fluoridated or non-fluoridated communities  that there was an average difference of only  0.6 tooth surfaces ( out of the 128 tooth surfaces in a child’s mouth ) i.e. this is less than 1% of the tooth surfaces.

The 1996 Townsville vs Brisbane paper (2) that Bligh’s forced fluoridation programme is based on, showed that  Townsville children at  age 12  had an average of 0.86 less decayed tooth surfaces than did Brisbane 12 year olds ( out of 128 tooth surfaces )

The 2000, 2001, and 2002 Queensland Child Dental Health Surveys however  showed that Townsville’s 12 year olds had more tooth decay  than the Gold Coast, North Brisbane and several other unfluoridated Qld Health Districts.

A 2004  study in South Australia (3) found “no significant difference” when looking at decay in the permanent teeth of 10 to 15 year olds, regardless if they had drunk non fluoridated water (tank or bottled) all of their lives, or fluoridated water all of their lives.

Data from the 2004-2006 National Adult Oral Health Survey showed that adults from the heavily fluoridated Australian states had no less tooth decay than did Queensland adults before fluoridation.

Fluoridation is expensive, wasteful, ineffective and also has the potential to cause harm to vulnerable sub groups of the population.

Continuing Bligh’s fluoridation programme is throwing good money after bad. The good news is that it would not cost a cent to turn the fluoride injector taps off.

We call for Premier Newman to place a Moratorium on fluoridation –  Premier Newman please do not fluoridate any more areas of Qld.

Premier Newman please then do an full and proper review of fluoridation and end this practice of  wasteful and expensive, unethical forced mass medication.

Queenslanders For Safe Water Air and Food Inc. 

 in conjunction with Fluoride Action Network Australia Inc.

E  info@qawf.org   W  www.qawf.org   M  04 1877  7112

NOTE ** The Right to Information request DEEDI RTI # IA000822  picked up ONLY  the fluoridated  councils that had submitted their Project Closeout reports by the end of April 2012 –  there are MANY more Qld councils still to submit.

(1) J.A. Brunelle and J.P. Carlos, Recent Trends in Dental Caries in U.S. Children and the Effect of 

Water Fluoridation. Journal of Dental Research February 1990

 (Volume 69, Special Issue, Pages 723-727)

(2)  Slade G and Spencer AJ “Caries experience among children in fluoridated 

Townsville and unfluoridated Brisbane”

Aust N Z J Public Health 1996;20;623-9

(3)  Armfield, J. M. and Spencer, A. J. (2004), Consumption of non-public water:

implications for children’s caries experience. Community Dentistry and 

Oral Epidemiology, 32: 283–296.

N E W S  F L A S H  #61



Two and a half months after the city council in Albuquerque, New Mexico ended the artificial fluoridation of their drinking water for approximately 500,000 residents, the city council in neighboring Santa Fe followed suit.  Just last week, councilors voted 6-1 to end fluoridation for the city’s nearly 70,000 residents.  The city has been fluoridating its drinking water for almost 60 years, but councilors concluded that it was an outdated practice, a waste of money, and according to the Mayor:

“If we don’t think the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] is a credible scientific organization, then I guess we don’t,” he said. “They say this is a safe level of fluoride and we believe this is just not true.”

Unfortunately, even after fluoridation in Santa Fe was defeated with almost unanimous support from local officials, the local media and local dentists (along with the sole supporting councilor), are questioning the vote and calling for a new one.

  • If you live in New Mexico, please take a moment to thank Santa Fe City Councilors for taking action against fluoridation.

There was also a big victory in Canada this week, which has heartened fluoridation fighters throughout Ontario and the rest of Canada!  On Monday the City Council in Orillia, Ontario voted 7-2 not to fluoridate a city of over 30,000.  The local district health unit and the city staff recommended Orillia fluoridate its water, but councilors sided with citizens and decided to “err on the side of caution” by not adding the toxic chemical to their drinking water.  According to Councilor Andrew Hill:

“[Fluoridation] really takes away freedom of choice.  The majority of people I’ve talked to in my ward do not want it.”

Local campaigners Orillia Citizens Against Fluoridation worked diligently to prevent the practice from being imposed upon them.  They offer a good example of what a dedicated group of citizens can accomplish if they take the time to organize a campaign and communicate the risks of fluoridation to local decision makers.  Congratulations Orillia!

N E W S  F L A S H  #60

Seaweed toothpaste stops tooth decay,

say UK researchers

By Alexandra Christopoulos

14 Jul 2012 –

The findings, made by the school of dental sciences at Newcastle University, suggests that the enzymes, which are extracted from seaweed microbes, can bolster your traditional oral care routine because the oceanic enzymes protected areas between the teeth where plaque may continue to build up even after brushing. New castleton – Brushing your teeth with a toothpaste made from seaweed enzymes may provide you with better protection from cavities, a team of U.K. researchers has claimed.

“Traditional toothpastes work by scrubbing off the plaque containing the bacteria – but that’s not always effective – which is why people who religiously clean their teeth can still develop cavities,” says Dr Nick Jakubovics, of the university’s school of dental sciences.

“We found this enzyme can remove some of these undesirable bacteria from plaque.” Plaque is made up from lots of decaying bacteria. When those cells die, Dr Jakubovics explained, their DNA leaks out to form a biofilm that sticks to teeth. Dental research into seaweed enzyme producing microbes focuses on taking out the need to eliminate plaque entirely. More research is needed before the findings are incorporated into a line of new oral care products.

Read more:


N E W S  F L A S H  #59                 

‘Keep 32 [teeth] molecule’ discovered,

— kills the bacteria that causes tooth decay.  July 2012

This science alert courtesy of

Queenslanders For Safe Water, Air and Food Inc.  


