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The Nuclear Industry Is Well Informed About Fluorides & Corrosion.

Fluoride increases the electrical conductivity of water.
In general, the higher the electrical conductivity of water,
the higher its ability to allow corrosion to occur to metals it contacts.



the-secret-city  Oak Ridge World War 11 Secret City   A city born of war in 1942, existed for seven years as a truly “Secret City.”  Oak Ridge, Tennessee was not shown on any maps, did not allow any visitors other than by special approval, had guards posted at the entrances to the city and required all residents to wear badges at all times when outside their homes.
Oak Ridge, Tennessee was born as a direct result of the letter written by Albert Einstein to then President Roosevelt in 1939 citing the urgent need to develop the capability to sustain a chain reaction of uranium.  From this letter came the plan for our nation to create an atomic weapon that would be more powerful than any weapon in the history of the world.  The Manhattan Project, created to develop this amazing new atomic weapon, spent 60 cents of every dollar in Oak Ridge!  The “Secret City” grew to a population of 75,000, was the fifth largest city in Tennessee and was not even on the map.
  [ This project used fluorides, and the documents below confirm that fluorides are corrosive. ]


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 Effect of Fluoride Corrosion on Stainless Steel

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Oak ridge NL f

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The staff of the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (Board) visited

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) on July 30, 2002, to review the

safety of sodium fluoride (NaF) traps stored in

Building 30l9A,a defense nuclear

facility at ORNL. 

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David Cunningham – Keller Engineers



Dentists F. corrosion

FLUORIDES – Toxic profile  - U.S. Dept. of Health Services


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“Because of the affinity of strontium and fluoride to form
highly insoluble Sr90F2, the consumption of water
that has been artificially fluoridated may
increase the danger of  Strontium 90
to man and animals.”




Iodine -131  And  Strontium 90.

In 1958 Barry Commoner [] and others showed that the teeth of every baby in the US had some level of strontium 90 accumulation as a direct result of fall-out from nuclear testing in the 1940s and 1950s.

An article published in a 1958 Dental Digest by Dr. James G Kerwin, Director of the Central Division of the Passaic Department of Health in New Jersey, sheds more light on the issue of strontium and fluoride interactions:

“Because of the affinity of strontium and fluoride to form highly insoluble Sr90F2, the consumption of water that has been artificially fluoridated may increase the danger of Strontium 90 to man and animals.”

“For obvious reasons it is necessary for the body to be able to get rid of any radioactive strontium as quickly as possible. Under normal circumstances the body does this, but only at a slow rate. If, however, fluoride has been consumed, for example, from artificial fluoridated drinking water, then Strontium-90 and the fluoride may precipitate as the highly insoluble Sr90F2 within the body. This means that the rate at which Strontium-90 is excreted or thrown off will be even slower than ordinarily occurs.” [♦♦]

“It is known that fluorides are powerful inhibitors of enzyme action, and that many types of enzymes are affected, including some that are essential for cellular oxidation…The wide variety of enzymes known to be poisoned by fluoride accounts for the different manifestations of fluorosis; that is, the different symptoms associated with fluoride poisoning.

“Life processes are so delicately balanced that any change, any departure from the normally established order at the cellular level, is likely to be for the worse. Thus a combination of radioactive strontium and fluoride, forming Sr90F2, could do great harm. If the entire population of the United States received small doses of additional radiation from Strontium-90 which was combined with fluoride in the body, and thus was prevented from being excreted, it is likely that several thousands among the generation of ten million children may be definitely handicapped because of gene mutation due to internal radiation.”

“There is still another aspect to consider; that is, a population that is exposed generation after generation to an increasing amount of Strontium-90 and fluoride may quite likely exhibit a higher death rate coupled with a lower birth rate, both due to harmful radiations and the resulting mutations.”


  Barry Commoner was an American biologist, college professor,

and politician. He was a leading ecologist and among the

founders of the modern environmental movement.

One of Barry Commoner’s lasting legacies is his

four laws of ecology, as written in

The Closing Circle in 1971.



