Fluoridation – Our Rogues Gallery

.Unfortunately well-meaning, but ill-informed, people are
the ones who sometimes drive the agenda rather
listening to
 evidence and experts...
Dr. M. Brown (Qld.Health)


F.Rogues Gallery

Last updated –20th Aug. 2017
The pictures hanging in our ‘ROGUES GALLERY’ are
of  those who promoted artificial water
fluoridation in the knowledge
that it was an expensive
and dangerous fraud. 

(not comprehensive)

The continued promotion of artificial water fluoridation in the face
of mounting adverse evidence and criticism requires some evaluation:

It seems that the proponents hit upon an idea years ago which appealed to them, and which they felt was sound. As their claims for safety are progressively discredited, rather than acknowledge this, they persist in condoning the original evidence. At the same time they are still lending their prestige to such equivocation. Certainly the proponents of fluoridation are not intent upon poisoning or harming anyone, however, the dilemma of prestige is still a very difficult matter for them to resolve.

The tide of fluoridated water is ebbing fast and many may be stranded on
The lonely beach of despair.

beach of despair m

Fluoridation: A Horror Story   By Wade Frazier 

Rochester Uni. s

  The University of Rochester 
Rochester Uni. infamous for research at the time of the Manhattan Project
secretly injected people
with plutonium without their knowledge, –
using them as experimental guinea pigs.
It still promotes fluoridation – which is also experimental.


A CAREER OF CONCEALING THE TRUTH The author of the 1944 CNS research proposal was Harold C. Hodge, chief of fluoride toxicology studies for the University of Rochester’s division of the Manhattan Project. Much of the proof of fluoride’s alleged safety in low doses rests on the postwar work done at the University of Rochester in anticipation of lawsuits against the bomb program for human injury. MULTI CILOUR LINE

Eddie Bernays

Edward Bernays  Engineering of Consent  ” He was an Austrian-American pioneer in the field of  public relations and propaganda, named one of the 100 most influential Americans of the 20th century by Life magazine. He believed in a sort of “Enlightened Despotism” ideology. Bernays also pioneered the PR industry’s use of psychology and other social sciences to design his public persuasion campaigns. He played a key role in selling fluoride to New Yorkers in the 1960′s. ❝ If New Yorkers will accept fluoride, other cities will follow. ❞
See New York letters below at the time 1963 
‘The Peasants Are Revolting’


Sir R. Doll

Sir Richard Doll by (ICFI)
Expert for Hire – He lied under oath on fluoridation and cancer.
Sir Richard Doll, received millions of dollars in consulting fees
from chemical companies, asbestos companies,
and other
industries which create
carcinogenic materials

Fluoride: Lies, Brown Envelopes, Subterfuge and Corruption
Among other retainers he received $1000 a day (rising to $1500 a day)
for over thirty years from Monsanto.

Yet in scientific publications, as an expert witness and before government authorities he often defended these chemicals against evidence they caused cancer.

According to the UK based group injurywatch.co.uk in a sidebar entitled – “Sir Richard Doll: The Industry man?”    They note: In 1976, in spite of well-documented concerns on the risks of fluoridation of drinking water with industrial wastes,  Doll declared that it was “unethical” not to do so.” Thus fluoride may have been the first suspected carcinogen that Doll protected. He defended water fluoridation in $cientific papers, public statements, and court testimony.
See also →  The Case Of Sir Richard Doll.




Former president of the International Association for Dental Research, University of  Rochester Rockefeller Dental Fellow 1930 / Dean Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.

Director Eastman Dental Centre 1947-1970. He is credited with demonstrating fluoride would prevent caries. To his credit he researched the use of adhesive plastics for restorative dentistry. HE PROMOTED FLUORIDATION TO NHMRC (Aust.) He is therefore the main link between the US nuclear weapons industry and the Fluoridation of Australia. FLUORIDATION BECAME AN AUSTRALIAN POLICY AT THIS POINT.



Noel Martin

He was→ →  the architect of fluoridation in Australia  ← ←
He argued that breast-fed children should be given fluoride supplements
because they are ‘deprived’ of fluoride.