N E W S  F L A S H  #58

Peoples Mandate to Halt Fluoridation

Across The: 


Dear Mayor,

Rosa Lee Long, TRC Council CEO Ian Church,

State Representatives Michael Trout, Shane Knuth,

TRC Council representatives,all local Media contacts

and members of our Tablelands community.

Please accept this letter of support and invitation on behalf of 40 plus community groups, including more than 1,000 families and 70 farms.

We wholeheartedly support both local and state government’s determination to make fluoridation of our domestic water service a local matter again. This is as it should be. Informed consent has long been a standard in all health related policies, regulations, charters and legislation across Australia.

We invite you to participate in two substantial demonstrations of our support for local and state government deliberations.

 The first public demonstration of our support will take place in 3 Tablelands communities this next Sunday, 1 July, at 2:00pm in Malanda, Yungaburra and Kuranda. Our demonstration will be in the form of a Drumming Circle, at each of these locations. All community members and especially our Councilors and members of State Parliament are most welcome to join in our friendly and beautiful demonstration of support.

 Our second public demonstration of support for local and state governments will take place over the coming months. And we urge our government representatives to get involved and become knowledgeable of our rights and obligations under Australian law concerning the matter of water supply fluoridation. As citizens it is our legal duty to keep our government representatives informed as to our will, on any matter that comes before Parliament or should come before Parliament. In this regard, we are asking all community members to inform our representatives via the use of clear and unambiguous signed individual Mandates. 

 Irrespective of any local or state government representative’s personal view, with respect to fluoridation of our water, we urge consideration of support for our rights and obligations under Australian law. The deliberative and participatory process of informing Parliament via Citizen Initiated Mandates is informative and liberating for both the governors and governed.

In this instance, a sufficient number of properly constructed and signed Mandates will enable our government to place a moratorium on fluoridation, with the clear knowledge that it is the Will of the People it represents.

 Further to this matter, we urge our local government representatives to enact a Transition Enabling Act. Such an Act will encourage and enable community across the Tablelands to participate, engage and support Council in responding to our region’s many environmental and fiscal challenges. 

We thank you for sharing and forwarding this First Notice email with your networks and colleagues so that response can quickly follow.

In faith and trust...

N E W S  F L A S H  #57

Warning to Mothers:

On 4 th August  2012, the state of New Hampshire

will become the first state to require fluoridating

communities to warn their citizens about the fluorosis risk

the additive poses to infants.

This past week, Governor John Lynch signed HB1416,

 ”an act relative to a required fluoride statement.”

The law will require the following notice on all consumer

confidence reports, which must be mailed to all water consumers,

be posted online, and available at city halls:

“Your public water supply is fluoridated. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, if your child under the age of 6 months is exclusively consuming infant formula reconstituted with fluoridated water, there may be an increased chance of dental fluorosis. Consult your child’s health care provider for more information.”

This new law is a proactive approach to reducing NH fluorosis rates by notifying parents about the risk posed to their infants by fluoridated water.  Not only should the law cause more parents to take preventative action by reducing infant fluoride exposure, but it should also inspire them to question why this toxic substance is in their tap water in the first place if it isn’t safe for infant consumption.  This marks a point when the State of New Hampshire has officially recognized  that fluoridated water poses a risk to NH infants; a risk backed up by countless studies and a growing fluorosis epidemic that afflicts 41% of U.S. adolescents.

The legislation was opposed by more than a dozen groups, including the NH Dental Association, the NH Oral Health Coalition, Delta Dental, the American Water Works Association, the Municipal Association, and the NH Department of Health and Human Services.  Even with this strong opposition from the well-financed dental lobby, the bill was still passed by the NH House by a vote of 253-23, and passed unanimously by the NH Senate.

HB-1416 was also signed quickly by Governor John Lynch,

rather than being approved without his signature,

showing his strong support for this action.

       Credit:  Fluoride Action Network

N E W S  F L A S H  #56

13 June, 2012   11:09 AM  AEST

Fluoride Challenger Faces Bankruptcy

By Bruce MacKenzie

The man who launched legal action in a bid to stop Rous Water’s fluoridation plans says he’s not bothered by the prospect of bankruptcy.

The Land and Environment Court has ordered Al Oshlack to pay 75 per cent of Rous Water’s legal costs, which could amount to several hundred thousand dollars.

But he says he will appeal against that decision.

Mr Oshlack says he’s not worried about increasing legal costs.

“Rous Water have got a costs order, you know they have to proceed to get the costs,” he said.

“They’ve got to go to the local court to get an order for the court, then if I can’t pay it they have to get a creditor’s decision to see whether they could bankrupt me or whether they have to appoint a trustee to my estate so I have to pay a certain amount per fortnight out of my Centrelink payment.

“That may take years.

“The people of Lismore don’t want (fluoridation).

“We’ve never wanted it and it’s not just greenies or farmers or

townspeople, we’ve always never wanted fluoride.

“Harold Fredericks, Habie Habib, John Crowther – they weren’t sort of my best of mates, they would be on the conservative side of the political spectrum I would say.

“But they’ve fought shoulder-to-shoulder

to stop this water being fluoridated.”

N E W S  F L A S H  #55

The Irish Times Thursday 31 May  2012

Town councils in Cork have joined Kerry County Council

in calling for a public review of water fluoridation in Ireland,

following the publication of a new report.

In a 360-page report, Bandon-based environmental auditor Declan Waugh found that babies fed with formula mixed with fluoridated water were at particular risk. “No child under the age of three should be exposed to fluoride,” he said. “They don’t even have teeth. The Risk Assessment of Water Fluoridation report says fluoride is a known risk factor in a series of health problems particularly prevalent in Ireland, including neurological and cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and skeletal muscular disorders. Ireland is the only EU member state with a legislative policy to add fluoride to the water supply.