 ❝ …Radioactive elements are structurally similar to their non-radioactive counterparts, differing in the number of neutrons the atoms contain. This is why nutrition is important in preventing or blocking damage from exposure to radioactive elements.

If you do not obtain sufficient amounts of calcium, potassium, and other minerals in your diet, your body may absorb radioactive elements that are similar in structure to these nutrients.

For example, if you do not obtain enough calcium, your body will absorb radioactive strontium 90 or other elements that are similar in structure to calcium, if they are available. Similarly, if you obtain sufficient potassium from your diet, your body will be less likely to retain any radioactive cesium 137 it encounters, as this element is similar to potassium.

If the cells are able to obtain all nutrients they need from your diet,

they will be less likely to absorb radioactive substitutes,

which are then more likely to be discarded from the body… 

It was easier to stop the nuclear tests in the
USA than to stop water fluoridation!

  The Secret History of the Atomic Bomb  

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Cesium-137 – Eliminator – Free

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Bill Gates and his “plans” for plutonium

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Oak Ridge USA, the home of the largest chemical
[ FLUORIDE ] accident in the USA.  See below ↓  ↓

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Oak Ridge K-25

Oak Ridge, Tennessee – The City Behind the Fence

Oak Ridge’s Final Judgement – The K-25 Fluoride Disaster

   Credit: — Jim Phelps © 2005

… Oak Ridge USA, the home of the largest chemical [ FLUORIDE ] accident in the USA. This one plant absorbed 25 percent of the Manhattan Projects funding to try and keep hydrogen fluoride poison gas from getting loose on the workers and the region. This plant was code-named the K-25 Plant, after the Kellex Corp. This plant would become a doomsday device under the management of Union Carbide. The very same sloppy methods that caused the Bhopal Indian accident, also contributed to this huge fluoride poisoning disaster in Oak Ridge …

                Credit: — Jim Phelps © 2004


FLUORIDE-Corrosion – Oak Ridge National Laboratory





By Joel Griffiths and Chris Bryson

  The Secret History of the Atomic Bomb  


U. HEX s    About 95% of the depleted uranium

    produced to date is stored as

    Uranium Hexafluoride, DUF6

Depleted Uranium Is a Deceptive Term.

It is basically what’s left after enriched uranium is used for reactors.

But DU cannot be used in reactors anymore. DU is still highly radioactive, so using it for ammunition creates a lucrative industry instead of an expensive waste disposal issue. One gram of DU (1/20th of a cubic centimeter) releases 13,000 alpha particles a second. One alpha particle can cause cancer under the right conditions and certainly it has the capacity to wreck havoc in beta cells and everywhere else… [ Calling it 'Depleted' is a deceptive term like 'Atoms for Peace' or 'Free Trade' ]

 … A number of academics specializing in international humanitarian law have questioned the legality of the continued use of depleted uranium weapons, highlighting that the effects may breach the principle of distinction (between civilians and military personnel).[45] Some states and the International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons, a coalition of more than 155 non-governmental organizations, have asked for a ban on the production and military use of depleted uranium weapons.[46]

Warning unpleasant images →  – images of damage –  

Mark A. Sircus Ac., OMD, is director of the
International Medical Veritas Association. 



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Untitled 4List of assets owned by General Electric

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 May be this is why and how the media can be so dishonest
about the nuclear industry and fluorides…

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Extract from American publishing company McClatchy:

… The reverberations of nuclear power are most often reported on during the occasional nuclear meltdown, like the 1986 Chernobyl disaster and the 2011 Fukushima disaster. But, the consequences of nuclear power are far more persistent and prevalent than the mainstream media has often led the public to believe, even in the US. According to a year-long investigation, a staggering 33,480 US nuclear workers have died from radiation exposure in the last seven decades

The death count was published and disclosed for the first time by American publishing company McClatchy. The report revealed that the number of US workers who died from nuclear radiation exposure was four times greater than the number of American casualties in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The count involves all workers who died after they or their survivors were compensated by a special fund established in 2001, which aided workers who helped build the US nuclear stockpile.