Professor Martin’s Fluoridation Influence Successful But Misguided





Fluoridation is Chaetiferous

Prof. Wendell Evans

 The processing of phosphate fertilizer results in smoke stack emissions of silicofluorides and other contaminants, which are significant environmental pollutants?  The US EPA and other governmental agencies require these pollutants to be “scrubbed” from the chimneys to protect the environment people, flora, fauna, farm animals and crops from damage. However, this unprocessed liquid scrubbing mixture, called hydrofluorosilicic acid, is sold to municipalities as a sauce of  fluoride to be added to otherwise clean safe drinking water. Please tell your colleagues.



The AMA Dictates Policy !


UNESCO-Legal Instruments sss

UNESCO – Legal Instruments – Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights – 19 October 2005


   invert commas purple 1. Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. This consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice. 21… ❞

An affirmation by Jeannette Young 15 January 2013 - Fluoride is essential for dental health according to the Chief Health Officer:

“Implementing fluoridisation in water is the most important way local governments can improve the dental health of their communities” according to Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young. The Department of Health has written to every local government in Queensland, offering to meet and discuss the health benefits of fluoridation. Several local governments have taken up the offer and Dr Young is hopeful others will follow.  –  HOWEVER:-

Recent changes to Queensland’s legislation means local governments now have the decision making power to determine if it is in the best interests of their communities to implement, continue or cease water fluoridation. Dr Young said World Health Organisation studies showed adding fluoride to water supplies was a safe and effective   - LD 50 / ED50 way of reducing tooth decay. She said fluoride was not harmful to people’s health, despite the widespread scaremongering on the issue. “In the small amounts that are used in water supplies, fluoride is not harmful,” Dr Young said. “There is no evidence to show fluoride, in the amounts used in water supplies, has any detrimental health effects. “In fact, studies have shown that people with good dental health have better overall health. “Townsville has been using fluoride in its water supplies since 1964 and it has not resulted in any health problems there. “There is no reliable evidence of any adverse health effects to communities which have already implemented fluoride in their water supplies.” Queensland’s Chief Dental Officer Dr Rhys Thomas said fluoride was proven to strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay. “Ultimately it is up to local authorities to implement and continue fluoridation. But we hope that they are making decisions armed with all the facts,” Dr Thomas said. “Studies have shown that the use of fluoride benefits everyone regardless of their age or access to dental care. “Australian Child Dental Health surveys consistently show that Queensland children have levels of tooth decay well above the national average. https://twitter.com/qldhealthnews or https://www.facebook.com/QLDHealth “ The use of fluoride is one way of turning this around.” Dr Jeannette Young, recently stated words to the effect:

invert commas purpleIn medicine not many things are BLACK and WHITE, but water fluoridation is one of those things .” We agree  –  IT IS - BLACK … 

CRIMINAL CODE 1899 – SECT 87 (Queensland)

“Queensland Health”
- The new unelected dictatorship of Queensland -






“$cience has left the building”



Science in $tereo

Lucky Strike image

some pompous prof.

Forced-Fluoridation Is Medical Malpractice – On An Industrial Scale.

Upton Sinclair




David Coggon

He has enough letters after his name to make a good serve of alphabet soup,
however his constant defence of fluoridation casts a
shadow over his knowledge
and sincerity.
Just following orders didn’t work as a defense for the Nazis
and it
shouldn’t work for those who poison our water either!



Aust. Skeptics logoDr. Rachael Dunlop f

Dr. Rachael Dunlop is the Vice-President of the Australian Skeptics Inc.
and by association
supports water fluoridation – not good for her image.
No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time has come.
-Victor Hugo



- Jennifer Doggett -



Water fluoridation: why is it still being debated?

“The mishandling of water fluoridation policy is
a health,
social, and financial calamity. “ 
– We agree – No more debate required!

See – Dr. Michael Foley



“…The number of complaints against dental practitioners is increasing…”

Your policy on fluoridation may have something to do with this.

The time has come for the “Australian Skeptics”
to be skeptical about fluoridation!





“The National Health & Medical Research Council  have skilfully assembled
this report to reach
their intended rasorial conclusions.

Health Issues Prompt Australian Review


Emeritus Professor Judith Whitworth, Ms Debra Petrys, Professor Sharon Goldfeld,
Professor Vicki Anderson, Professor Dallas English, Professor Mathew Gillespie,
Professor Alison Jones,
  Emeritus Professor A. John Spencer,
Professor Clive Wright, 
Associate Professor Frederic Leusch,
Professor Wendy Rogers, 
Doctor Meenakshi Arora,
Associate Professor Stephen Corbett,
Professor Mike Morgan,
Adjunct Professor Kaye Roberts-Thomson.