“The incidence of these diseases in Ireland is far above the global average,” Mr Waugh added. “Ireland has twice the global average of osteoporosis, one of the highest levels in the world of childhood epilepsy and certain type of cancers associated with the digestive tract, including cancer of the liver, kidney, stomach and intestinal cancer.” Bandon and Kinsale town councils have agreed to ask the Minister for Health to review water fluoridation immediately. Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan said last November that he “trusted the processes in place”.



N E W S  F L A S H  #54

– Credit:  Fluoride Action Network

The fluoride-free train keeps on rolling, with nearly 1 million people freed from fluoridation in 2012, and the momentum is only building.  There have been several more successful votes recently to end fluoridation in North American towns:

Palisades, Colorado – On May 15, the city council and the public works director decided to discontinue the use of fluoride in their drinking water system serving approximately 3,000 residents.  As the Public Works Director said, “The addition of fluoride doesn’t make the water safer, and it doesn’t improve the quality of the water.”

Pevely, Missouri – On May 1, the city discontinued fluoridation for it’s approximately 6,000 residents.  The decision was made in April by the Board of Alderman as a cost saving measure.

Dillon Valley Water District, Colorado – In March, the water district stopped adding fluoride due to worn out equipment and the cost to replace it.  On April 24, the water provider decided to discontinue the chemical’s use.

N E W S  F L A S H  #53

Civil Rights Violation

Regarding Forced Medication — [Fluoridation]

WHEREAS, the League of United Latin American Citizens is this nation’s oldest and largest Latino organization, founded in Corpus Christi, Texas on February 17, 1929; and

WHEREAS, LULAC throughout its history has committed itself to the principles that Latinos have equal access to opportunities in employment, education, housing and healthcare; and

WHEREAS, LULAC advocates for the well-being of, but not exclusively of, Hispanics throughout our country; and

WHEREAS, safe drinking water is a necessity for life; and

WHEREAS, the purpose of a public water supply is to supply water to the entire community which is composed of people with varying health conditions, in varying stages of life, and of varying economic status; not to forcibly mass medicate the population which is a civil rights violation; and

WHEREAS, fluoridation is mass medication of the public through the public water supply; and

WHEREAS, current science shows that fluoridation chemicals pose increased risk to sensitive subpopulations, including infants, the elderly, diabetics, kidney patients, and people with poor nutritional status; and

WHEREAS, minority communities are more highly impacted by fluorides as they historically experience more diabetes and kidney disease; and

WHEREAS, minorities are disproportionately harmed by fluorides as documented by increased rates of dental fluorosis (disfiguration and discoloration of the teeth); and

WHEREAS, the National Research Council in 2006 established that there are large gaps in the research on fluoride’s effects on the whole body; a fact that contradicts previous assurances made by public health officials and by elected officials, that fluorides and fluoridation have been exhaustively researched; and

WHEREAS, a growing number of cities and health professionals have rejected fluoridation based on current science and the recognition of a person’s right to choose what goes into his/her body; and

WHEREAS, the CDC now recommends that non-fluoridated water be used for infant formula (if parents want to avoid dental fluorosis – a permanent mottling and staining of teeth), which creates an economic hardship for large numbers of families, minority and otherwise; and

WHEREAS, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), founded in 1929, has historically been a champion of the disenfranchised and a leader in the fight for social and environmental justice; and

WHEREAS, City Council Districts I-6 of San Antonio (predominantly minority districts) voted overwhelmingly that the public water supply should not be contaminated with fluoridation chemicals; and

WHEREAS, the election to fluoridate the water, essentially disenfranchised the right of these minority Districts to safe drinking water for all; and

WHEREAS, the U.S. Health and Human Services and the EPA (January 2011) have recently affirmed the NRC Study results that citizens may be ingesting too much fluoride and that the exposure is primarily from drinking water; and

WHEREAS, the proponents of fluoridation promised a safe and effective dental health additive, but the San Antonio Water System’s (SAWS) contract for fluoridation chemicals proves a “bait and switch”; as SAWS is adding the toxic waste by-product of the phosphate fertilizer industry, that has no warranty for its safety and effectiveness for any purpose from the supplier (PENCCO, Inc.) or the source (Mosaic Chemical); and

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that LULAC commends efforts by organizations that oppose forced mass medication of the public drinking supplies using fluorides that are industrial grade, toxic waste by-products which contain contaminants (arsenic, lead, mercury) which further endanger life; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that LULAC supports efforts by all citizens working to stop forced medication through the public water system because it violates civil rights; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that LULAC opposes the public policy of fluoridation because it fails to meet legislative intent; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that LULAC demands to know why government agencies entrusted with protecting the public health are more protective of the policy of fluoridation than they are of public health.

Approved this 1st day of July 2011.

Margaret Moran LULAC National President

  N E W S  F L A S H  #52

Join Council Member Vallone

to Speak Out

Against Fluoridation in NYC

Rally and Press Conference

on 15 th May 15 11AM – City Hall

If In Doubt Keep It Out!
These six short words say it all when it comes to fluoridated water.
A growing body of evidence has revealed the harmful impact of
fluoridation and on May 15th we will stand on the steps of City Hall
to call for the end of fluoride in New York City’s drinking water.
Please join me and a coalition of medical professionals, researchers,
and students at New York City’s first-ever anti-fluoride rally and
press conference.

Last year, I drafted legislation (Introduction Number 463) to ban the
addition of fluoride from New York City’s municipal water.
This legislation will have an immediate and critical impact – the city
will save between 5 and 7 million dollars per year, and our citizens
will no longer ingest a toxic chemical every time they take a sip of
water, take a shower or wash a piece of fruit.

