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Guidelines for Use of Fluorides in Australia 2019 +

This boondoggle is full of inaccuracies. It is well presented but ignores true science. No clever language can change the fact that fluorides are accumulative, and poisonous to plants, insects, animals, humans and damage the environment. This, our modified article is not protected by copyright. It is in the public domain, please feel free to copy and quote. . Guidelines for Use of […]

50 Tons of Cures for Coronavirus – China – Vitamin C

50 TONS OF VITAMIN ‘C’ TO WUHAN ↓  ↓  ↓  China Using Vitamin C Against COVID-19  ↓  ↓  ↓ http://orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v16n13.shtml Yesterday, 50 tons of immunity boosting Vitamin C were shipped from our DSM* Jiangshan plant to the Province of Hubei, of which Wuhan is the capital city. The banner text on the truck reads: “In the fight against N-CoV […]

TGA POISONS STANDARD 2009 (fluoride) +

 Fluoride is NOT essential for human growth and development. ~ The European Commission  [SCHER 2011] ~  - – — – «<◊>» -— – -  The main purpose of this page is to demonstrate that fluorides ARE pharmacological chemicals, and dangerous, contrary to statements by some members of the dental industry.  - — «<◊>» — – The TGA […]


HOWEVER ↓ ↓ Court Rules F. IS Medicine Weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth:  We want Queenslanders to have, what most countries on this planet have - no artificial water fluoridation! Fluorides are so highly toxic that a single truckload of the industrial waste from the phosphate fertilizer industry, used to fluoridate public drinking water, is sufficient to […]

Fluoride, Brain Biochemistry and Violent Crime – Rodger D. Masters

The estimates of 83 million Americans taking drugs like Prozac ♦ for depression and 11 million children on Ritalin♦ for hyperactivity indicate it is time to reconsider the role of brain chemistry in social behaviour and violent behaviour. ♦ Both contain fluoride  See also on the same topic ↓  ↓   ↓ Fluoride, Lead And Pipes →  Fluorides, Zinc and […]

Fluoridation – New Research Papers

Russian Fluoridation Research TGA Updates – July 2019 + Interpretation Black Tea Source, Production, & Consumption: Assessment of Health Risks of Fluoride Intake In New Zealand + 50 Tons of Cures for Coronavirus – China – Vitamin C … Higher levels of aluminium and fluoride  were related to dementia risk in a population of men […]

Fluoridation – Our Rogues Gallery

❝.Unfortunately well-meaning, but ill-informed, people are the ones who sometimes drive the agenda rather than listening to evidence and experts …❞ Dr. M. Brown (Queensland Health)  The Independence of Cyberspace The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society - JFK Leo-Tostoy-quote-2.png « Last updated – 21st Oct. 2020 » WE  WISH TO ADVISE THAT SOME OF THE 66 + […]

Michael Foley’s Fluoride Fan Club +

” Dr Michael Foley again went quiet when the issue of  daily fluoride dosage came up.”   “ Dr Foley would do well to do a little research and read comments made by councillors themselves before he makes public statements about the reason why councillors – after considering both sides of the argument – voted against […]

Fluoride Free Water For Bathing

~ A SHOWER CUBICAL CAN BE CONSIDERED AS AN ‘EXPOSURE CHAMBER’ ~ Showering or bathing in contaminated tap water poses even more of a risk to your health than drinking it, so it isn’t enough to simply filter the water you drink. Optimally, you may opt to install in a whole home water filtration system. Our skin […]