We hope to see the above faces→ HERE

“The aim of a research project is not to discover new facts  we already know;
we are merely furnishing scientific proof.”  
Col. Wilhelm Klink – Hogan’s Heroes.




Dr Carrie Tsai is a Lecturer at the Faculty of Dentistry. Her public health
 interests are sabotaged by her recent support of fluoridation. 





Dr Steven Donohue, Dr Michael Foley and Public Health physician Dr Greg Jackson,
these pro-fluoride speakers said
fluoride was not a medication or a waste product
and that fluoridation was simply about topping up the natural levels of
fluoride in water, for optimum dental health!

Queensland Shires Rejecting Fluoridation





     Michael Foley:  invert commas purple… Try to avoid debates in public or on the radio or TV in which anti-fluoridationists also appear.  Disproving anti-fluoridationists claims takes considerably longer than making claims in the first place, and some degree of doubt from the original claim will often still be left. Simply holding a debate reinforces the perception that both sides have equally valid viewpoints. Don’t give them that respectability… “

  Michael Foley:  invert commas purple… The science is very much on one side of the argument. There are no reputable health authorities anywhere in the world that oppose water fluoridation. There are certainly individuals and sometimes smart individuals and there are certainly single issue groups, but the health groups around the world and the science groups around the world are strongly on the side of fluoridation…” –

ABC TV  7.30 – 27 Feb. 2013.


 Channel 7 news item on fluoride – Good Friday 2015

Mercury is know to be a associated with madness!

… Mercury levels in blood of dental professionals ranged from 0.6 to 57 ug/L …



More on Hypothyroidism and Fluorides

As a Member, Dr. Foley may need to re-read  The Code of Ethics – IADR




Dr.Greg Jackson

Queensland Health Water Program Director Dr. Greg Jackson, Brisbane Dental Hospital director,  Dr. Michael Foley
Townsville public health physician Dr. Steven Donohue. The three pro-fluoride speakers said ” fluoride was not
a medication or a waste productand that fluoridation was simply
about topping up the natural levels of fluoride in
for optimum dental health.” Extracts from:‘ Science & Survival ‘ by Barry Commoner 1963 … Like the sorcerer’s apprentice,  we are acting upon dangerously incomplete knowledge. We are, in effect, conducting a huge experiment on ourselves.  A generation hence- too late to help-public health statistics may reveal what hazards are associated with these pollutants … ❞  1940 Disney film Fantasia


 water separator bar 


Dr Birch said the ADAQ wanted all water in Queensland  fluoridated as the health benefits were well researched and studied. We agree, very well researched… FDA’s definition of – “Safe & Effective”Median Doses: LD50, ED50, and TD50 – definitions

♦ [ Population 4.8 Million, Do you wish to make so many enemies?
James Forrestal US Defense Secretary anti-fluoridation
30 Aust. Defence Bases Contaminated With Fluoride Chemical (PFOA)

We hope to see you on This Post one day.
Happiness is when what you think, what you say,
and what you do are in harmony
– Mahatma Gandhi





“ My goal is to represent and serve the members of our association and continue building a strong membership and financial base that provides us with a powerful lobbying platform.” Your push for fluoridation seems to be more of a priority than the health of the State!
See some F. info from PubMed


Prof. Ian Meyers ABC ff r

However full text → HERE Fluoride Free Dentists  More  More

The ADA have been repeating triceratillion times the same old fossilised message for 50 + years: Chant F. Safe...

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”






Yeppoon (Qld.) dentist John Christensen believes a decision to remove fluoride from Rockhampton region’s water supply would defy all logic. *   A previous resident disagreed…  

 inver com.opening Fluoridation is a policy not a science. inver com.closing

With possible legal implications as per recent declaration by

Insurance Companies for promoters such as your self.

Rockhampton is the State’s 24th council to get rid of fluoridation.



Mike Geisel f

 Not much progress to say ...


The AMA Dictates Policy

Anna B. F

Anna Bligh Ex-Premier of Queensland Forced Fluoridation On Four Million Queenslanders
Letters sent to her by us and others:→  HERE  

ADA / Qld. Labour Party Collusion:

The Queensland Health Department, under Anna Bligh funded The Australian Dental Association Queensland Branch, $220,000 as a CON-tribution to its pro-fluoridation campaign. The request for this funding was directed to the Hon. Stephen Robertson MP. The Minister for Health at the time, Feb. 2006.