To raise awareness on this very important issue and get the support
necessary to move the bill, we are hosting a rally and press
conference on the steps of City Hall in Lower Manhattan on May 15th,
2012, at 11:00 a.m., where we will hear from medical professionals and
even a few gifted and talented elementary school students researching

Please spread the word, attend and invite friends! It’s important for
us to have a strong showing.

For additional information or to RSVP please contact Tatiana
Deligiannakis or Sally Franktdeligiannakis@council.nyc.gov,
sfrank@council.nyc.gov or 718-274-4500

For more information on this issue visit:


N E W S  F L A S H  #51

WVU study shows fluoride in water supply does

not reduce tooth decay

Posted: Apr 12, 2012 4:13 AM

Updated: Apr 12, 2012 4:13 AM

A new study conducted by researchers at West Virginia University shows that fluoride added to the U.S. public water supplies have not reduced tooth decay.

The WVU Rural Health Research Center used federal statistics to conduct the study, according to a news release. The research concludes that children in urban areas who are more exposed to fluoridated water and dental care have as many cavities as children in rural areas who have less exposure to fluoridated water.

 ”For children’s dental health measures, it was found that fluoridation rates were not significantly related to the measures of either caries or overall condition of the teeth for urban or rural areas,” the researchers write in the report.

  N E W S  F L A S H  #50



Extract from report by

→ Kenneth Davidson ← 

Senior columnist at ‘The Age’

With his kind permission.

In Australia there are three reverse osmosis desalination plants,

two more being built and two more proposed.

Where tests have been made available (from plants on the Gold Coast

and at Kurnell in Sydney), the results show the average boron content

of reverse osmosis desalinated water was about 0.5 mg/L

and the level rose higher as the filters aged.

Boron is a threat to public health. This is recognised by toxicologists.

The Harvard Medical School in 2008 said:

❝ Boron should not be used in children under 18. Deaths have occurred

when boron was taken by mouth or applied as a topical cream in infants 

N E W S  F L A S H  #49

Council revolts at fluoride plan

Mike Derry | 1st February 2012

BUNDABERG Regional Council has staged a revolt over state government plans to force the fluoridation of the region's water supply.

Councillor Alan Bush is leading the council’s opposition

to implementing state government-enforced water fluoridation.

Mike Knott

BUNDABERG Regional Council has staged a revolt over state government plans to force the fluoridation of the region’s water supply.

Councillor Alan Bush, a long-time opponent of fluoridation, yesterday succeeded in getting the council to agree not to go ahead with the work until the government meets council representatives and addresses their concerns.

Cr Bush told the meeting the council had written to Premier Anna Bligh and various ministers twice asking for a meeting.

However, none of them had yet agreed to make an appointment to discuss fluoridation.

Cr Bush said the State Government cannot be trusted to fully fund the infrastructure needed to fluoridate the region’s water…

  N E W S  F L A S H  #48

ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

23 January  2012

Bourke Shire accused of illegally dumping fluoride

By Robyn Herron

(See original article)

The Bourke Shire Council has been accused of illegally dumping chemicals at its waste depot plant.

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has charged the council with unlawfully transporting and disposing the chemical in October 2010.

The council says the fluoride was in its original packaging and shrink wrapped in plastic when it was buried four metres deep at the landfill.

The Bourke Shire’s general manager, Geoff Wise, says the council had more of the chemical than it needed and did not realise that it was not permitted to dump the waste at the depot.

He says the sodium fluoride has since been removed.

The council will plead guilty to the charges and the matter has been adjourned in the Bourke Local Court until next month.

A EPA spokeswoman says the action is being taken as the council breached the Protection of the Environment Operations Act.

She says the depot cannot be lawfully used as a waste facility for sodium fluoride, which is classified as hazardous and dangerous.

The council faces a maximum penalty of $22,000.

N E W S  F L A S H  #47

MEDIA RELEASE January 2012 –

with kind permission from

‘Queenslanders Against Water Fluoridation’



Opposition to water fluoridation dominated the Queensland Agenda ‘OURSAY’ Forum in late 2011. *

Premier Anna Bligh responded to the three most popular Forum issues, as per the agreement with  the ‘OURSAY’ organisers.

The question calling for a Fluoride Referendum received the most votes, and the most support in the Queensland Forum.

In Premier Bligh’s Fluoride response, she entirely ignored the issue of having a Fluoride Referendum, and she made claims that were false and misleading.

Queenslanders For Safe Water, Air and Food Inc have now responded via video, to Premier Bligh’s misleading claims of safety.

We have also responded to Premier Bligh’s false claim that the American Dental Association has never advised that fluoridated water is a risk for infants.

Our rebuttal of Premier Bligh’s misleading statements can be viewed at the following link: 


It can be seen that false and misleading information was used as the basis of Premier Bligh’s mandatory legislation.  Further references are available upon request.**

We call upon Premier Bligh to rescind the unethical and harmful legislation that forced fluoridation on 4 million Queenslanders, despite widespread opposition.

NO politician has the right to forcibly medicate a whole population or a single person.

Without informed consent, a politician is doing to everyone what a single doctor can do to no-one.

Citizens across Australia are being misled by fluoridation promoters and enforcers.***

Media Release authorised by  Queenslanders For Safe Water, Air  & Food Inc    www.qawf.org

* http://oursay.org/the-queensland-agenda

** Contact info@qawf.org   mob 0418 777 112

*** http://www.fluoridealert.org/Alert/Australia/OPINION-Citizens-are-being-misled.aspx

Forced Fluoridation – Anna Bligh’s unethical harmful legacy

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

More Comments:

Why I Changed My Mind About Fluoridation –

John Colquhoun, D.D.S., Ph.D. Former Chief Dental Officer,

Auckland, New Zealand. 1997.

Why EPA’s Headquarters Professionals’ Union Opposes Fluoridation –

William Hirzy, Ph.D., National Treasury Employees Union Chapter 280, May 1, 1999.

