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Letter of Denial – S. DOBBIN – re- Fluoride Death.

“The Director told me when I read her the statement, that no child (or adult), had died of fluoride poisoning in Australia. LETTER OF DENIAL – S. Dobbin re Fluoride Death DENIAL: Letter from Dental Surgeon Sydenham Dobbin, B.D.S., F.I.C.D., Yass Australia, to Prof. Schuebel, of Duesseldorf, Germany, in response to a request from Prof. Schuebel relative to the claim by […]

Vitamin C – Stone-Pauling-Kalokerinos and Ebola

In spite of Lind’s works, his advice about giving sailors citrus fruits to prevent scurvy was not taken seriously by the British Navy until after his death. Archie Kalokerinous     –             Irwin Stone     –                     Linus Pauling […]

FLUORIDE-Corrosion – Oak Ridge National Laboratory…

The Nuclear Industry Is Well Informed About Fluorides & Corrosion. Fluoride increases the electrical conductivity of water. In general, the higher the electrical conductivity of water, the higher its ability to allow corrosion to occur to metals it contacts.  → Oak Ridge World War 11 Secret City  ← A city born of war in 1942, existed for seven […]

Post-Mortem Examination on Jason Burton-Fluoride Death.

(Form E) STATE OF QUEENSLAND “The Registration of Births, deaths and Marriages Acts, 1962 to 1967″ (Section 31) POST-MORTEM EXAMINATION (Medical Certificate of the Cause of Death) To the Registrar for the District of  BRISBANE I HEREBY CERTIFY that on    16th May,  1973, by order of    W. R. PULLAR   Esq., Coroner, I made a Post Mortem Examination of the body of a male aged 2 years, named JASON BURTON who is stated to have died at  Mater Childrens Hospital […]


Perchlorate can be both man-made and naturally occurring. Man-made perchlorate is used in rocket fuel, fireworks and some fertilizers, and some contamination has been found near military bases and their contractors. original  →  HERE  ← 11 ApriL 2014 BJAndraski, WA Jackson, TL Welborn, JK Bohlke, R Sevanthi, and DA Stonestrom. Soil plant, and terrain effects, on […]

Fluoride – SARIN IN SYRIA –

The US ship, the MV Cape Ray, was fitted out with two $5m (£3m) mobile hydrolysis systems, developed in 2013 by US military researcher, specifically to deal with the chemicals.   SARIN = Isopropyl-Methyl-Phosphoryl-Fluoride SYRIAN  CONFLICT:- Sarin Gas Chemicals Destroyed … The MV Cape Ray was fitted out with mobile hydrolysis system specifically to deal with the […]


AN OPEN LETTER TO THE QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT: Dear all, It is time to come clean and green on fluoridation Our small critique of  your policy on fluoridation:   1)  Site security. OUR COMMENTS: Fluoridation plants represent a security risk – an easy target for terrorists and vandals -  therefore, only each daily requirement of chemicals, should be […]

LEAD IN AVIATION FUEL – Fluoridation Queensland

 Over a year, that’s 31,536 kg of lead dumped directly into our air,  [USA] and that lead falls onto our farming soils, forests, lakes, rivers, streams, oceans, children’s playgrounds, cattle ranches, birds and so on. LEAD IN AVIATION FUEL – in Australia Update → HERE  25 Dec. 2014 Friday 13 June 2014 by Mike Adams, […]

The Fluoride Gas Industry’s Plot Against Climate Legislation

However, F. Gases are highly potent greenhouse gases and therefore have become an important element of the European Climate Change Programme (ECCP), which since 2001 has been the EU’s main  forum for discussing and developing policies to combat climate change and meet Kyoto demands. European Commission Welcomes Parliament Vote on Fluorinated Gases Update  → →  HERE  ←  18 May 2016 […]


“Fluoride seeks out minerals such as magnesium and binds with it, making magnesium unavailable to the body…” by Kevin Mugur Galalae (2012) THIS IS A PEOPLE’S PROTECTION FORCE EMERGENCY PUBLICATION IT CONTAINS LIFE AND DEATH INFORMATION Please read this carefully in its entirety, distribute it widely. This is a large PDF file – and little slow […]