We tried Anna


dr. Mark Brown f

Dr. M. Brown (Chief Dental Officer, Dept. of Health, Queensland), fluoridation resulted in reduced tooth decay, with Townsvillechildren having the lowest prevalence of dental rot among all four regions. 

 Unfortunately well-meaning, but ill-informed, people are the ones who
sometimes drive the agenda rather
than listening to evidence and experts. 

Fluoride Intake Increasing Bone Fractures



Tanya Plibersek

   Previous Australian Federal Health Minister — Tanya Plibersek.
You made it to this gallery not because you were the Minister for Health,
but because of your pro- fluoride outburst on ‘Q & A’ (TV) 18 Feb. 2013
(A departure from the calm poise and patience you are noted for.)
Tania please have a chat to one of your predecessors .
Former Federal Health Minister



Prof. Spencer

Founding Director of  ARCPOH – Another slow learner !


A new direction is required, — or may be, a new Director !

May be too close to ‘Colgate’ – Compromised $cience!



Trying to defend the indefensible. See more info on Jason Armfield
  HERE http://www.nofluoride.com/pres… 
by Kenji Akiniwa, Tokyo, Japan ↑



Barret a shiil


MENDACILOQUENT (A)  Dr. $tephen Barrett


Michael Easley

‘Quack Watch’   (B)  Also paid by companies to lie.


‘Quack Watch’  (C) – Also Paid by companies to lie.



Lord Mayor Dobbin

He believes his biggest achievement on council, was the introduction of fluoride
into Yass, NSW water supply – June 1956.

❝ It was not easy persuading some of the locals of the public health benefits of fluoride. In fact, the dental professional says it was a real battle, and one where even after the vote to add fluoride to the water had been won, there was a real chance of a rescission if the balance of power on the Council shifted.  ❞




Fluoridation promoter-

Gynaecologist – Dr. William McBride was exposed for fraudulent research. In 1979 McBride carried the fluoridation torch for the NSW Health Dept., the AMA, ADA and the  Sydney University Dental Health Education & Research Foundation.

Published Research Findings – Why Most Are False



John Carnie f

vic. cheif Health...
For some inexplicable reason Dr Carnie and other fluoridation promoters appear more intent
on protecting this outdated practice than protecting
the health of the Australian people
  We are not amused  
 “ Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go.” – Oscar  Wilde



Kim Hames

“It is one thing to use fluorides on the enemy in times of war, 
but it is quite another to use it on your own population after the war is over
in the form of fluoridation. 
Is that what our soldiers went to war and died for?”
– Glen Walker –
♦ SARIN = Isopropyl-Methyl-Phosphoryl-Fluoride (nerve gas)
Sarin  also known as GB. SOMAN = Picacolyl-Methyl-Phosphonos-Fluoride



Michael Gannon

“We have noticed over the last few years the rise of small but extremely
vocal anti-fluoride
group in Western Australia…”

Dr.Gannon ?mass medication



AMA Vice Pres. WA

  He said ‘The Health Australia Partys opposition to fluoride in the water supply  was flawed.
Fluorosis India → 
Mmm – It seems like Andrew is not updating his facts…



John Day MLA



! Israel Has Ceased Fluoridation – Aug. 2014. !





Listen ↓


↑  listen This sound track available AGAIN! Dr. Hambleton is talking to John Laws about fluoridation… He says: Fluoride is safe and has not been shown to cause any of the health concerns that people try to ascribe to it.

Editor’s comment: If  the AMA can not get this right, it is no surprise that the public is losing confidence in this once prestigious organization … See extract from an e-letter below sent to us from one of our readers after hearing Dr. Hambleton talking to John Laws:

❝ … I was recently forwarded an audio file of a radio interview you did with John Laws in July, [2012] and I am shocked by the misleading, inaccurate and downright untrue statements you made in that interview on the subject of water fluoridation…”



John-Paul Langbrock

He seems a nice family man, but his dental background and his outspoken support
of fluoridation for the State of Queensland
rates him a mention in this Rogues Gallery.
Endorsements are not scientific facts.