Fluoride: A Statement of Concern –

Paul Connett, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry, St. Lawrence University. January 2000.

Why I am now officially opposed to adding fluoride to drinking water –

Hardy Limeback, DDS, Ph.D, Head of Preventive Dentistry, University of Toronto. April 2000.

N E W S  F L A S H  #46

Recent Comments From FAN Supporters:

From former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young:

“People are calling for investigative Fluoridegate hearings, and one can understand why, given the fact that the story about fluorides keeps changing. I am most deeply concerned for poor families who have babies: if they cannot afford unfluoridated water for their babies milk formula, do their babies not count? Of course they do. This is an issue of fairness, civil rights, and compassion.”

From civil rights leader Rev. Gerald Durley:

“I support the holding of Fluoridegate hearings at the state and national level so we can learn…why our government agencies haven’t told the black community openly that fluorides disproportionately harm black Americans…”

From William Owens, President of the 5,000-member-strong Coalition of African American Pastors:

“African Americans have more kidney disease and more diabetes, but nobody elected to tell us that kidney patients and diabetics are more susceptible to harm from ingested fluorides… We need to investigate this Fluoridegate mess. This is a civil rights and environmental justice issue.”

From Bernice King, daughter of Martin Luther King Jr.:

“Water fluoridation needs to end. It is good that organizations are lending their support to help push this outdated and harmful practice of fluoridation toward collapse.”

From Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr.: “This is a civil rights issue. No one should be subjected to drinking fluoride in their water, especially sensitive groups like kidney patients and diabetics, babies in their milk formula, or poor families that cannot afford to purchase unfluoridated water. Black and Latino families are being disproportionately harmed.”

From Laura Seydel, well-known environmental leader and daughter of CNN founder Ted Turner: “

…the government should stop adding fluoride chemicals to our water immediately…Gerber is selling bottles of non-fluoridated water that parents can use for their infant children. However, as Atlanta leaders have pointed out, bottled water is not always an option for low-income families.”

Attempts at Damage Control by Fluoridation Supporters:

Here is the telling statement in a letter sent to Howard Koh, U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health, from the President-Elect and Executive Director of the American Dental Association: “…we have asked for your help in addressing the concerns raised by Former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young and Pastor Gerald Durley regarding the safety of water fluoridation for minority populations. We believe that this issue has the potential to gain traction.”

Adding fuel to the fire later in the year, the resolution passed by the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) was fiercely resisted, removed from the LULAC website, and then later restored. The resolution stated, “LULAC supports efforts by all citizens working to stop forced medication through the public water system because it violates civil rights; and…LULAC demands to know why government agencies entrusted with protecting the public health are more protective of the policy of fluoridation than they are of public health.”

The Message Reaches California

With key assistance from Patty Ducey-Brooks, David Kennedy, and others, nationally known black leader Bishop George McKinney and San Diegans for Safe Drinking Water hosted an event this past summer, a “Town Hall Meeting on Fluoridegate.” Bishop McKinney issued a statement that, “Our state and federal elected representatives should convene FluorideGate hearings immediately and put people under oath…And we need to find out why minority community leaders weren’t told that fluorides disproportionately harm Black Americans, Hispanics, and other people of color.”

The Vital Assistance in These Efforts from the Fluoride Action Network

At The Lillie Center, we are grateful that the Fluoride Action Network identified fluoridation as an Environmental Justice issue (also see FAN’s submission to HHS). With FAN’s wonderful connections and expertise, news about fluoride harm to minorities is now being used in city council meetings, in state legislative houses, in pieces published in the media, and elsewhere. We will be continuing our work of reaching out to black, hispanic and other minority leaders, and we recognize the vital role of Dr. Connett and the FAN team in helping to spread the word about this issue. The message simply won’t go away. We are pleased that the top leaders of the American Dental Association are concerned about these efforts “gaining traction,” and we look forward to even more awareness by minority citizens about their greater risk for harm from water fluoridation, and awareness of the fact that those promoting fluoridation are not warning them about their increased risk.

N E W S  F L A S H  #45


Hartland Township, Michigan has voted to stop Fluoridation. Quoting from a local newspaper: “The Board of Trustees voted 5-2 Tuesday to immediately cease adding the element to its water supply after a lengthy discussion that echoed what became a two-month-long debate.”

Here is an excerpt from another story with more details: “(Board members) struggled for a long time,” said Harper, who first learned about the issue from a chiropractor who also has a Ph.D. in nutrition during a conference. “Everybody did their own research. They didn’t rely what I provided them. We relied upon reliable sources, like the CDC, like Harvard. … All credible people.”  The story was also picked up by the AP and reported in the Detroit News.

Note: Hartland, MI is about 70 miles from Grand Rapids, MI (the first city to fluoridate in 1945).

N E W S  F L A S H  #44

British Columbia has the lowest

percentage of fluoridated water.

Prior to this week, only 3.8% of BC residents, living in eight communities, had fluoride added to their water by a municipal government.  This week that number dropped significantly as two more towns ended decades of fluoridation, leaving only 6 fluoridated communities left in BC.

In Williams Lake, British Columbia citizens voted 2453 to 970 on Saturday to end fluoridation for the town’s approximately 11,200 residents.  Williams Lake taxpayers will save $94,000 annually by ending the practice.  Town officials cited several reasons for bringing the referendum to the voters, including:

-Increased costs to continue adding fluoride to the water.

-Risk to City employees while handling the product.

-Prevalence of fluoride available in many dental hygiene and food products.

-Calls for it’s end from citizens and advocacy groups

The second BC community is Lake Cowichan, whose residents voted 335 to 147 to end fluoridation for approximately 3,000 people. These two communities join eight others in British Columbia that have stopped fluoridating their public water since 1992.