Approximately 107,394 workers were diagnosed with cancer or other maladies
after building the country’s nuclear stockpile over the last seven decades.
The researchers extrapolated information using a database obtained from
the US Department of Labor under the Freedom of Information Act.
In addition, the investigation involved over 100 interviews with nuclear workers, scholars…


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See also  ‘CLEAR INTENT’ ←More on nuclear weapons

Clear Intent was a momental undertaking from authors
Fawcett and Greenwood. The fact that J. Allen Hynek
put his imprimatur on the work in the form of the
book’s foreword speaks volumes.

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107,394 Nuclear Workers Were Diagnosed With Cancer

Extract from American publishing company McClatchy

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 Famous Last Words on “SECRECY





Distributing fluoride evenly, via thousands of  kilometres of trunk mains,
water pipes, and control valves is, a hydraulic impossibility.
Some of Brisbane’s old water mains contain lead,
which the fluorides release into the water.

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David Cunningham (Patton)


Dentists F. corrosion


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Distributing fluoride EVENLY, via many thousands of  kilometres of  the complex system of trunk mains, water pipes, and control valves is a hydraulic impossibility. Readings [Fluoride concentrations] taken at various locations in the water supply system will vary. Dead-ends will often read very high. Because fluorides are corrosive, fibro mains will release asbestos, concrete lined pipes will absorb some fluoride, erode, and reset the concrete down-line during low use times (slow flow), forming partial blockages at bends and junctions. Corrosion of domestic pipes, water meters, hot water systems, washing machines, car radiators, fire mains, valves, soldered fittings and back-flow prevention equipment, will be accelerated. The concentration of fluorides in cooling towers (air conditioning.) will increase due to evaporation, therefor increasing corrosion rates with GREATER risk of
 legionnaire’s disease.  which often breeds under the corrosion.
Accelerated corrosion/rust can also result in staining of water (laundry). Fluoride will leach various heavy metals into the water, from lead solder joints, copper, brass and plastic fittings. The risk of leaks, spills, burst water mains, and-over feeds, and subsequent political cover-ups, is historic and to be expected as occurred in Brisbane, May 2009.  - Fluoride is tasteless but can release ‘tastes’ from pipes etc.  Some of Brisbane’s old water mains contain lead, which the fluorides will release into the water.


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SAN FRANCISCO – on 29 November 1960 a 200-foot portion of a 50-foot wide street collapsed after an almost-new water main burst. After an analysis of the pipe by Griffin-Hasson laboratories in Los Angeles, it was discovered that fluoridation chemicals had corroded the pipe, which showed a fluoride concentration of 22,000 ppm on the pipe.

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Professor J B Polya, University of Tasmania, said:
Since all but the most expensive materials for the reticulation of fluoridated water (rubberised pipes or Monel metal ) react with fluorides, the concentration of fluoride at delivery points may differ greatly from concentrations ot the mixing point.
            ♥ Monel metal – an alloy of nickel and copper and other metals (such as iron and /or manganese and
/or aluminium.

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Heading-F. induced corr. steel rebars..

Abstract F. Steel India

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Alum. Aluminium sulphate was removed from Sydney
water supply 1994 suspected of causing Alzheimer’s disease.


 Corrosion Control Engineer Explains Fluoride Action




Fluoride increases the electrical conductivity of water. In general, the higher the electrical conductivity of water, the higher its ability to allow corrosion to occur to metals it contacts. Where steel pipes or fittings are connected to brass, bronze or copper fittings, pipes or tanks, an electrogenic (corrosive) action takes place in the presence of fluoridated water, between the steel and the other metals. The steel becomes anodic while the brass, bronze or copper is cathodic, and the steel corrodes. This is called bi-metallic corrosion, and it occurs whenever two different metals are electrically (mechanically) connected in the presence of an electrolyte like fluoridated water.

Not a good idea to wash your valuable

‘Tucker car’ in fluoridated water!



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