Shanti Sivaneswaran

Principal Advisor, Ministry of Health; Senior Lecturer, University of Sydney Shanti_Sivaneswaran@wsahs.nsw.gov.au Extract from her writings 

❝…However, public support for water fluoridation decreases during campaigns involving plebiscites/referendums because of the myriad of tactics and propaganda used by anti-fluoridationists’, which run the gamut of conspiracy theories to scare mongering. One such tactic is to call upon experts, some of whom might even have legitimate scientific or academic credentials, to lend credence to their claims, as was in this case. As a result, voters would often choose the safer option of not fluoridating because of the difficulty in sorting fact from fiction or to judge which “authorities” to believe (4,6)…❞

“Ridicule is not a part of the scientific method and the public should not be taught that it is.”
–  Dr. A.  Hynek 



support Bundy F.

Martin Strahan

He said all water had some naturally occurring fluoride in it, but most had less than what was regarded as optimal for health. One of these sub-groups consists of people with impaired kidney function,including subjects with nephropathic diabetes.



Michael Moore

Chief Executive Officer, Extract From: Submission From The Public Health Association of Australia On –  The Transparency Of The TGA  – … All complaints about the promotion of therapeutic goods referred to the TGA by [The] Complaint Resolution Committee (CRP), of the Complementary Health Care Council, or handled direct should be made publicly available as should the action taken, the time line and the outcome. The TGA’s ‘new’ policy on complaint investigations only concerns publishing the outcome of ‘certain’  investigations into complaints about advertising which have been referred by the CRP.  …

❝  The PHAA believes that ALL complaints referred to the TGA should be dealt with expeditiously and transparently. Alternatively, the CRP should handle all complaints and be given the power to enforce sanctions… ❞  Editor’s note: Well said sir, we can only hope that all complaints about fluoridation receive your PROMPT attention in the near future. This web site and many others can provide you with all the science to show that fluoridation is not  “complementary” to human, animal or plant health— therefore please consider this web site as a complaint, and have it dealt with expeditiously…
We are all waiting expectantly …



Karin J. Alexander

Dr. Karin Alexander was the previous Federal President of  the Australian Dental Association. She spoke on Brisbane Radio 4BC (Feb. 2013)  She attempted to put a good spin on fluoridation – no science quoted, but some nonsense e.g. Fluoride is only a mineral supplement -it occurs naturally, and breaks down naturally. [?] And dismissed the interviewer’s concerns about medicating the communitywithout their permission. “ The ADA continues to be dismayed with the scare mongering from fringe groups

FACTOID… The ADA have been repeating triceratillion times the same old fossilised message for 50 + years: Chant F. Safe... “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”


Extract Burton letter f

See full text → HERE

And more recently:
❝ The ADA continues to be dismayed with the scaremongering from fringe groups,
[see list of nobel prize winners]
that lack consideration of the scientific evidence of the
significant benefits for dental health
that occurs from the fluoridation of  water supplies.❞

So much cleverness, $kill and $cience, contaminated by commerce.


Justice-rIS FLUORIDATION A CRIME ? Justice-l


One who knowingly, voluntarily, and with common intent unites with the principal offender in the commission of a crime. One who is in some way concerned or associated in commission of crime; partaker of guilt; one who aids or assists, or is an AccessoryOne who is guilty of complicity in crime charged, either by being present and aiding or abetting in it, or having advised and encouraged it, though absent from place when it was committed, though mere presence, Acquiescence, or silence, in the absence of a duty to act, is not enough, no matter how reprehensible it may be, to constitute one an accomplice. One is liable as an accomplice to the crime of another if he or she gave assistance or encouragement or failed to perform a legal duty to prevent it with the intent thereby to promote or facilitate commission of  the crime. Just following orders didn’t work as a defence for the Nazis and it shouldn’t work for those who poison our water supply either!


  CRIMINAL CODE 1899 – SECT 87 (Queensland)  

Your choice ...

About 'Choice'

“This Public Health Service, unfortunately, has locked itself into a position where it has made this statement on the record that there is absolutely no hazard to fluoridating public water supplies and the matter is closed. Now, that, of course, is immedately a unscientific approach.”

Ralph Nader, Consumer Advocate, 1971

Choice comment

green line

f-litzman-israel-f   Yaakov Litzman
“Yaakov Litzman. I don’t care how big his kippah or black his hat
(or how much all my fellow charedim insist he is a tzaddik).
He wants to undo the one genuinely good thing his predecessor
Yael Germain did as health minister,* which is reintroduce
the poison fluoride to the water supply.”
Fluoridation is his religion
- that is why he is on this web post!

yael-german-ff* Yael German served as Minister of Health
from March 2013 until December 2014.
The Fluoride Action Network paid to have a
professional translation of the Court’s ruling
 see it here.