N E W S  F L A S H  #43

On 8th November 2011, Amesbury,

Massachusetts stopped fluoridation-

On 8th November, voters in Amesbury, Massachusetts officially ended 44 years of fluoridation for the town’s 16,500 residents. Amesbury had stopped adding sodium fluoride to the drinking water in February of 2009 because their poor quality, low-bid fluoride chemicals were clogging up their equipment with an unknown insoluble residue. Since 2009, local health officials have been working to convince the city to continue adding fluoride. The local Board of Health requested that the issue be brought before voters for approval, and the board voted 3 to 1 to recommend a “yes” vote on the ballot question. Fortunately, residents spoke out in opposition to fluoridation…

N E W S  F L A S H  #42



Clean Water Policy:

❝  If in doubt, leave it out 

Posted on October 31, 2011 by Ruth Bonnett

Queensland’s only state-based party will ensure

that water supplies are as safe and pure as

possible, with toxic fluoride to be removed, under

their Clean Water policy.

 The Queensland Party’s Health and Disabilities Spokesperson, Wendy Richardson today affirmed that her party’s policy would be to ‘educate rather than medicate’.

“Surely we must all agree that it is an inalienable right for people to have water that is clean, pure and unadulterated. It must be the individual’s choice to add chemicals or any other material to that water, not a government’s.”

“For 50 years or more, the western world has been told that fluoridation was useful in the prevention of tooth decay, and most people, including our health professionals and politicians, believed that. However, more and more dentists, doctors and toxicologists are changing their minds as they realise that these opinions have been based on flawed or even concocted science.”

N E W S  F L A S H  #41

Fluoridation continues to unravel in

North America —

As another town ends the practice and many more start to debate its safety.

Here are the action updates from ‘Fluoride Action Network’:

-The Lakeshore, Ontario City Council has ended fluoridation for approximately 33,000 residents!

-Last week 58% of the residents of Churchill, Manitoba voted to end fluoridation in their community.  The vote was a non-binding referendum, but town officials were expected to respect the will of the majority and stop adding fluoride to the drinking water.  However, town officials are now questioning whether to take any action on the issue.

-On November 2nd, the town of Fort St. John, British Columbia will hold an information session on fluoridation.  OnNovember 19th, residents will have an opportunity to vote on the issue.

-On November 8th, residents of Damariscotta and Newcastle, Maine will be voting on a referendum question asking whether the communities should continue water fluoridation.

-On November 8th, residents of Holly Hill, Florida will be voting on fluoridation on a special elections ballot.

-On November 15th, the Township Board of Trustees of Hartland, Michigan will hold a public hearing to consider whether it should stop adding fluoride to its drinking water amid health concerns.

-On November 19th, residents of Williams Lake, British Columbia will be asked to vote on a fluoride ballot question: “The cost to add fluoride to the City’s water system is increasing from $22,000 per year to approximately $94,000 per year.  Are you in favor of the City continuing to add fluoride to its water supply?”

In November, city officials in Moncton, New Brunswick are expected to make a decision regarding the continuation of fluoridation.  Fluoride Free Moncton is leading the charge to have the practice stopped.

…and this is just the start.  Many more communities are debating fluoridation, and many more will be voting on it in coming months, including New York City, Milwaukee, and Philomath, Oregon.  If you know of any upcoming public hearings, meetings, or votes on fluoridation please make sure to notify FAN, so we can spread-the-word about these important opportunities to end fluoridation.

If you would like to start a campaign in your town, take a look at FAN’s primer on getting started.

Also, please take a minute to use our automated system to send a letter to your state officials, as well as to your local media, providing them with the real facts about fluoridation.


Stuart Cooper

Campaign Manager

Fluoride Action Network

N E W S  F L A S H  #40

GOOD NEWS  !    

Dr. John Carnie has retired after years of

spearheading the charge to forcibly poison

the water supplies of the State of Victoria in Australia.

In April 2007 Dr. Carnie became Victoria’s Chief Health Officer (CHO) – a position that seemingly demands the rigorous promotion of mandatory water fluoridation policy.

Dr. Carnie entered the spotlight as a fluoridation promoter and enforcer soon after assuming the position of CHO.

As Dr. Paul Connett, Executive Director of the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) wrote in November 2007, “Dr. John Carnie, is proving just as arrogant as Dr. Hall (his predecessor) on fluoridation and as equally unprepared to defend his position in public debate.”

As the record shows, Dr. Carnie and his department never accepted the challenge to debate those such as Dr. Connett.


N E W S  F L A S H  # 39

October 2011

Over the last year the communities below

(with approximate populations) have stopped adding

fluoride to their drinking water:

Oct. 25 – Palmer, Alaska    (8,400)        

Oct. 18 – Lawrenceburg, Tennessee  (11,000)   

Oct. 16 – Churchill, Manitoba  (1000)   

Oct. 13 – New Plymouth, New Zealand (50,000)      

Oct. 4 – Pinellas County, Florida (700,000)   

Sept. 30 – Spencer, Indiana/ BPP Water (10,500)

Sept. 22 – College Station, Texas   (100,000)           

Sept. 12 – Slave Lake, Alberta  (7,000)

Sept. 6 – Hohenwald, Tennessee  (4,000)                            

Aug. 16 – Pottstown, Pennsylvania (15,500)

Aug. 15 – Spring Hill, Tennessee (30,000) 

Aug. 8 – Philomath, Oregon  (4,500)

July 20 – Taber, Alberta (6,500)        

July 4 – Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan (5,000)

June 30 – Taumarunui, New Zealand  (5,000)     

June 6 – Fairbanks, Alaska  (30,500)

May 18 – Naples Village, New York (1070) 

May 16 – Mount Clemons, Michigan (17,300)          

