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TGA POISONS STANDARD 2009 (fluoride)

 “Fluoride is not essential for human growth and development” – The European Commission  [SCHER 2011] -  The main purpose of this page is to demonstrate that fluorides ARE pharmacological chemicals, contrary to statments by some members  of the dental industry. ORIGINAL FULL TEXT ↓  tga-poisons-standad-2009 our-marked-extract-showing-fluorides-as-being-pharmacological-drugs  The TGA requires ALL medications come supplied with a published full […]


Court Rules F. IS Medicine  We want Queenslanders to have, what most countries on this planet have - no artificial water fluoridation! Fluorides are so highly toxic that a single truckload of the industrial waste from the phosphate fertilizer industry, used to fluoridate public drinking water, is sufficient to kill the whole Australian populace outright. →  OPEN LETTER […]

Fluoride, Brain Biochemistry and Violent Crime – Rodger D. Masters

The estimates of 83 million Americans taking drugs like Prozac ♦ for depression and 11 million children on Ritalin♦ for hyperactivity indicate it is time to reconsider the role of brain chemistry in social behaviour and violent behaviour. ♦ Both contain fluoride  See also on the same topic ↓  ↓  ↓ Fluoride, Lead And Pipes →  Fluorides, Zinc and […]

Fluoridation – New Research Papers

This thesis draws together research outcomes for sites predominantly throughout Queensland, Australia.  A great work – We thank you ! This paper does not mention fluoride but needs to be considered with previous research into Underground Water in Queensland. Full original text → HERE Fluoride Causes Heart Disease, Stroke and Sudden Death  Full text → HERE This brief survey shows […]

Fluoridation – Our Rogues Gallery

❝.Unfortunately well-meaning, but ill-informed, people are the ones who sometimes drive the agenda rather than listening to evidence and experts …❞ Dr. M. Brown (Queensland Health)  The Independence of Cyberspace The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society - JFK Last updated – 8th Feb. 2019 WE WISH TO THANK OUR LOYAL SUPPORTERS WORLD WIDE. The pictures hanging […]

Michael Foley’s Fluoride Fan Club +

” Dr Michael Foley again went quiet when the issue of  daily fluoride dosage came up.”   “ Dr Foley would do well to do a little research and read comments made by councillors themselves before he makes public statements about the reason why councillors – after considering both sides of the argument – voted against […]

Fluoride Free Water For Bathing

A SHOWER CUBICAL CAN BE CONSIDERED AS AN ‘EXPOSURE CHAMBER‘ Showering or bathing in contaminated tap water poses even more of a risk to your health than drinking it, so it isn’t enough to simply filter the water you drink. Optimally, you may opt to install in a whole home water filtration system. Our skin absorbs […]


“Citizens must demand that water fluoridation be stopped,” “It’s disturbing that public-health officials and organized dentistry continue to ignore the overwhelming evidence revealing fluoride to benon-nutritive, unnecessary and unsafe.” President, New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. Infant Fluoride Warning from CDC & ADA →  FLUORIDE AND CRETINISM  .← →  FLUORIDE AND THE ZINK LINK — Spira . […]


THE HISTORY OF ONE OF THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL AND SAFEST DISINFECTANTS -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Chlorine dioxide  (ClO2) is a disinfectant which possesses high efficiency, low toxicity, fast, and broad sterilization ability.   -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Chlorine dioxide destroys biofilm, the algal slime that collects in cooling towers, among other places  and harbours the harmful bacteria (Legionnaires’ disease). -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Chlorine by contrast does NOT […]

Climate Change, Fluoride Gases and ‘Clean Power’

Lewis * accused the American Physical Society of supporting the global warming scam, driven with the trillions of dollars - it has corrupted so many scientists. Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) is the most potent greenhouse gas that it has evaluated, with a ‘g’ of  22,800 times that of CO2 when compared over a 100-year period. Few climate studies include info on: → “The Electric Universe” ← Last Update 17th  Feb. 2019 […]