Israeli Supreme Court Backs Work of Irish Scientist on Fluoride:
The court’s ruling is remarkable in that it goes even further than
the decision taken earlier this year by  Yael German


Fluoridation Finished in Israel – Final

green line

Water Fluoridation and Vaccinations are
contrary to Torah principles


Safety of fluoridation of drinking water-Israel
 ↑ Letter from Nachum Jacobs  ↑

Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth,
but by washing away from it all that is not gold.
Leo Tolstoy

green line



 New york letters →  HERE


Copying and distributing any of this information is encouraged by us in the interest of transparency and accountability. Off-line copies are maintained by us to insure documents are never ‘lost’.


Issues involving lead, mercury, other dangerous chemicals and radioactive isotopes are relative and seriously associated, as they are made more dangerous with added fluorides. Fluorides used  for the water supplies, war gases, medications, industrial processes and agriculture need to be understood and recognised.


Those who promote fluoridation will hang their heads in shame as the truth is made more public, and history will turn on them. They will be vilified and hated. The citizens will be unforgiving, as their trust has been breached. We are therefor pleased to present the links below. 


F. Prof. who Converted

Nobel prize winners

 green line


book dam s

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CRIMINAL CODE – SECT 45 – (Queensland)

OUR “INNOCENT INTENTIONS” – It is lawful for any person— (a)  to endeavour in good faith to show that the Sovereign has been mistaken in any of Her counsels; or (b)  to point out in good faith errors or defects in the government or Constitution of the United Kingdom or of Queensland as by law established, or in legislation, or in the administration of justice, with a view to the reformation of such errors or defects; or (c)  to excite in good faith Her Majesty’s subjects to attempt to procure by lawful means the alteration of any matter in the State as by law established; or (d)  to point out in good faith in order to their removal any matters which are producing or have a tendency to produce feelings of ill will and enmity between different classes of Her Majesty’s subjects…





OPEN LETTER to Queensland Health

logo-aust-f-skeptics New-Splash


Michael Foley Fluoride Fan Club +

” Dr Michael Foley again went quiet when the
issue of  daily fluoride dosage came up.”

Margaret Strelow Rocky. Mayor” Dr Foley would do well to do a little research and read comments made by councillors themselves before he makes public statements about the reason why councillors – after considering both sides of the argument – voted against fluoride in the water,” Cr Strelow said.

“His ill-informed reactionary comments are an example of the type of behaviour which has contributed to this issue being such an emotive one within the broader community. I would have expected better from a man in his position.”

blue line

Pro-fluoridationist Dr. Foley is blinded by a diabolical ideology, which does not allow him to draw rational conclusions. (Recent debate Mackay – (Sept. 2016)
His ideology is hostile to science, logic and history. His recent claim that fluoride does no harm to the thyroid gland is a typical response when he is out of his depth in fluoridated water. - See below:

Iodine is a halogen.
The halogens are a series of non-metal elemants:

                    Fluorine, F
                    Chlorine, Cl
                    Bromine, Br
                    Iodine, I 
                    Astatine, At

The problem is that fluoride is a ‘bully‘. Any time an atom of fluoride
and an atom of any other halogen are in the same vicinity, the
fluoride will displace the other halogen and take its place.
      – Dr. Terry Tennant, MD, MD(H), PSc.,D


This is universal, probably throughout time and most likely
throughout the cosmos. We realise that dentists will see
this as yet another threat to their constant claims of
fluoridation’s safety, but to claim otherwise
is to fly in the face of true science.

See also the → Periodic Table of the Elements

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Sorry Mr. Foley, fluorides DO cause delayed
eruption of teeth 
in animals and humans.

See extract below – page 129. If  you do not know this basic,
we think you should consider dropping your title of doctor.

extract sheep delayed eruptionMichael Foley claims on delayed eruption are NOT valid -

See also HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE

Delayed Eruption France 1999

dental phenomena Queensland Government Research on Sheep reports the opposite:
Go to page 129 – Delayed eruption book (A) below 

  Fluorosis Merino Sheep Queensland (a) (A)

→ Fluorosis Merino Sheep Queensland (B) (B)

→  Fluorosis Merino Sheep Queensland (c) (C)

Other animals not happy about Fluoride → HERE

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Fluoride and Hypothyroidism

blue line

Most of the so-called ‘conspiracy theory’ talk comes from the pro-fluoridation
not anti
-fluoridation campaigners concerned with presenting
the ethical and 
scientific case against fluoridation.