April 21 – Lago Vista, Texas (6,500)

Mar. 17 – Marcellus, Michigan  (1,100)                  

Feb. 16 – Independence, Virginia  (1000)

Feb. 8 – Calgary, Alberta  (1,300,000)             

Feb. 7 – Yellow Springs, Ohio  (3200)

Feb. 7 – Vercheres, Quebec  (5240)             

Jan. 19 – Schuylkill Haven, PA (5,500)

Nov. 15, 2010 –  Sparta, North Carolina  (2,000)                       

Nov. 4, 2010 – Tellico, TN  (900)                                    

Oct. 25, 2010 – Waterloo, St. Jacobs, and Elmira,

                        Ontario (103,000)

Credit: Fluoride Action Network

 N E W S  F L A S H  #38

Water Fluoridation Injury —

Lawsuit Filed in Federal Court

A 13-year-old’s fluoride-discolored teeth was allegedly caused

by drinking fluoridated bottled water since infancy.

Her Mom is suing the bottlers for the cost

to cover up the unsightly teeth.

New York – Sept 21, 2011 – Attempting to reduce tooth decay in tap water drinkers, most US public water supplies include added fluoride chemicals. And some corporations sell fluoridated bottled water for the same reason.

However, ingesting fluoride can lead to dental fluorosis – white spotted, yellow, brown and/or pitted teeth, now afflicting 41% of adolescents, reports the CDC. But according to a newly-filed lawsuit, suppliers of fluoridated water fail to effectively warn customers that ingesting fluoride can discolor teeth.

Nidel Law, P.L.L.C., in conjunction with Paulson and Nace, P.L.L.C., filed a case against Nestle U.S.A., Nestle Waters North America, Inc., and the Gerber Products Company, for damage caused by fluoride contained in their products marketed and sold for consumption by children under the age of eight. The Plaintiff, a 13-year old girl, suffers from dental fluorosis. Her mother wants compensation for the costs associated with covering up her daughter’s unsightly teeth,

estimated to be over $100,000 over her lifetime.

 N E W S  F L A S H  # 37

Fluoride rejected

BREAKING NEWS:  Water fluoridation is to end in the

New Plymouth district. – New Zealand

In a unanimous decision New Plymouth District councillors this morning voted to stop fluoridating New Plymouth, Waitara, Urenui and Lepperton water supplies.

The decision sides with the overwhelming majority of submissions made to council on the issue two weeks ago which called for an end to water fluoridation.

Councillor Shaun Biesiek, who moved to drop the chemical from the district’s water supply, said supporters of fluoridation had failed to convince him the benefits it had in preventing tooth decay did not also come with health risks.

In an amendment to the motion the $18,000 formerly spent on fluoridation will now go toward dental health education programmes in schools.

Watch the meeting here: http://www.newplymouthnz.com/TheCouncilAndItsPeople/Meetings/MeetingsOnVideo.htm

     – Taranaki Daily News

N E W S  F L A S H  #36

Mass flouride poisoning causes plant shutdown

and riots in Shangha.

By Dina Specter

A solar-panel manufacturing plant in the eastern Chinese city of Haining has been forced to close after hundreds of residents attacked the facility in a 4-day protest over accusations the factory contaminated a nearby river, according to the BBC.

The riots began on Thursday and lasted until Sunday, at times turning violent.

About 500 villagers unleashed their anger by overturning eight vehicles, damaging four police cars, and destroying offices, reports The New York Times. At least 20 people have been arrested on charges of destruction of property, robbery and disturbing public order, according to The Los Angeles Times.

The plant, which is owned by New York Stock Exchange-listed company JinkoSolar, is accused by demonstrators of dumping toxic levels of flouride into local waters, killing large numbers of fish and some pigs.

In addition to ordering the plant closed, the city’s environmental protection bureau fined the facility 470,000 yuan ($73,600).

“[We will] go all out to maintain stability and seriously deal with those who are suspected of violating laws in the incident in accordance with the law,” a city government official said in a statement.

This isn’t the fist time local uprisings over fears of pollution have spurred Chinese authorities to take action, as the country struggles to maintain its image as a pioneer in green energy.

Last month, 12,000 demonstrators took to the streets to protest a chemical plant in Dalian in northeast China, before authorities promised to relocate the facility.

More recently, The Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau ordered the temporary closure of two factories amid fears of lead poisoning.

“People have a growing awareness of the damage caused by environmental pollution and a growing sense of rights,” Ma Jun, the director of the nonprofit Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs in Beijing, said in an interview last month, according to The New York Times.

N E W S  F L A S H  #35

Approved this 1st day of July 2011.

Margaret Moran LULAC National President

  The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the largest and oldest Hispanic civil rights organization in the United States, adopted a resolution opposing the practice of water fluoridation.

The resolution was passed on July 1st at the 2011 LULAC National Convention in Cincinnati, and demands to know why health agencies are “more protective of the public policy of fluoridation than they are of public health.”

Henry Rodriguez, LULAC’s Texas civil rights chairman stated:

“The Hispanic community is no longer going to be silent on this issue.  This is about forcing us to be medicated through our drinking water without our consent or full disclosure of the risks.  Fluoridation is a civil rights violation.  Opposition to fluoridation is going to continue building and there is no stopping it.  There are millions of Hispanic and other minorities in the U.S. who don’t have the funds to avoid fluoridated water for making baby formula.  And millions of families don’t know they’re being medicated in their drinking water, or about possible risks for kidney patients and diabetics”

Babies, diabetics, kidney patients, and other groups are listed by the National Research Council as susceptible groups especially vulnerable to harm from ingested fluorides.  And after decades of water fluoridation, data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that 41% of American adolescents (12-15) have dental fluorosis, a side-effect of overexposure to fluoride.  CDC data also indicates that minorities, including African-Americans and Hispanics have

disproportionately higher rates of fluorosis.

