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FLUORIDE … The Aging Factor

Mr. Small’s functions at the USPHS [United States Public Health Service] include the writing and printing of anonymous memos, on USPHS letterheads, covering up the harmful effects of fluoridation… [Book # 31 on our Reading List] John A. Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D. (1943-2000) At the center of the second-generation conspiracy is John Small. While he is only a high […]


This body of work was not considered by the York Review when their remit was changed from, ”Studies of the effects of fluoride on health” to “Studies on the effects of fluoridated water on health.”   A few more sources of fluoride in food plants Barry Durrant-Peatfield  MBBS LRCP MRCS is a specialist/consultant in the diagnosis and treatment of metabolic and […]


The 23 + studies from India, Iran, Mexico and China have shown that high doses of fluorides are associated with lowered IQ in children. EVIDENCE SHOWS FLUORIDATION A DANGER by Paul Connett, PhD - New ↑ Professor Emeritus of Environmental Chemistry, St. Lawrence University, Canton, Director of Fluoride Action Network. Currently, I am traveling in Italy giving presentations on waste […]

Fluoridation Targets Black Americans, Indigenous Australians and Shri Lankans

This is a hot issue – cover-up and denial is the ADA’s only option, given the serious implications of  fluoridation on millions of  kidneys both  human and animal (pets) and the corrosion of infrastructure. At present, U.S. public water systems serving over 140 million people are fluoridated with 200,000 tons of commercial grade hydrofluosilicic acid (H2SiF6) and […]


Rudolf  Ziegelbecker began a successful career in electron microscopy, where his remarkable talents as a researcher soon emerged. FLUORIDATION & RUDOLF ZIEGELBECKER   OBITUARY Fluoride 42(1)2 January-March 2009 Rudolf Ziegelbecker Obituary 2 Burgstahler, Spittle RUDOLF ZIEGELBECKER Born 26 August 1924 in Veitsch, Austria Died 12 January 2009 in Graz, Austria. After early training and work in […]


‘The Townsville Report’ has been used as part of ‘The Evidence’ to justify the fluoridation of Queensland’s public water supply. Factors Often Overlooked In Fluoridation Research We are told by the Queensland Government that no adverse effects have been seen in Townsville from fluoridation, however Queensland Health has never provided any health studies to justify this claim. The original ↓  TOWNSVILLE_AFTER_10YRS […]