The main medical conspiracy
seems to be the missing negative data!
blue line

  When Gerry Adams And Ian Paisley Worked Together  

Foley image Gladstone Observer


Fluorine has NO known metabolic role in mammals in fact 
a few plants synthesize organofluorine poisons that deter herbivores.

M. Foley Sept. 2016

Dear Michael, it may time to reread The Code of Ethics of
The International Association for Dental Research (IADR)
of which you are a member!

 Anti-Fluoride Groups were called ‘lunatic, conspiracy, fringe’
by Michael Foley – Brisbane Courier Mail – 2 October. 2016.

Many Queensland Shires, voters, whole nations, scientist, including
Nobel Prize Winners  may not be impressed by these angry comments.

blue line

“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser”.




      ”There are three kinds of lies:
Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics.”
 - Mark Twain -


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 Merilyn Haines is absolutely correct when she says that most Australian doctors know very little about the adverse health effects of fluoride. I have skeletal fluorosis, and am fluoride sensitive, with many symptoms. For years I tried to find a doctor who could help me, but they couldn’t help. Eventually I figured out for myself that the problem was fluoride, mainly from fluoridated water. By that stage I had such severe joint problems that I could barely do the most basic things required to look after myself, and I am not old. Eight years later, most of my symptoms have disappeared or greatly improved, but even though there has been great improvement with my joints my activity is still severely restricted. Skeletal fluorosis can be permanent if it progresses too far. Michael Foley is a shameless hypocrite and liar, who should be in jail. If he wants to see poor quality research, he need only look at that which he and his fellow fluoridationists rely on. If anyone wants more information, they could start with the Fluoride Action Network website, Declan Waugh’s work, the journal Fluoride, and the 2006 US National Research Council report on fluoride in drinking water. There are also some good Australian websites.

 Posted by: Joe Bloggs | 12 March 2013 at 02:54 AM

 If in doubt leave it out! Good on you Merylin Hines, I’m with you 100%. I was always made to believe that cavaties where caused by sugary foods? Let’s ban companys like Coca cola from destroying our communities teeth? But typical of todays model of medicine we deny food and nutrition and run around looking for the next magical elixer to market and sell. I don’t want chemicals added to my water thankyou, yet I am denied this simple human right as long as I live in a flurodated region.

 Posted by: Matthew 12 March 2013 at 09:41 AM

 The Australian Constitution is there to limit the powers the re-representatives (not nannies) excise over we the people. We’ve never at Referendum approved of this industrial waste mass medication. I’m a big boy now and my children know how to use a tooth brush. Take that waste product out of the municipal drinking water until such a time as we the people in the majority ask for it via Referendum.

 Posted by: Rodney Stevens | 12 March 2013 at 10:41 AM

 Dr Michael Foley again went quiet when the issue of daily fluoride dosage came up. Thing is, the whole topic should be mute as Dr Michael Foley is not my doctor. ABC, when did it become legal for governments and dentists to force dosages on Australians? Permission has never been given thus why the medical indemnity protection is in place to protect those like Dr Michael Foley. Why do they need protection from something they say is safe? Doctors used to indorse smoking as well. Dr Michael Foley, you are not my doctor. Dr Michael Foley, you are not my nanny. 95% of world agree with me.

 Posted by: Rodney Stevens | 12 March 2013 at 11:51 AM

 I don’t want fluoride in my water – that should be enough!

 Why should I have it when I don’t want it and don’t need it – or
is Queensland Health the new unelected dictatorship of Queensland?

 Posted by: Colin Bishop | 12 March 2013 at 12:02 PM

 No I do not want fluoride in the water…natural water full of healthy minerals, flows constantly beneathe the ground, for us all to drink.

However, if we keep polluting the natural water, via coal seam gas and chemicals, then heaven help us….but then again, maybe it is already helping us, with all the floods that Queensland has recently experienced….maybe these floods are flushing out these toxic chemicals from our water supplies. I guess we humans had better get over and on with the fact, that nature overides nurture, every time, regards.