(Read the original Press release on the LULAC resolutionfrom Dan Stockin of the Lillie Center Inc. ) 

While dentists want the public to believe that dental fluorosis is only a cosmetic issue, a new study out of India has found an association between dental fluorosis and lowered IQ, making it the 26th study to show a connection between fluoride exposure and lowered IQ.  This is shocking news considering the above data (worth repeating), that 41% of American adolescentsALREADY HAVE dental fluorosis, and that the rates aredisproportionally higher in black and hispanic communities!

This raises the question, why aren’t parents being warned about this?  At the very least, they should be getting a warning on their water bills alerting them not to use fluoridated tap water when reconstituting baby formula, since this is how most children are overexposed to fluoride.

According to FAN Director, Dr. Paul Connett, “Better still, let’s end this nonsense once and for all.  Take the fluoride out of the drinking water!  Protecting our children’s brains is far more important than protecting their teeth – especially since there are actually better ways of protecting their teeth, as most of the industrialized world has demonstrated.”

N E W S  F L A S H # 34

The momentum continues to build in

the battle against fluoridation.

Pottstown, Pennsylvania has joined the list of communities that have rejected water fluoridation.  In August, the Pottstown Borough Authority voted to cease adding fluoride to their drinking water, though they say it could take up to 6 months for tap water to return to its natural fluoride level.  The main reasons cited for rejection by Authority members was the vast availability of topical fluoride in dental products, and a cost savings of $50-60,000 dollars each year.

 N E W S  F L A S H # 33

Local Councils (UK) Could Face Prosecution

For Adding Fluoride To Water Supply —

6th September, 2011.

Local authorities around the UK could face criminal prosecution if they fluoridate their water supply under new powers being discussed today and tomorrow in Parliament. The Health and Social Care Bill gives local authorities the right to fluoridate the public water supply in their region – but it appears to be a notional power as they will be contravening Department of Health guidelines if they do not comply. It is being discussed today (Tuesday, September 6) and tomorrow in Parliament, and is expected to be passed into law unopposed. Although their hands appear to be tied, local authorities will still be in the firing line and could face criminal prosecution if they do fluoridate the water, says UK Council Against Fluoridation (UKCAF), which represents 74 local authorities around the UK already opposed to fluoridation. In an open letter to all councillors, Liz Vaughan, UKCAF’s director, warns that they leave themselves open to private and class action suits, especially from parents whose children can suffer dental fluorosis from fluoridated water, and for promoting an unlicensed medicinal product (ie, fluoride). Individual councillors who supported water fluoridation could be liable for any damages, and it is likely that insurers will refuse to offer personal public indemnity insurance once they see the level of controversy that the new measure creates.

       (Source: UK Council Against Fluoridation, www.ukcaf.org)

N E W S  F L A S H # 32

FAN (Fluoride Action Network)

Three lawsuits have been filed recently (2011) in the U.S.

that could have a major impact on the fluoridation debate.

The first lawsuit is in Clallam County, Washington.  On April 28, Protect the Peninsula’s Future, Clallam County Citizens for Safe Drinking Water, and Eloise Kailin filed suit in superior court against the cities of Forks and Port Angeles, Washington, noting that the fluoride chemicals being used matched the definition for prescription drugs.  The suit alleges that the cities lacked the necessary permits for dispensing these drugs.  Plaintiffs requested that the practice be halted under search and seizure statutes until permits were obtained.  The request was denied by the superior court, but a review by the State Supreme Court was requested and the court’s review decision is currently pending.

The second lawsuit was filed by an individual, Patrick Reeners, of Gallatin, Tennessee on July 19, 2011 in the general sessions court of Sumner County.  The suit is against the American Dental Association (ADA), and the complaint was served on the organization’s President, Dr. Raymond Gist, DDS.  The charge is fraud, false advertising and willful harm.  Reeners believes the promotion of water fluoridation as “safe and effective” was never approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  He believes the ADA makes this claim while failing to recognize and fairly report on harmful cumulative contributions of fluoride from multiple non-water sources of fluoride.

Reeners believes that fluoride is portrayed on the Association’s website as a totally desirable and harmless means of preventing tooth decay.  In particular, Reeners believes that the fluoride additive is promoted as if drinking water provided an appropriate dosage, which might be true if you could control total water consumption.  However, people also ingest significant doses of fluoride from many other sources such as food, beverages, dental products, and medication.  The suit alleges that the general public is ill-informed of the amounts of fluoride on or in most of these products.  For example, brewed black tea reportedly tested at more than three parts per million (ppm) fluoride, three times the one ppm of fluoridated drinking water.  White grape juice was reported at 2.7 ppm (EPA report #820-R-10-015 Dec. 2010, page 26).

The third lawsuit was filed on August 9th, 2011 by multiple individual plaintiffs on behalf of the general public interest.  The suit was filed in the federal District Court, Southern District of California, against the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD), which serves some 17 million consumers.  The suit alleges willful misrepresentation, deceptive business practices, and infringements on the consumer’s constitutional right to be free of bodily intrusion without their consent.  This lawsuit challenges the MWD’s claims of safely and effectively reducing tooth decay while delivering a drug that has not been approved for MWD’s claims for intended use.  It alleges that MWD knowingly failed to inform the public and water recipients of the drug’s unapproved status or give notice of evidence of significant potential harms from hydrofluorsilicic acid, which would require a full FDA review, approval process, and notice of any contraindications.

Plaintiffs point to the unique health effects of hydrofluorosilicic acid, which when compared to sodium fluoride, have a disproportionate toxic effect on children, and the fact that consumers are unable to prevent absorption of the chemical through their skin during baths and showers.

These three lawsuits insist on better protection of the public health by application of existing laws.