 Posted by: Rev. Michelle De La Rente | 12 March 2013 at 12:07 PM

 Well Foley should have asked to provide the study done by the NHMRC and TGA CDC and the FDA ….NONE done and their push to fluoridate is flawed. The enviromental problems:

As for litigation one needs to look back at Germany and damage done 100 rears ago.
Approximately 17 million Litres of poison water is released into the environment annually.
This run off also effects the Great Barrier Reef via rivers.

 *Economically wasteful..

100% water is fluoridated ..
40% lost in leaks before you get it.
40% into the environment where it is not supposed to go
of the 60% left 7/8 used by industry and farmers
the 1/8 left that comes in to your house you drink less than 1% of it.
You water the lawn, flush the toilet, take baths you do all sorts of things
with but you are not drinking it..

Your drinking less than 1% of the 1% and if you look at the number of
children with a so called tooth problems it is about 3% of the population.
We now have 3% of population drinking of the 3% of 1% of 1/8 of 60%
of all the water you bothered to fluoridate, so is this the way to
deliver an illegal medication to those who don’t drink the water supply
in the first place ???.

 Posted by: | 12 March 2013 at 01:22 PM

 It’s pretty rich of Merilyn Haines to say that calling fluoride natural is “misleading”.
I can count a number of times she can be considered misleading;

 - “industrial waste”: table salt is always table salt no matter if it’s from a salt lake or urea.

– “600 mg of lead”: that is 0.6% of the fluoride mix. When diluted down to 1 part per million, this lead is 6 parts per billion!- pointing to these trace chemicals is in itself misleading, when the argument is about fluoride.
– She focuses on the results of adult tooth decay in children (teeth without much time to have developed tooth decay) as opposed to baby teeth.- She misrepresents the 2007 NSW Dental Health Survey, which concluded far less fluorosis and a noted difference in tooth decay between fluoridated and non-fluoridated regions.
– She doesn’t name the study, but previously when she talks about osteosarcoma, she has been referring to Bassin et al (2006). The researchers behind this study couldn’t replicate the appearance of osteosarcoma and stressed caution in drawing the relationship.

 Dr Foley did a great job, but it made no difference to her position regardless how often he corrected her.

 I’ve been following this fluoridation matter for a few months now and I am amazing by how they interact with the science. For instance the 2007 NSW survey or the Bassin paper; neither support their position and yet, even when this is brought to their attention, they continue to use them as though the papers do.

 Posted by: Moth | 12 March 2013 at 03:45 PM

 Wow this is a great debate from ABC regarding Fluoride in drinking water. It provides views from both sides of the argument and clearly highlights the major difference, one side is based on ideology, the other on research and facts.

 If you have any doubts or questions regarding the Fluoride debate, take the time and listen.

 It is really worth it.

 Posted by: kate | 12 March 2013 at 04:37 PM

 Marilyn Haines, made very valid points. Take fluoride out of the water supply. The best way is to prevent tooth decay is to apply it directly to the teeth. Michael Foley tried to discredit her but what he did not say that no amount of water will save baby teeth from the affect of dinking sugar laden juice etc. and being too young to clean their teeth before they go to sleep.

 Posted by: V McVety | 13 March 2013 at 11:42 AM

 Fluorosis is caused by an intake of too much fluoride over a period of time, from a various of sources including tap water. Duhh?? Great debate Merilyn Haines… Too bad I couldn’t listen to it all, it was cut and inaccessible just after you mentioned your sister.. Shame.

 Posted by: Britz | 13 March 2013 at 12:25 PM

 Dr Michael Foley is just another classic example of why we, as a Nation, are in such a poor state of Health ..

Shame on you Dr Foley .. Your ignorance is “bliss”

 Posted by: Glenn Williams | 14 March 2013 at 07:48 AM

  What a great debate.

 Foley is yet another blind, myopic, ignorant and myopic ego bound “professional” who as a dentist would use DISTILLED WATER to clean his dental equipment (search [ autoclave ].

In hearing this recording, now many times, I personally can see at least 20 mistakes that Foley makes. He would not debate me as he would lose.
I would really like to see a record of where Dr. Foley has received his income over time, if or not he has accepted directly or indirectly any payments, inducements or ‘favors’ in any form from any associated with the HUGE fluoride proponents.
This is simple:
Do not fluoridate drinking water – let people decide. This arrogance of nanny state forced medication is a simple debate.

     Posted by: Phillip | 30 December 2013 at 12:01 PM

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